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March 29, 2019

Two high profile cases, two guilty pleas: Wisconsin kidnapper and Charlottesville neo-nazi; Wow Air ceases operations, stranding passengers; 5th grader dies days after fight in classroom; Brunei to punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning; Congress, Trump spar in Mueller report aftermath; Deaf barefoot skier Karen Putz featured on “Today” show; Deaf British Jamaican poet Raymond Antrobus wins Ted Hughes award​

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Two high profile cases, two guilty pleas: Wisconsin kidnapper and Charlottesville neo-nazi


Here are two news briefs on high profile cases where two men pled guilty to their charges yesterday.


The first — in Wisconsin, Jake Thomas Patterson (21) pled guilty to kidnapping Jayme Closs (13) and to two counts of first degree intentional homicide for murdering Jayme’s parents last October.


Earlier this month, Patterson sent a letter to a Minneapolis TV station saying he would plead guilty because he didn’t want the Closs family to have to endure a trial.


The judge said Patterson will face the maximum sentence of life in prison for murder and 40 years for kidnapping.


The second — in Charlottesville, Virginia, James Fields Jr. (21) pled guilty to 29 federal hate crime charges.


Because he agreed to plead guilty, they will drop one charge where he would have faced death penalty.


Fields was already convicted last December in state court with 9 charges and for killing Heather Heyer.


His sentencing is scheduled for July 3rd.




Wow Air ceases operations, stranding passengers


Today, the Iceland-based airline Wow Air suddenly announced that it is cancelling all of its flights because they are going out of business and are ceasing their operations.


This caused about 2,700 passengers on 27 flights to be stranded without immediately getting a clear explanation of what they should do next.


The passengers didn’t find out about this decision until after delays and later were told to file claims for refunds.


Some people found out as they were at the gate, waiting for a flight that was supposed to take off within the hour.


The Icelandic Transport Authority (ITA) advised the passengers to check with other airlines to find a new ticket and said some of them “may” offer flights at a reduced rate.


The CEO of Wow Air said they thought they would get an investment to save the airline, but did not. He said he is very sorry.




5th grader dies days after fight in classroom


Yesterday a 5th grade student, Raniya Wright (10), died after she was involved in a fight on Monday in a classroom at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, South Carolina.


The school staff members stopped the fight and called 911 because Raniya had injuries.


She was brought by helicopter to a hospital about 50 miles away where she later died.


It is not clear what the students were arguing about or what exactly happened during the fight.


The other student has been suspended and the district is investigating.


The Colleton County school district released a statement yesterday that the community has suffered a tremendous loss, they are deeply saddened and their thoughts and prayers will be with her family.


Though the school district announced that Raniya died from her injuries, the coroner still hasn’t made an official announcement.


An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning to determine the cause of death.




Brunei to punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning


In Brunei, a small country in southeast Asia, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced that, starting on April 3, they will punish Muslim adults and children who have gay sex or commit adultery with death by stoning under Sharia law.


During each stoning, a group of Muslims will stand as witnesses.


Also, whoever commits theft would have one of their hands and a foot amputated.


Human rights groups are urging the international community to condemn Brunei’s decision.


This punishment only applies to Muslims, who make up over 60% of the country’s population. Those who commit sodomy and rape will be stoned to death as well.


The Sultan said his government doesn’t expect other people to accept and agree with it, but it would be fine if everyone respects Brunei the same way that it respects other countries.




Congress, Trump spar in Mueller report aftermath


There are media reports that the Mueller report is more than 300 pages long.


On Sunday Attorney General Barr summarized it in four pages, explaining that Mueller did not find evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and that Mueller did not make a final decision on obstruction. Barr said the DOJ has determined Trump did not engage in obstruction.


Today House Speaker Pelosi said she wants the entire report so they can make their own judgments. She said Barr’s interpretation was condescending and arrogant.


Democrats are demanding the full report by April 2, but AG Barr didn’t commit to that.


On the other side, all Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are pressuring Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif) to resign because of his frequent claims that Trump did collude with Russia. Republicans, including President Trump, said he put out false information.


Schiff defended himself by pointing out that Russians offered negative information on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign and that they accepted it. He said Republicans might think it was okay but that he doesn’t.


Speaker Pelosi said she supports Schiff and is proud of the work he does.


President Trump said Schiff should be forced to resign from Congress because he spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking.




Deaf barefoot skier Karen Putz featured on “Today” show


Karen Putz, a Deaf barefoot water skier, author, and motivational speaker, was on the “Today” show this morning.


Putz learned how to water ski when she was 9. She was born hearing, but became hard of hearing as she grew up. When she was 19 and while barefoot skiing, she had a bad fall that caused her to be completely deaf. She stopped waterskiing.


She said in 2009, she was watching a “Today” show about a 66 year old woman who was a barefoot water-skier. It inspired Putz. She reached out to the woman, and she invited her to go to a barefoot ski school in Florida, and since then, she has been involved with barefoot skiing, winning competitions.


She said looking back, becoming deaf was a blessing because it’s how she met her husband and now she has three deaf children. She said her world became bigger.


She also shared that multiple other members of her family are also deaf, some of them suddenly becoming deaf. They have a rare genetic mutation.


You can read her story and see the video at the link in the transcript. It is 6 minutes and has captions.


For more information on Putz, she has a website and blog at




Deaf British Jamaican poet Raymond Antrobus wins Ted Hughes award


A Deaf British Jamaican poet, Raymond Antrobus (33), won the Ted Hughes award for poetry and 5,000 British pounds, equivalent to about $6,500 USD.


The Guardian reported that he won the award for his collection of poems, “The Perseverance.”


In an interesting twist, one of his poems criticizes a poem by Ted Hughes about deaf children.


Hughes is a famous British poet that passed away in 1998. One of his poems, “Deaf School,” had a condescending view of deaf children, saying their faces were simple, that their signs were mechanical, and that they were separate.


What Antrobus did was to strike out all of Hughes’ sentences with black lines. He then wrote that Ted was the one who is simple.


You can read some of Antrobus’ poems on his blog or buy his book. It’s $10 on Amazon.


Many of his topics are on his experiences of being deaf or on his Black identity.


I will show you an excerpt from one of his poems, “Dear Hearing World.”


“I have left Earth in search of an audible God. I do not trust the sound of yours. You would not recognise my grandmother's Hallelujah if she had to sign it, you would have made her sit on her hands and put a ruler in her mouth as if measuring her distance from holy. Take your God back, though his songs are beautiful, they are not loud enough. I want the fate of Lazarus for every deaf school you’ve closed, every deaf child whose confidence has gone to a silent grave, every BSL user who has seen the annihilation of their language, I want these ghosts to haunt your tongue-tied hands.”


Antrobus said he was made fun of by both hearing people and deaf children growing up because he couldn’t hear as well or sign as well.


He has a YouTube page where he performs by speaking out his poetry. Links for more information are in the transcript.


“Dear Hearing World”


Antrobus Poems:


Book on Sale on Amazon:




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