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April 3, 2019

Burger King’s debuts their Impossible Burger; College student murdered after mistaking car for Uber; NASA says International Space Station threatened by debris from India’s anti-satellite test; Building on Missouri School for the Deaf campus considered by county officials to be converted into jail; Three #DeafBing from Nebraska

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, April 2. Ready for news?




Burger King’s debuts their Impossible Burger


Yesterday, Burger King announced they are introducing a vegetarian burger called the Impossible Whopper in 59 restaurants in Missouri around St. Louis.


No, it was not an April Fools joke.


Their soy-based burger has the same amount of protein as the beef Whopper, but with 15 percent less fat and 90 percent less cholesterol. It also costs one dollar more.


Burger King said that they are not reducing their use of meat, but want to provide another alternative for people who want to avoid eating beef.


Impossible Foods Inc, which provides the vegetarian patties, says their process will drastically reduce the amount of water, land, greenhouse gas emissions, and water pollutants that is required to raise beef.


The patties have “heme,” which is an iron-rich molecule in animal protein, to make them taste like meat.


Different restaurants all over the United States have already tested their own version of Impossible burgers like White Castle, Red Robin and Carl’s Jr.. They said they received good feedback from their customers.


Burger King says if this launch is successful then they will add the Impossible Whopper to their menu nationwide.




College student murdered after mistaking car for Uber


A female college student, Samantha Josephson (21), was killed last weekend after she got in a car she thought was an Uber.


Last Saturday, the police chief in Columbia, South Carolina announced that her body was found by 2 hunters about 65 miles away in a wooden area in Clarendon County.


The police chief said that they have arrested a suspect, Nathaniel D. Rowland (25), who is accused of murdering and kidnapping Josephson. She died of multiple injuries caused by sharp force.


Police have surveillance footage that shows Samantha leaving a bar and getting into a black Chevy Impala early Friday morning.


Police believe that Josephson ordered an Uber and got into the wrong car. They said Rowland’s car had the child-safety locks activated to keep her inside the car.


Police tracked down Rowland’s car and pulled him over. He tried to run away on foot, but was caught.


They searched his car and found Josephson’s blood in the trunk and the backseat. They also found her cellphone, a bottle of bleach and wipes.


Uber said they were devastated. They have a blog post that instructs users to double check the kind of car and the driver to make sure it matches with the user’s app.


Josephson was a senior at the University of South Carolina.




NASA says International Space Station threatened by debris from India’s anti-satellite test


Last week, India conducted an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test and purposefully destroyed one of their low-orbiting satellites.


The satellite was broken up into hundreds of pieces of debris and they were supposed to be too small or too far away to become a risk of hitting any other satellites.


However, there are about 24 large debris, all at least 3.9 inches long, that has gone above the International Space Station (ISS).


Now, NASA is concerned because there is a risk that these debris, traveling at around 17,000 mph, could collide with the ISS and cause damage and harm astronauts.  


India’s Ministry of External Affairs said that the debris should burn up in the next few weeks and that it is why they did the test in low atmosphere.


The head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, said that it was a terrible thing and unacceptable. But he confirmed that the test was done low enough in the atmosphere so the risk of hitting the ISS will reduce over time.


India is now the fourth country to launch an ASAT missile. The other countries were the U.S., Russia and China.




Building on Missouri School for the Deaf campus considered by county officials to be converted into jail


KOMU 8 News in Missouri reported that the Callaway County Commission is considering turning an unused building at the Missouri School for the Deaf, Rice Hall, into a new jail or a justice center that might include a jail.


MSD is in Fulton, which is in Callaway County.


There are many people affiliated with MSD who are objecting to this.


The Fulton Sun explained that the commission, since the beginning of the year, has considered building a new $30 million facility for a justice center that would combine a jail, courthouse, and county law enforcement in one place.


But the commission doesn’t appear to want to spend that much money, so they have started talks with the state to acquire Rice Hall on the north side of the MSD campus.


County officials have toured the building and they think it can be remodeled to become a justice center with additional facilities, including a jail.


Rice Hall is located north of the track and football field.


A MSD alumni told “The Daily Moth” that Rice Hall used to be a dorm for middle school students, but they were moved to another dorm on campus.


The building was then rented out to another school for a period of time. Today, the building is not in a good shape and needs repairs.


It appears the building is in the process of being sold along with a “scout cabin” next to it.


There is a bill in the state Legislature, filed by State Senator Jeanie Riddle, to turn over the property to the county.


I found a bill introduced by Sen. Riddle to convey (transfer) state property in Callaway County.

The bill, SB 470, does not name MSD, but describes a subdivision in Fulton where MSD is in.


A county commissioner, Roger Fischer, told KOMU 8 that their jail is in bad condition with some parts sinking or cracking. He said there are also overcrowding issues with it being full every day of the year.


Fischer said Rice Hall has thousands of square feet that can be converted into a jail and save the county $5 to $8 million dollars.


Kira Lee Roberts, who is an MSD employee and an alumni, told KOMU 8 that she and several others thinks it is heartbreaking and disappointing. Her concern was on the jail’s proximity to MSD and other nearby schools and parks.


There is a discussion about this on a Facebook page called “Missouri School for the Deaf Alumni.”


Multiple people commented that it was a “horrible idea,” that students can “see it right there,” and that it wouldn’t be safe.


The current location of the Callaway County jail is less than a mile away from the Missouri School for the Deaf.


I reached out to the Missouri School for the Deaf and they said they are not able to comment. They referred me to the Missouri Office of Administration (MOA), a state level entity who oversees the school and the buildings.


I reached out to the MOA via email. If I get a response, I will provide an update.


Senator Riddle:


SB. 470:


Alumni FB Page:


*Clarification: Rice Hall also used to be a school for middle school students




Three #DeafBing from Nebraska


Here is a #DeafBing from three Nebraska ladies, Peggy, Julie, and Kim.



Kim: You’re planning on having a BBQ next week?


Peggy: Yes, Saturday. You want to come?


Kim: What kind of meat are you making?


Kim: Peggy: Ribs, baby back ribs.


Kim: Cool! Who’s cooking?


Kim: Peggy: Roy, my husband.


Julie: Hey - what’d I miss? What’d you say? I was busy cutting…


Kim: Train gone, sorry. She was talking about…


Julie: That’s Deaf Bing: when we’re focused on something small, we miss what’s being said, but when I’m finished, they will fill me in!



Alex: What? I missed that. What did you all say?


Thanks for the video!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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