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March 8, 2019

Paul Manafort Sentenced Nearly Four Years in Prison; Top News Briefs: SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down In Atlantic; President Trump Visits Alabama Tornado Survivors; Trump Said Cohen Asked for Pardon; Founder of Day Spa Charged With Prostitution Attended Trump’s Super Bowl Party in Florida; U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against U.S. Soccer Federation; Hawaii Legislature Moves To Permanently Require Movie Theater Open Captioning

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Paul Manafort Sentenced Nearly Four Years in Prison


Last night Paul Manafort (69) was sentenced by a federal judge to almost four years in prison on tax and bank fraud charges.


He was convicted by a jury last year of concealing millions of dollars of earnings he made from consulting work with Ukraine’s former pro-Russia government. He was also convicted of lying to banks to get loans.


He was charged as a part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.


Manafort was a former Donald Trump campaign chairman. He had been incarcerated for nine months while he went through his trial and waited for his sentencing. That time served will apply to his sentencing.


The federal judge, T.S. Ellis, said this case has nothing to do with collision with the Russian government.


Prosecutors wanted him to get about 20 years in prison, but the judge said it was excessive.


Manafort will be sentenced in another federal criminal case on conspiracy and witness tampering next week. Those charges are also related with his work in Ukraine. He faces up to 10 years.


This is the second multi-year sentence of a person associated with Donald Trump — the first was Michael Cohen, who will start serving his three-year sentence in May.


Trump said today that he feels very bad for Manafort.




Top News Briefs: SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down In Atlantic; President Trump Visits Alabama Tornado Survivors; Trump Said Cohen Asked for Pardon  


Here are three top news briefs.


The first — SpaceX’s Dragon capsule successfully returned to Earth, splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean after docking with the International Space Station a few days ago.


Now engineers will analyze data from the dummy in the capsule, named Ripley. If all looks good, it will be a major step in having SpaceX send NASA astronauts into space in the near future.

The second news — President Trump and First Lady Melania went to Alabama today to visit the survivors of the tornadoes that killed 23 people. They did a flyover to survey the damage.


The two went to a church to meet with volunteers, survivors, and first responders.


The third news — President Trump tweeted that Michael Cohen lied during his testimony, saying Cohen did ask him for a pardon. Trump said he said NO.


Trump also said Cohen lied when he said he did not want to work in the White House, saying that Cohen badly wanted to work at the White House.


Cohen responded on Twitter that this was just more lies from Trump.




Founder of Day Spa Charged With Prostitution Attended Trump’s Super Bowl Party in Florida


The Miami Herald reported that a Chinese woman, Li Yang, who started several Asian day spas in Florida that were shut down during a prostitution and human trafficking investigation — with one of them where Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution — Yang attended President Trump’s Super Bowl Watch Party at his West Palm Beach country club.


The Herald showed an image of the two posing for a selfie.


Yang said she does not longer own the day spas — that she sold the day spas. She was not charged in the police investigation on sex trafficking that was allegedly going on in those day spas. But Yang’s family still owns several of the spas.


The Herald said Yang and her relatives have contributed over $50,000 towards Trump’s political fundraisers and that Yang has visited the White House and frequently attended parties hosted by Trump or other top Republican officials or lawmakers.


Yang’s Facebook page shows her interacting with people like Donald Trump Jr. and Senator Rick Scott.


Some Republican officials who were photographed said they do not know Yang, that they took hundreds of pictures with various people at events.


Neither the White House or the Trump Organization responded to the Herald’s request for comment.




U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against U.S. Soccer Federation


The U.S. women’s national soccer team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation in federal court in California.


The women’s team said they were paid less money by the USSF compared with male members, even though they perform the same job responsibilities.


The lawsuit said the women’s team performed better than the male players because they are the world champions. They won the World Cup in 2015 and will defend that title in the Women’s World Cup in France this June.




Hawaii Legislature Moves To Permanently Require Movie Theater Open Captioning


Hawaii’s legislature has made progress on bills to continue requiring movie theaters to provide open captioning.


Hawaii is the first and apparently the only state in the U.S. that requires open captioning. It became law in 2015 with the support of State Representative James Tokioka (D), who has a deaf son. He worked with the previous president of the Aloha State Association of the Deaf, Colleen Cidade, and other community members and activists on the bill.


The 2015 law required movie theaters with at least two locations to show open captions twice a week per movie title. That bill had a sunset date, expiring in 2018.


In 2017, there was a new bill passed into law that extended this requirement, but it had some changes. It only required one open captioning showing per title a week and also allowed theaters to offer eyewear captioning devices in lieu of captioning.


The Aloha State Association of the Deaf President Darlene Ewan said the 2017 and current bill is watered down and has led to a sharp reduction in available movie showings.


That 2017 bill also had a sunset date, set to expire in 2020. So now there are two bills, one in the Senate and in the House, to extend the captioning requirement and make it stronger like the 2015 version.


Ewan said the goals with the new bills is to remove the sunset date and make it permanent, bring back the twice-a-week requirement, and for at least one showing to be on the weekend.


I asked Ewan what it was like to have the open captioning available.


Ewan: I enjoy it very much. When I took two people to the movies, they rejected the eyewear and preferred the captions because it gave them peace of mind. They really enjoyed it. The eyewear really hurt my nose. Every time I go to testify, I always say my nose hurt. It makes me feel cross-eyed and all types of things. When I go to the movies, I announce my disability. As I sit, everybody knows I’m Deaf. When there are open captions, nobody knows I’m Deaf. Also, those learning English as a second langauge can’t use the eyewear because they don’t meet the ADA requirements. So it doesn’t benefit the few, but many people. Also it benefits children, whenever I attend a kid-themed movie, the audience is full. Popular movies like “Black Panther” had full houses with open captioning. Nobody complained. It is good. Hawaii is very ahead the times. That’s how I feel. They are open-minded and flexible. There are multiple languages here.   


Alex: Hawaii’s movie captioning laws have inspired activists in Washington, D.C. to try and pass a similar bill. Ewan said there is also activity in Vermont.


Tokioka Info:


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Current Captioning Bill:


Senate Bill Proposed:


House Bill Proposed:


Aloha State Association of the Deaf Vlog:




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