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March 12, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash Kills 157; U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist Kelly Catlin Dies at 23 of Apparent Suicide; Seattle Police Say They Rescued 26 Chinese Women From Forced Labor at Massage Parlors; Political News Briefs: Trump’s Budget Proposal; DNC 2020 in Milwaukee; Arizona Woman Attempts Selfie With Jaguar, Gets Attacked; Deaf Girl’s “The Champion” ASL Cover Goes Viral​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, March 11. Ready for news?




Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash Kills 157


On Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines jet with 157 people on it crashed six minutes after lifting off, headed towards Kenya. There were no survivors.


The pilots reported difficulties and requested permission to turn around, but crashed in a field.


Eight Americans and 18 Canadians were on the plane. The passengers were from 35 different countries. 32 of them were from Kenya.


There is an investigation and a cleanup operation at the site of the crash. The plane’s black box, which records data and voices, was found.


The plane was a new Boeing 737 Max 8 jet. It was the same kind of plane that was involved with the Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October, killing all 189 people. That flight also crashed shortly after takeoff.  


AP News said authorities in Ethiopia, China, and Indonesia had ordered all 737 Max 8 jets to be grounded, to not fly.


Southwest Airlines has 34 of this type of plane, but is not grounding any of them. American Airlines has 24 and they will also keep them flying.




U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist Kelly Catlin Dies at 23 of Apparent Suicide


U.S. Olympic cyclist Kelly Catlin passed away at 23 on Friday night at her home in California. Her father said she died by suicide.


Catlin won the silver medal with her teammates in the pursuit team event at the 2016 Rio Games. She was a three-time world champion.


She graduated from the University of Minnesota and was a graduate student at Stanford University.


Many in the Olympics and cycling community mourned her death.



Seattle Police Say They Rescued 26 Chinese Women From Forced Labor at Massage Parlors


Seattle police said they rescued 26 women from China who were forced to be sex workers in massage parlors.


Police said they were forced to work 20 hour days, seven days a week in unsafe living conditions and that their movements were constantly restricted or monitored.


Police said they did a human trafficking investigation for over three years and have arrested six people for promoting prostitution and money laundering.


Police said the victims were fraudulently lured from China with the promise of making good money and brought to Seattle. Now they are with local service providers who are providing them with support.


This bust is three weeks after police in Florida made arrests in a similar investigation of sex trafficking at massage parlors. One of the people arrested was Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots.


It is possible we will see more investigations and arrests of human and sex trafficking in massage parlors in the United States in the near future.




Political News Briefs: Trump’s Budget Proposal; DNC 2020 in Milwaukee


Here are two political news briefs.


The first — President Donald Trump and the White House has sent a $4.75 trillion budget proposal to Congress.


Axios explained that Congress has, for the past 15 years, rejected the president’s budget proposals, but the proposal helps Americans see what the president’s priorities are.


Trump is asking for a 5% increase in military spending while asking for significant cuts to many other federal departments.


Trump wants a 3.5% cut on the Social Security Administration, $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid over the next 10 years, and $845 billion in cuts to Medicare over the next 10 years.


The budget proposal wants to implement work requirements for those receiving welfare benefits. This doesn’t apply to people with disabilities or those over 65.


Trump’s budget also requests $8.6 billion in additional money for the U.S./Mexico border wall.


The Washington Post explained that there could be another government shutdown in October if Congress and Trump can’t agree on military spending.


The second news — the Democratic Party announced they picked Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the host city for the 2020 Democratic National Convention on July 13 to 16.


This convention is when we will know for sure who is the Democratic nominee who will try and take the White House from President Donald Trump.


Axios explained that Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 so it is a key state for Democrats to win back.


The Republican National Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24 to 27, 2020.




Arizona Woman Attempts Selfie With Jaguar, Gets Attacked


On Sunday at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona, a woman went across a barrier at a jaguar enclosure and attempted to take a selfie.


A witness saw the jaguar clasping its claws around her left arm as the woman stood up against the cage.


Someone threw a water bottle and it helped to distract the jaguar, who let go of the woman.


A video on social media showed a deep laceration on the woman’s left arm near her wrist. She was taken to the hospital. She received stitches and is recovering. She apologized for going over the barrier.


The zoo said the jaguar would not be euthanized because she is a wild animal and that there were proper barriers for the safety of their guests.




Deaf Girl’s “The Champion” ASL Cover Goes Viral


There is a viral video of a Deaf girl, Savannah, signing an ASL cover for “The Champion.” Her clear ASL and passion went through the screen and touched many people.


[Video clip of Savannah signing lyrics]


I reached out to Savannah and her father, Richard Dahan, who posted the video.


Savannah: Hi everyone! My name is Savannah and I am eight years old. I’m in the third grade. I go to MSD Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick.


Alex: I asked Savannah what inspired her to sign.  


Savannah: The musician who sang the song was my favorite singer — Carrie Underwood. I am her #1 fan and I am learning all of her songs and practicing her lyrics with my mom. We watch the videos and we look at the lyrics. We practice together. I’ve started signing the songs that I like. That’s why.


Alex: I asked what kind of music she likes to hear with her hearing aids.


Savannah: I enjoy listening to music with my hearing aids. When I put them on, I can hear all genres of music such as country, oldies, pop, and many others, all kinds of music. Like, all the music, everything. The music!


Alex: I asked her what is her dreams for the future.


Savannah: My dream and my passion is to be a marine biologist. I want to be a marine biologist because sea animals have been hurt because people throw away plastic, cause pollution, everything, all kind of plastic and pollution. Trash is everywhere, it is litter. I don’t like this and I want to save the animals.


I asked the father, Richard, on what kind of impact he saw on other people.


Richard: I really think the video crossed cultural lines between the deaf and hearing. If someone doesn’t understand sign language, they can still understand the video because of the power and emotions in her. Music makes that connection and you can understand her. Some hearing people cried even if they didn’t understand the signing because they felt the connection. I think it’s great to show the importance of ASL, facial expressions, and language. I hope the video will inspire many kids, hearing or deaf, to create music videos. Don’t be afraid, express yourself, show what you have.


Alex: I asked him if he had anything to add.


Richard: Here is an important part — I want to thank my wife. Because Jennifer is the reason why. She invested her time. I usually work, then get home, and go back to work. She invested all of her time. She taught her how to spell, checks on school, discuss the lyrics, and ensures her well-being. I have to give her credit. I am so grateful to my wife.


Thank you Savannah and Richard for your time. To watch the full video, the link is in the transcript.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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