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March 8, 2019

Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Reveals Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer; Indiana State Trooper Allegedly Shot By 11-Year Old Because Of Video Games; Fired Florida Police Officer Found Guilty of Attempted Murder and Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Stranded Motorist; Last Blockbuster Store on Earth in Bend, Oregon; House Plans to Vote on Anti-Semitism Resolution; Michael Cohen Files $1.9 Million Lawsuit Against Trump Organization; Here is a Deaf Bing from Sean Forbes — on being a deaf dad.​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, March 7. Ready for news?




Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Reveals Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer


Alex Trebek, the long-time host of “Jeopardy!” revealed yesterday afternoon that he has stage four pancreatic cancer.


He said he is one of the 50,000 people in the U.S. each year who get this. He acknowledged that the prognosis was not good, but said he would fight this and beat the disease.


He said he has to because his contract says he is to host “Jeopardy!” for three more years.


According to, the 5-year survival rate for stage four pancreatic cancer is just 3%.


Trebek is 78. Many people posted messages of support for him.




Indiana State Trooper Allegedly Shot By 11-Year Old Because Of Video Games


Two weeks ago in Indiana, a 11-year old boy was arrested and charged with shooting his father, Matthew Makowski, who was a state trooper, while he was sleeping in his bed.


WSBT 22 news said according to court documents, the boy was angry because his parents took away his video games.


The boy said that he got his father’s gun from his parked vehicle outside of the home. He then went up to his father’s bedroom and shot him in his back pelvic area.


Makowski was taken to the hospital and had surgery. He is now recovering.


After an investigation, the boy was charged with attempted murder in juvenile court.


The boy told police in interviews that he planned the shooting all day while he was in school. He also said that he wanted a PlayStation, an Xbox, and a computer, and warned that if he did not get them, there would be a “part 2.”


The boy is now going through court proceedings.


WSBT 22 was told by a neighbor that the boy had behavioral issues and that he hurt other children in the past.




Fired Florida Police Officer Found Guilty of Attempted Murder and Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Stranded Motorist


A former police officer, Nouman Raja, was found guilty by a jury in Florida of manslaughter and attempted murder for shooting and killing a man whose car broke down on an interstate in 2015.


What happened?


The Washington Post explained that the car driver, Corey Jones, was a drummer in a band and was on his way home from a gig on a Saturday night. His car broke down. His brother and a band mate came to try and fix the car, but couldn’t, and left. Jones was alone waiting for a tow truck.


At 3:15 a.m., Raja, who was a police officer, drove the wrong way up a ramp in a white van and approached Jones. He was not wearing an uniform and the van did not have police markings on it.


Raja said he was investigating an abandoned car, but Jones thought he wanted to rob him. Jones pulled out a gun he legally purchased three days earlier. Raja shot at him several times, killing him. Jones’ gun was found in the grass at the site.


Prosecutors said an audio recording showed that Raja did not identify himself and approached Jones aggressively. Raja’s defense team said he feared for his life, so the shooting is justified.


The jury decided Raja is guilty, and now he faces life in prison when he is sentenced.




Last Blockbuster Store on Earth in Bend, Oregon


There is only one Blockbuster store left in the world. It’s in Bend, Oregon.


This store has been open for more than 20 years. There were two other Blockbuster stores in Alaska that closed last year, and there was a store in Australia that announced they would close this week.


So there is only one Blockbuster in the world in Oregon. The store’s general manager told CNN that it is pretty exciting that they are the last holdout.


The manager said she buys new titles every Tuesday morning to keep customers happy, but said that customers love the old movies as well.


Blockbuster’s peak was in 2004 with 9,000 locations. But Redbox, Netflix, and other video streaming services killed their business.




House Plans to Vote on Anti-Semitism Resolution; Michael Cohen Files $1.9 Million Lawsuit Against Trump Organization


Here are two political news briefs.


The first —the House plans to vote on a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim discrimination, and any hateful expressions towards minorities.


The idea for this resolution started when Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) was criticized for suggesting that lawmakers who back Israel had dual loyalty — that they supported Israel as a foregin country more than they supported the U.S. This was considered an anti-Semitic trope, the second time she has been accused of this in the past few weeks.


This sparked controversy within the Democratic party, as there were those who supported Omar’s viewpoints as a black, Muslim and immigrant woman, and felt she was unfairly targeted.


The resolution initially only condemned anti-Semitism, but it was expanded to include anti-Muslim and any hateful comments or viewpoints.


The second — Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization for $1.9 million, accusing them of failing to pay his legal fees.


The lawsuit said the two agreed in July 2017 that the Trump Organization would pay for Cohen’s legal expenses for various investigations, but that they stopped paying after Cohen told friends he would cooperate with the Mueller investigation, and that he is now stuck with more than $1.9 million in legal bills.


There is another news about Cohen — his attorney said he did ask his former attorney to discuss a pardon with President Trump.


Cohen said in his recent testimony that he has never asked nor would accept a pardon from President Trump.


Now there are people who are saying Cohen lied during his testimony and committed perjury.


His current lawyer said he did not lie because he only discussed a pardon, that he never asked for a pardon.


House Resolution:


Cohen Legal Fees:




Here is a Deaf Bing from Sean Forbes — on being a deaf dad.


Sean: That, Deaf Bing. If I want to sign with my wife or make calls all day I have to do this. Deaf Dad That!


Alex: That’s a cute baby. It’s tough to be a deaf dad. I said this before — it would be great to have a third arm.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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