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April 5, 2019

Missing boy possibly found alive after almost 8 years; World News Briefs: Update on Ethiopia Crash, Pope appoints first Black Archbishop and Mosque massacre suspect faces 89 charges; U.S. News Briefs: Bezos Divorce Terms; Trump IRS Records; LDS Church Allows LGBT Children Baptisms; Mark McGrath reveals he is going deaf; Arkansas Governor Hutchinson signs bill into law providing deaf people better access to mental health services; Guest #DeafBing: Hot Water Running​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, April 4. Ready for news?




Missing boy possibly found alive after almost 8 years


Yesterday, in Newport, Kentucky, police said they found a 14-year-old boy who said his name is Timmothy Pitzen, that he escaped from kidnappers and ran for hours from Ohio into Kentucky.


His name matches with a boy who has been missing since May 2011, almost eight years now.


People in the area found the boy standing near a car, looking anxious, and with bruises on his face. He asked people to call 911 and said he just wants to go home.


The FBI is working with several police departments in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois to investigate and test his DNA to verify that it is him.


Pitzen was six years old when he went missing after his mother, Amy Pitzen, picked him up after school in Illinois and went on a long trip.


The mother was later found dead in a motel room. It appears she committed suicide and Timmothy was missing.


In the motel room, there was a note left by Amy that said her son was safe in someone’s care, but didn’t say who took him. She said, “You’ll never find him.”


Her family said she had a history of depression and that she was afraid a judge would take Timmothy away because of her mental health issues.


The boy who said he is Timmothy said his kidnappers were white males with body builder types.


One had black and curly hair and had a spider web tattoo on his neck. The other was short and had a snake tattoo on his arms.


They were driving a newer white Ford SUV with unknown Wisconsin license plates.


UPDATE: FBI said he is not Timmothy Pitzen, but the investigation will continue.




World News Briefs: Update on Ethiopia Crash, Pope appoints first Black Archbishop and Mosque massacre suspect faces 89 charges


Here are three world news briefs.


The first -- today, the Ethiopian government released a preliminary report that says the pilots of the doomed Ethiopian Airlines plane followed all the procedures in the Boeing checklist, but still could not stop it from nose diving and crashing on March 10th.


The full report will be released within one year, but they are still investigating what happened with the MCAS anti-stall system and why the pilots could not control the jet.


All 737 Max 8 jets are still grounded around the world. The Boeing CEO apologized and accepted responsibility for the crash and for the Lion Air crash in Indonesia. He apologized to the family and loved ones of the victims, which totals to about 350 people in both crashes.


The second news -- today, The Vatican announced that the Pope has appointed Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory (71) as the new Archbishop of Washington, D.C. He is the first Black bishop to lead the D.C. archdiocese.


He also helped pass the Dallas Charter which set up a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse of minors.


Gregory will officially begin his duties as Archbishop next month and will replace Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who resigned after being accused of covering up sexual abuse.  


The third news -- in New Zealand, the terrorist who is accused of shooting up two Christchurch mosques on March 15th, will face 50 charges for murder and 39 charges for attempted murder.


He will have a hearing tomorrow through a video link because he is in a high security prison.


The hearing will also determine who should be his legal representation because he dismissed his lawyer and wants to represent himself. There are concerns that he would use this platform to spew his white supermacist rhetoric.


Media photographs won’t be allowed and information will be restricted.


The suspect has no access to television, radio, newspaper, and has no approved visitors.




U.S. News Briefs: Bezos Divorce Terms; Trump IRS Records; LDS Church Allows LGBT Children Baptisms


Here are three U.S. news briefs.


The first — Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced the terms of their divorce on Twitter. Mackenzie said she is grateful to have finished the process of dissolving her marriage. She said she was happy to give him all of her interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin and 75% of their Amazon stock. She said she is excited about her own plans and look forward to what comes next.


Jeff said he was grateful to have MacKenzie’s support and kindness.


