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March 1, 2019

Trump-Kim Summit Ends Without Deal; Israeli PM Netanyahu Facing Indictments; Luke Perry Hospitalized; Michigan Man Sentenced To Life at 17, Now Free At 74; Teacher Had Sex with Boy as Another Student Watched; Tooth Pulled Out of Man’s Nose; Teater Manu’s “Crying Hands” Coming to USA

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Friday, March 1st. Ready for some top news?




Trump-Kim Summit Ends Without Deal; Israeli PM Netanyahu Facing Indictments


Here are two world news briefs.


The first — President Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un ended their summit in Vietnam earlier than planned because they couldn’t agree on U.S. sanctions and North Korea’s nuclear weapons.


Trump said “sometimes you have to walk.”


Another topic the two discussed was American college student Otto Warmbier, who died after being imprisoned in North Korea. He was in a coma and had severe physical injuries.


Trump said Kim told him that he did not know about how Otto was treated in prison. Trump said he believes Kim.


The second news — Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be indicted with bribery and corruption charges.


Israel’s attorney general announced this last night. He accused Netanyahu of accepting expensive gifts in exchange for tax breaks and of bribing a news organization to get positive coverage.


Netanyahu said he did nothing wrong. He is running for a fifth term. Israel’s elections is in April.


Israel law doesn’t require a PM to resign if he is indicted. A PM has to step down if he is convicted after all appeals. This process could take several years.




Luke Perry Hospitalized


Luke Perry, known for his acting roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Riverdale” recently went to the hospital. Last Wednesday morning in Sherman Oaks, California, a 911 phone call was made at 9:40am. Based on a few articles’ comments, it seems that he suffered a stroke, but nothing is confirmed. He is being observed right now at the hospital. Ian Zering and Shannen Doherty, former actors with Luke on 90210, tweeted old pictures of them with Luke, showing their support for Luke. This summer, there will be a reunion of 90210, showing 6 episodes on Fox Channel with all the same cast except for Luke and Shannen. They will not be in it.




Michigan Man Sentenced To Life at 17, Now Free At 74


In Michigan, in the year of 1962, Sheldry Topp was 17 years old when he killed a man and was sentenced to prison for life without parole. He is now 74 years old and he is a free man, he was released from prison.  Sheldry was the oldest “juvenile lifer” in the state of Michigan. What does a “juvenile lifer” mean? They are children as young as 13 years old to 17 years old who committed a serious crime and was sentenced to prison for life without release. This is what it means. Two decisions from the US Supreme Court helped change Sheldry’s fate. What were the rulings?  In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that sentencing a juvenile without parole was unconstitutional. This change was in 2012. In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that the law from 2012 should apply to those who were sentenced with life terms in the past too. So, this means this applied to Sheldry, benefiting him. He also received more than 10 years “good behavior credits.” He took rehabilitation programs, academic courses, and worked various jobs while he was in prison. Sheldry will be living with his family that supported him throughout his prison term. He is happy to be free now, thanks to the US Supreme Court. The first thing he did when he got out of prison was to get steak with his brother.




Teacher Had Sex with Boy as Another Student Watched


Last year in Goodyear, Arizona, a teacher, Brittany Zamora who is now 28 years old, was arrested for suspicion of molesting and having sex multiple times with a 13 years old student. More information was released and now this story has become one of the top news in several articles for today. What is the new information? Brittany started an inappropriate relationship with a 13 years old boy in her classroom. There were multiple times that Brittany would fondle with that student behind other students in the classroom as other students would watch a video, the two touched each other.  They even once had sex behind the other students. There was one day that Brittany and that 13 years old boy asked the boy’s friend to come and watch them have sex in a classroom. Brittany and that boy have exchanged a lot of sexual conversation using Instagram messages and text messages. The boy’s parents noticed something different about him and went to investigate. This was how the notes, text messages, and other information were discovered. Brittany has pleaded not guilty to the multiple charges including the molesting and sexual misconduct. Brittany has pleaded not guilty. She is now being held in Maricopa County Jail at a $250,000 bond. The parents of the boy are seeking lawsuit in $2.5 million in damages. Brittany’s husband says that he is hurt, but he pledged to stay with his wife.




Tooth Pulled Out of Man’s Nose


Have you ever heard of a tooth growing inside of a nose? Well, this 59 years old man suffered for two years before finding out that he had a stray tooth growing inside of his nose. He complained of a stuffy nose and noticed that his ability to smell has decreased. So, he had a CT Scan at a hospital in Denmark and the result showed a mucous covered mass in the passage of his nose. The doctors thought it was a cyst so they did surgery to remove it, but found out it was a stray tooth growing inside. This situation is so rare that it happens to 0.1 to 1 percent of patients. After the surgery, the man felt a lot better. The doctors are uncertain what caused this. Usually the possible causes would be trauma or infection, but this man had neither. It was a bizarre case.




Teater Manu’s “Crying Hands” Coming to USA


Here in the USA, we have Deaf theatre groups such as Deaf West Theatre and National Theatre of the Deaf.


In Norway, there is a theatre group similar to that called Teater Manu.


Teater Manu has done performances in Norway and all around Europe.


Now, they are coming to North America. The performance is called “Crying Hands: Deaf People in Hitler’s Germany.”


The plot is based on true stories that are woven together. One story is of a deaf man who was taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp and another story is about a hearing German woman who became involved with the systematic marginalization of deaf people.


You can see a preview here. [Clip]


Teater Manu was founded in 2001 in Norway by Mira Zuckermann. Here is a short video of her. [Clip]


Mira: We have a new production called “Crying Hands.” This play is about deaf people who survived during the war in Germany, during the Nazi Era. We conducted research on how Deaf people lived during the time, whether their lives were good or bad. We then took what we gathered over four years and turned it into a play and it has been very successful. We have toured it all over Norway and it also showed on TV. Our goal is to tour all around the world. So, we are coming to America, North America.


Renca: The group have received ASL lessons from Douglas Ridloff. Since they will be touring in USA, Douglas is helping them translate their sign into ASL. Here is a clip.



Renca: This performance will be shown through ASL and this group will also have an English voice over as well.


They are touring this coming March in Washington DC, New York, and Toronto, Canada. This show is 1 hour and a half with no intermission. It is for age 13 years old and up.


The Daily Moth reached out to Joyce Hom, who helps to coordinate the performances in the USA. We asked Joyce to share her opinion since she has seen the show. Here it is.


Joyce: Maybe you think, “So what? It happened a long time ago, it doesn’t happen here.” No! This is critical because it is about Deaf history. Eugenics did not only happen in Europe -- it happened worldwide, including here in America. Naturally, the eugenics methods evolved. Did you know that? This play reminds us to remain vigilant in treasuring Deaf history. It reminds us about Deaf rights and also about human rights. I hope to see you there.


Renca: For more information on the schedule, prices, and locations of the performances, there are links in the transcript.




That’s all for today! See you later! Stay with the light.




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