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March 19, 2019

Updates on New Zealand Terror Attack; Three Killed in Netherlands Tram Shooting; Dead Whale In Philippines Had 88 Pounds of Plastic In Stomach; Airline News Briefs: Southwest Flight to Hawaii; FAA Approval of 737 Max Under Investigation; Blind Man Finishes NYC Half Marathon with Guide Dogs; Deaf People Share #AbledsAreWeird Stories on Twitter​

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Updates on New Zealand Terror Attack

Here are several updates on the Christchurch terrorist attack in New Zealand.


On Sunday afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that one of the suspects arrested has been charged with one count of murder. The person charged is Brenton H. Tarrant (28). The police expect to add more charges after more investigation. He is one of four suspects who were arrested. He and other two are still in custody, but the fourth suspect has since been released. Also, they do not believe that there are any other suspects.


Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the authorities were trying their best to release all the bodies out of respect to their religious beliefs. Under the Islamic law, the bodies are cleaned and buried soon after death, usually within 24 hours. Even though a small number of bodies have been returned so far, PM Ardern expects all bodies to be released by this Wednesday.


One thing I have noticed about PM Ardern’s news conferences is that she is usually accompanied by a sign language interpreter.


Ardern said that she would ask Facebook officials how the Christchurch attacks were able to be live-streamed in a 17 minute video. This was after Facebook announced that it removed 1.5 million videos of the shootings in 24 hours after the shooting.


Today, Ardern announced that she and her cabinet have agreed “in principle” to reform gun laws by March 25th. The reason for this was that the five guns, two of them semi-automatics, used in the shooting were legally purchased and the shooter had a valid gun license.


In Australia, a Queensland senator named Fraser Anning said the shooting is the result of the growing fear of the increasing Muslim presence in New Zealand and Australia. He said the Islam religion is violent and that Muslims should get some of the blame.


He was criticized for the comments and when held a press conference to discuss the shooting, a teenager named William Connolly smashed an egg onto the back of Anning’s head.


Anning then struck Connolly twice. Anning’s supporters tackled Connolly and put him in a chokehold.


Connolly was brought to the hospital. He is now with his parents who say William is still in shock by the whole situation. This story has gone viral.


Connolly is now known as ‘Eggboy’ and he has about 500,000 followers on Instagram. Anning says he was acting in self defense when he struck the boy.


All over New Zealand, many vigils were held throughout the weekend in honor of the victims. The death toll is now at 50. The ages of the victims ranged from 3 to 77 years old. The official donation page for the victims of the shootings has raised more than $5 million as of today. If you would like to donate, I have provided the link in the post.


Link to Donation Page:




Three Killed in Netherlands Tram Shooting


This morning in the Netherlands, a man opened fire in a tram and killed three people. Five people were injured.


Police arrested a man they identified as the suspect — a Turkish man named Gokmen Tanis (37).  There was a car that was stolen and left behind in the area.


Police said the shooting might be terror related or that it was sparked by a family dispute.


The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the shooting was an attack on our society, an attack on our tolerant and open society.”




Dead Whale In Philippines Had 88 Pounds of Plastic In Stomach


A few days ago a dead whale washed up on the Philippines coast. Workers at a museum recovered it and examined its stomach. They found 88 pounds of plastic bags in it.


There were sixteen rice sacks, four large bags, and many shopping bags. The museum said it was the most plastic they have ever seen in a whale and that it was disgusting. They demanded action by the government to stop people who treat the waterways and the ocean as dumpsters.


This highlights a growing problem with plastic waste in our oceans.




Airline News Briefs: Southwest Flight to Hawaii; FAA Approval of 737 Max Under Investigation


Here are two airline news briefs.


First, yesterday, the Southwest Airlines flew a jet to Hawaii for the first time. The plane arrived safely at the Honolulu International Airport from Oakland, California. There were 165 passengers onboard. In the next few months, Southwest Airlines will start their service between several California cities to several airports in Hawaii. They will also provide flights within Hawaii between Maui, Hawaii Island, and Kauai.


This is expected to increase competition for flights to Hawaii and lower costs.


Secondly, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is investigating the process of how Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the Boeing 737 Max planes.


The United States, along with other countries around the world, have ground their Boeing 737 Max planes after plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia in the past six months.


Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said that the flight data recorder (black box) from the plane crash last week shows that there was a “clear similarity” with the crash in Indonesia.


One of the similarities is the automatic safety system, also known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). Its purpose is to help the pilots keep control of their planes when something goes wrong. The flight data recorders (black box) showed that the MCAS were malfunctioning in both crashes.




Blind Man Finishes NYC Half Marathon with Guide Dogs


On Sunday, in New York City, Thomas Panek became the first blind man to finish the United Airlines Half Marathon with the support of guide dogs.


The three dogs, all Labrador Retrievers, took turns guiding Panek in the race that was 13.1 miles long. Their names were Waffle, Westley and Gus. They completed it in just under two hours and 21 minutes. The third dog, Gus, was the first running guide dog ever to complete a New York Road Runners event.


Panek ran to help raise money for blind athletes to be able to get service dogs that can both guide them and run with them.


He has completed 20 marathons, but they were with human guides. He said that it never made sense to him to leave his guide dog at home for the marathon.


He also said, “It’s a long race, but dogs are running creatures and they love to move and run.”


He also started a nonprofit program called “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” that trains guide dogs for the blind and focuses on preparing the animals to guide while running.




Deaf People Share #AbledsAreWeird Stories on Twitter


Last weekend there was a trending hashtag on Twitter #AbledsAreWeird. Disabled people shared their head-scratching experiences of how they were treated by abled people. Those experiences were often negative or oppressive.


There were several Deaf people who shared stories, and I’ll show you a few.


The first is by RIT Professor Dr. Joseph Hill.


@JaceyHill: “One time, I was invited to give a talk at a university about sign language studies. I gave the talk in ASL with the interpreters. After 45 minutes, my first question was "how did you get here?" It implied I couldn't get to the university without help. #AbledsAreWeird"


Dr. Hill posted 14 other weird stories on his thread, including assumptions by some people that he couldn’t travel internationally without a hearing person.


The next tweet is from Deaf actress and co-creator of “This Close,” Shoshannah Stern.


@Shoshannah7: “Got an F on paper I worked very hard on. My teacher said even though he couldn’t prove it was plagiarism he knew I had not written it because he had never seen a deaf person write in English like that. #AbledsAreWeird"


Stern said this happened a long time when she was still in school and because of this, she never told her online graduate school teachers that she was deaf.


The next tweet is from deafblind activist Andrew Parsons.


@adrparsons: “Deaf person makes a sign-song video. Gets 300 likes on Twitter, 1.4k views on YouTube. Hearing person makes same video, gets 11k likes on Twitter, praises from Deaf Hollywood, 100k views on YouTube. #AbledsAreWeird"


It’s tough to get recognized on social media when you’re a deaf person. You’re often overlooked for abled people.


The next tweet is from Katsa, a Deaf blogger.


@katsavalenz “This is a lot like my experience except with deafness.


College: we need proof you are deaf

Me: I gave you proof last year

College: we need verification you are still deaf

Me: I'm not I magically got my hearing back after being deaf for 28 years /sarcasm #AbledsAreWeird


That’s true, there is no cure for deafness yet.


There are many more stories on Twitter under the hashtag. This shows that those weird experiences are common and shared.


Links to the four Twitter accounts are in the transcript.


Dr. Hill:










That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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