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April 4, 2019


Update on Nipsey Hussle shooting death; Chinese woman illegally goes into Mar-a-Lago with malware; House Judiciary Committee approves subpoena for Mueller Report; Chicago Elects Lori Lightfoot as First Black, Female, and Openly Gay Mayor; Deaf Chicagoan Provides Insights; Joe Biden releases video saying he will be more mindful and respectful​

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Update on Nipsey Hussle shooting death


This is an update on the shooting of Nipsey Hussle.


Yesterday, Los Angeles police arrested a suspect, Eric Holder (29), and charged him with murder.


The woman who was the getaway driver for Holder has turned herself in, has not been identified and is not under arrest yet.


A security video of the shooting has been released and it is graphic.


The video shows Hussle standing outside his store in the parking lot while chatting with several people.


Holder walked up to them and shot Hussle at close range, then got into the getaway car.


Hussle and at least one other male immediately collapsed to the ground while there were several witnesses at the parking lot.


Police said that Hussle and Holder knew each other and were arguing less than one hour before the shooting.


Police did not say what they were arguing about, but they believe this was the motive and was not gang related, even though Holder is a gang member.


The LA County coroner says Hussle died from gunshot wounds to the head and the torso.


Hussle had two children, a son and a daughter, and a fiancee, all of whom are grieving.


At the Marathon store, people have set up memorials to honor Hussle. A couple days ago there was a false alarm that caused people to run away in panic, but since then, it has been peaceful.




Chinese woman illegally goes into Mar-a-Lago with malware


A Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang (32), will face federal charges for entering the Mar-a-Lago, which is a restricted building, last Saturday and for lying to a Secret Service officer.


The Secret Service agents stopped Zhang at security checkpoint where she showed them her two Chinese passports and said she wanted to go swimming at the club.


They allowed her to go past the first checkpoint because they thought she was a daughter of a member because they had the same last name. She acted like she didn’t understand English so they assumed there were language barriers.


At the second checkpoint, Zhang changed her story and told a club receptionist that she was there for a made-up event.


The receptionist became suspicious and alerted a Secret Service agent who detained Zhang for questioning and they became even more suspicious when she made up another reason why she was there.


The agents took her away from Mar-a-Lago and Zhang started to argue with the agents so they brought her to a local Secret Service office. That was when they noticed Zhang could speak and read English well.


They searched her and found four cell phones, a laptop, a hard drive and a thumb drive, but no swimsuit.


Later, the investigators found malicious malware on the thumb drive.


The Secret Service said that Zhang was never left alone during the whole situation and was never near President Trump, who was four miles away at the Trump International Golf Club.


Senate Democratic leaders want the FBI to check if the equipment and rooms that Trump uses while at Mar-a-Lago or other Florida resorts are secure from potential foreign spying.


Zhang’s hearing is scheduled for April 8. A Chinese official said he had no information on her arrest.




House Judiciary Committee approves subpoena for Mueller Report


Today the House Judiciary Committee approved using a subpoena to force the Justice Department to give the Congress the full copy of Mueller’s report, without redactions, and all evidence he used in his report.


Attorney General William Barr wrote a letter last week that they would give Congress the report by mid-April, but it would be a redacted version and said he would not share it with the White House before that time.


However, the committee’s chairman, Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), said he would not immediately use the subpoena yet because he wants to give Barr time to change his mind about not providing the full report, which is almost 400 pages long.


Republicans on the committee said they are concerned that if Barr shares the full report, he would have to break the law by sharing confidential information from active investigations and grand jury testimonies.


The committee also approved subpoenas for five people who used to work President Trump: former White House advisor Steve Bannon, former White House counsel Donald McGahn and his deputy, Annie Donaldson, former White House communications director Hope Hicks and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.


They are key witnesses in the committee’s investigation on possible obstruction of justice.


President Trump tweeted that there is nothing that would satisfy Democrats after the $30 million Mueller report.




Chicago Elects Lori Lightfoot as First Black, Female, and Openly Gay Mayor; Deaf Chicagoan Provides Insights


Last night Chicago elected Lori Lightfoot to be the next mayor. She will be the first black woman and openly gay person in that role.


Lightfoot received over 70% of the vote, defeating another black woman, Toni Preckwinkle, in a runoff vote last night.


The Daily Moth reached out to a Deaf resident in Chicago, Benro Ogunyipe, to share his thoughts. He was the former president of the National Black Deaf Advocates and was appointed by previous U.S. President Barack Obama to the National Council on Disability.


I asked him what was his first reaction to the historic election.


Ogunyipe: My reaction and I think some others’ reactions are similar back in 2008 when President Obama, who is from Chicago, won the presidency in his first term and made history as first black president of the United States. We are excited to have Lori as a new leader. We need this for some changes in the city. We finally have someone who is not a seasoned politician, had no political experience, ran as an independent, and is a black, woman and gay. We had a black mayor and a woman mayor. Lori made history as the first black female and gay person mayor of Chicago. She ran her campaign on reform and inclusion for all. It is really nice to have someone who reflects a very diverse population of Chicago, one of three biggest cities in the United States. That's why last night, she won by a landslide.


Alex: I asked what was his and other Chicagoans’ expectations of Lightfoot.


Ogunyipe: Chicago is an alpha global city with big economy in tourism and is an international hub for many things include finance, technology, and transportation. But we do have many issues we need to address for example: education, employment and the economy for different communities, housing, crimes, police misconduct, pension crisis, and even disability issues. We know that we can’t expect Lori to solve and clean up everything overnight. But at least we do have the hope that she commits to her message for reform and inclusion for all.


Alex: I asked him if he has noticed any type of outreach by Lightfoot towards Deaf and/or disabled people.


Ogunyipe: Yes, Chicago has both large disability community and large Deaf community. When we had about 15 candidates who ran for mayor, they were invited to a panel to discuss their goals and vision for addressing various disability rights and issues, as well as accessibility for people with disabilities. What is interesting is that Lori is different from other candidates. She herself is hard of hearing. She wears hearing aids on both ears. So that means that we have a mayor who is black, woman, gay, and has a disability. Her father, who has passed away, was deaf. He was not culturally Deaf with ASL but was deaf. Before she won last night’s contest, she said “I will be a mayor who puts disability rights first."


Alex: I asked him if he had anything to add.


Ogunyipe: Some international tourists who visit Chicago mention visiting because the city is home to Michael Jordan and Barack Obama. But it is important for some of you to know that Chicago was founded by a black man named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable.


Alex: Thank you, Ogunyipe, for your time and insights. It is very interesting that Lightfoot had a deaf father and that she is hard of hearing.


I noticed that during Lightfoot’s victory speech last night, she had a black female ASL interpreter next to her. Ogunyipe said her name is Dr. Leandrea Williams.


Lightfoot will take over the city from Rahm Emanuel, who was the mayor since 2011.




Joe Biden releases video saying he will be more mindful and respectful


Former Vice President Joe Biden released a video to make a response to several women who said he crossed the line in the way he touched them.


Biden said touching others was about making a human connection and that it was just who he was, but he understands that social norms are changing.


Biden said he has heard what those women are saying and that he will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. He said that was his responsibility and he will meet it.


Biden has not made an announcement if he plans to run in 2020.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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