The second news — the Democratic chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Richard Neal (Mass), formally requested the IRS to provide six years of Donald Trump’s personal and business taxes. Neal said he wants to make sure the IRS is enforcing its laws properly and fairly.


Republicans said Democrats were abusing their authority. President Trump said he was surprised that they didn’t want 10 years of his taxes. Media analysts say the White House will issue a legal challenge the request.


The third news — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as known as the Mormon church, said they would repeal rules that banned baptisms for children living with gay parents.


They will also repeal a rule that said people in same-sex marriages were apostates who must be kicked out.


Those rules are repealed.


Children of gay parents can be baptized if the parents approve it and acknowledge that the children will be taught church doctrine.


The church said they are not changing their doctrinal opposition to gay marriage and still considers same-sex marriage to be a serious transgression.




Mark McGrath reveals he is going deaf


Yesterday, Mark McGrath, musician for Sugar Ray, said in an interview with “People” that he has hearing loss and can’t hear people speak.


He explained that it was because of more than 20 years of loud music, standing next to loud drums without ear protection.


He says he is very worried about his future and that he might be unable to sing on stage anymore.


He says audiologists encouraged him to wear “in ears” which is a type of hearing aid.


In ears are often used by musicians so they can hear themselves and blocks out background noise, but McGrath had been avoiding using them because he can’t hear anything else in the room like the crowd noise.


Because he avoided using it, his hearing was damaged.


He says he was dumb for doing that, but is slowly accepting using hearing aids.




Arkansas Governor Hutchinson signs bill into law providing deaf people better access to mental health services


Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) signed into law a bill that focuses on improving mental health access for deaf and hard of hearing people in the state.


ABC 7 news covered the signing ceremony.


Act 644 would direct the Arkansas Department of Human Services to create a “Deaf Services Coordinator” position.


The person has to be a qualified mental health expert and has to be fluent in ASL with a thorough understanding of the deaf community and culture.


The coordinator would work with mental health services in the state to advocate and coordinate needs for Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, DeafDisabled, or Oral Deaf people.


The law also will create a certification process for mental health professionals to provide culturally affirmative and linguistically appropriate mental health services.


The act also establishes a ten-person advisory committee with the requirement that at least 51% of them are deaf or hard of hearing.


The law creates a “Mental Health for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Bill of Rights.” It points out that as a group, Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and hard of hearing people are underserved in many ways, including access to mental health services, and have a higher risk of mental health issues because they may lack communication with their family, teachers, and healthcare professionals.


The law says deaf people should have access to a mental health professional that is either fluent in communication methods that fit with the deaf client’s needs or is knowledgable of the cultural needs of clients.


The bill was introduced by State Representative Charlene Fite (R-Van Buren). ABC 7 said she was a former teacher of deaf students. Rep. Fite said this bill ensures deaf clients get linguistically and culturally appropriate services.


ABC 7 said Arkansas is the first in the nation to do this through legislation, explaining that 13 other states have similar laws but only after being sued.


A Deaf Arkansas resident, Nathan Burleson, shared his thoughts with “The Daily Moth.”


Burleson: This is a great benefit for our Deaf Community because it helps us to gain access to our needs and our communication with professionals for better service. Not only that, all professionals will be required to take training to understand us better by learning our culture and our language. Other states often got sued due to miscommunication or because they mislabelled us due to our deafness or lack of access to better service. Professionals would be able to develop better relationships with us.


Alex: Thank you Burleson for sharing.


Bill Text:




Guest #DeafBing: Hot Water Running


Here is a Deaf Bing from Helen and Justin about hot water.



(Justin washing dishes)


Justin: Time for bed!


(Helen notices the water running)


Helen: Justin!


Justin: Lol.


Both: Deaf Bing!



Alex: I know that, Deaf people tend to forget and not realize the water is running.


I can imagine that all of the water we’ve wasted, if it flowed in one place, could create a gigantic lake. Call it “Lake Deaf Bing.”


Thanks Helen and Justin for the video! And… double check your faucets!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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