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March 22, 2019

New Zealand PM Ardern Announces Ban on Military Style Weapons; Hundreds Motel Guests Secretly Live-Streamed Online; Sports Briefs: NFL Team Hires 2 Female Coaches; MLBer Signs $430M Contract; Updates on Boeing Investigations; Deaf Jacksonville City Council Candidate Connell Crooms’ Election Result; #DeafBing from Student Life Team at NTID​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, March 21. Ready for news?




New Zealand PM Ardern Announces Ban on Military Style Weapons


Today New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, at a press conference with a sign language interpreter, announced that they will ban all military style, semi-automatic (MSSA) guns, assault rifles, magazines with more than 5 rounds, and items that modify guns into MSSAs.


Ardern said that every weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned.


Ardern said they will give the gun owners time to turn over their guns to the police with no consequences.


The police would document and hold the weapons until the NZ government sets up a buyback plan to compensate gun owners. It could cost the country $100 to $200 million.


For now, there will be an immediate ban on sales on these items to prevent anyone from stockpiling these weapons.


The following will be exempt from this law: some guns used by farmers and hunters, the military, the police and professional pest control businesses.


Anyone who wants to buy these weapons would have to get permission from the police.


The current fine in New Zealand for illegal possession of weapons is equivalent to $4000 and/or three years in prison, but the new law will increase these penalties.


Ardern expects the new gun laws, called the Arms Act, to be fully in place by April 11.


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) tweeted that this is what real action looks like and that we must follow New Zealand’s lead.


National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch replied by pointing out that people in the U.S. have an inalienable (unable to be taken away) right to bear arms and to self defense — and that NZ doesn’t have this right.




Hundreds Motel Guests Secretly Live-Streamed Online


On Wednesday, in South Korea, police said about 1,600 people who were staying in motel rooms were secretly live-streamed online the past five months.


In total so far, they found hidden cameras in 42 rooms in 30 motels in 10 cities around South Korea.


People would pay to watch the livestreams on a website that had more than 4,000 members.


Two men were arrested and two more are being investigated for being involved.


Police said they don’t have evidence that the motels were a part of it.


Police said those cameras were hidden in digital TV boxes, wall sockets and hair dryer holders.


South Korean officials said in 2018, police received reports of about 6,800 cases of illegal filming. Many others are not reported or detected.


Under South Korean laws, anyone found guilty with these crimes would face up to five years in prison or a fine equivalent to $26,500.




Sports Briefs: NFL Team Hires 2 Female Coaches; MLBer Signs $430M Contract


Here are two sports news briefs.


The first -- yesterday NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they hired two female full time coaches, Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust.


Javadifar will be the assistant strength and conditioning coach and Locust will be the assistant defensive line coach.


The Buccaneers will be the first NFL team to have two full-time female coaches.


Their head coach Bruce Arians made the hiring decisions. When he was the coach for the Arizona Cardinals, he hired the first female assistant coach in NFL history.


The second news - yesterday MLB team Los Angeles Angels announced that one of their players, Mike Trout (27), signed a contract with them that is worth about $430 million dollars over 12 years.


This is an average of almost $36 million per year. This will be the largest deal in professional sports history.


Trout said that he enjoys being a part of the Los Angeles Angels and thanked many people for their support including his teammates, coaches, staff and the fans.




Updates on Boeing Investigations


Here are a few updates on the investigations on Boeing’s 787 Max 8 planes.


Bloomberg News reported that the plane in the Lion Air crash in Indonesia had problems the day before on another flight on October 28. The plane’s flight-control system mistakenly caused the plane to dive. There was a third pilot who was hitching a ride that was able to figure out how to disable the system.  It landed safely in Jakarta.


The next day, on October 29, the same Lion Air plane crashed, apparently from the same flight-control issues. Reuters reported that voice recordings from a black box showed that pilots were struggling to understand why the plane was acting strange. They flipped through a manual, but ran out of time before the plane crashed into the ocean. The pilot was silent and the co-pilot said, “Allah akbar,” which means, “God is great.” All 189 people died.


French investigators say the Ethiopian Airlines crash from two weeks ago had similar issues as the Lion Air crash. It is possible the pilots did not know how to handle the issues with the flight-control system.


The Pentagon’s inspector general announced they are now investigating if the acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan was biased towards Boeing. Shanahan was an executive with Boeing before being appointed by President Trump in 2017 to serve in the Defense Department.


[There is also a US grand jury investigation, an audit by the Department of Transportation, a Congressional investigation, and a FBI criminal investigation.]




Deaf Jacksonville City Council Candidate Connell Crooms’ Election Result


Connell Crooms, a Deaf political candidate in Jacksonville, Florida who ran in Tuesday’s elections for City Council At-Large 1 as an independent, announced that he did not win but that he was proud of his campaign.


According to CBS 47 election results, Crooms received 3,525 votes for 3% of the vote. The winner, Democrat Lisa King, had over 60,000 votes.


Crooms became well-known in the Jacksonville area after he was violently arrested by multiple police officers during a rally in 2017. Officers accused him of inciting a riot and resisting arrest, but the charges were dropped after community pushback.


Crooms has been outspoken about a need for more accountability over police officers. He told MELMIRA in an interview last week that he experiences anxiety and flashbacks when he is around police officers.


Crooms announced last year that he wanted to run for Jacksonville Mayor, but later changed his aims towards City Council.


He told ‘The Daily Moth” that his campaign decided to support Republican Anna Brosche in her mayoral race and focused on a healthier collaborative relationship on City Council.


Brosche received 24% of the vote, losing to the incumbent Republican Mayor Lenny Curry.


I asked Crooms what his team learned from the campaign. He said they learned that they were capable of receiving thousands of voters with a plan and a message. He said many people who were party line voters (those who were Democrats) wished they could vote for him after hearing his progressive message. He said there were mistakes in every campaign and they will correct that.


I asked him what his plans were for the future. Crooms said he would work to improve voter turnout because it was dismal in Tuesday’s election. He plans to work with Andrew Gillum, who ran for Florida governor, in voter registration efforts and improve Democratic turnout in 2020.




#DeafBing from Student Life Team at NTID


Here is a Deaf Bing video from the Student Life Team at NTID.




Wow, I counted 22 Bings! My favorite is this one. Those eyes!


Thanks for sending the video!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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