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February 28, 2019

Highlights of Michael Cohen’s Testimony; Military Tensions Between India and Pakistan; Video Shows Indian Police Striking Deaf Protesters With Batons; Three Guest #DeafBing

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Highlights of Michael Cohen’s Testimony


Today Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee. Here are some highlights.


He said he regrets helping and supporting Trump since 2007. He said he is ashamed of his own failings and that he has publicly accepted responsibility by pleading guilty in the Southern District of New York.


Cohen said Trump knew Roger Stone was talking with Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. Stone said today that this was not true.


Cohen showed a check of $35,000 from Trump’s personal account that he said was reimbursement for a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.


He also showed evidence of a $130,000 wire transfer he paid to Stormy’s attorney.


This payment is one of the reasons why Cohen is going to jail — it is considered by federal prosecutors as an illegal campaign contribution.


Another reason why he is going to jail is because he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Moscow, Russia. Cohen said the talks ended in January 2016, but they actually continued for several more months.


Cohen said Trump did not tell him to lie to Congress, but that Trump would often tell him that there is no business in Russia, even while Cohen was negotiating with Russia, and that Trump would lie to the American public that there was no business in Russia. Cohen said this was his way of telling him to lie to Congress.


Republicans on the committee said Cohen was just angry and selfish because Trump did not give him a job in the White House and that he is just getting attention for a future book or movie deal.


Cohen replied that he didn’t want to work in the White House. But CNN reporter Dana Bash said based on previous reporting, Cohen did want to work in the White House. Both of Trump’s sons said the same, that he wanted to work in the White House.


Cohen said federal prosecutors in New York are investigating crimes done by Trump and that the last time he talked with him was two months after Cohen’s offices were raided.


Cohen said he has talked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office 7 times.


Cohen said he does not know of direct evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia, but that he has his suspicions.


Yesterday I said Cohen would start his three-year prison sentence next week. This was incorrect, this was postponed to May 6.




Military Tensions Between India and Pakistan  


There are serious military tensions between India and Pakistan.


It started two weeks ago when at least 40 Indian paramilitary police died in a bomb attack. A Pakistan-based militant group claimed responsibility.


India’s government blamed the Pakistani government of supporting this attack, but Pakistani leaders denied this.


Yesterday the Indian Air Force said they launched airstrikes in Pakistan territory in the Kashmir region, which is split between the two countries.


India said they were targeting the militant group and killed hundreds of their members.


Today the Pakistan Air Force said they shot down two Indian jets and captured a pilot.


The Indian military said they shot down a Pakistani jet.


News reports say the Indian military fired shells towards Pakistani territory, killing six civilians.


An Indian military helicopter crashed in the Kashmir region. Six Indian air force members died. A civilian also died.


Pakistan shut down their commercial airspace, forcing airline companies to change routes around Pakistan.


Both countries have nuclear weapons, so the stakes are very high.


Both countries have a long history of military conflict and struggles over claims of the Kashmir region since the end of British colonial rule in 1947.




Video Shows Indian Police Striking Deaf Protesters With Batons


There are news reports of Deaf protesters in India who were hit with batons by police.


Indian news NDTV showed a video of policemen in uniforms swinging wooden batons at a crowd.


NDTV said the protesters were demanding better job and education opportunities outside the Disability Commissioner’s office in Pune.


A deaf news service in India, ISH News, reported that the State Level Association of the Deaf (SLAD) organized this protest on Monday and that thousands gathered at 9 am and gave the department till 2 pm to fulfill their demands.


ISH News said the protesters explained that police barricaded them like animals in a zoo and charged at them because they thought the leader of the protest was trying to provoke them. It was said to be a big misunderstanding.


NDTV reported that several protesters were injured with some detained.


NDTV quoted a police representative telling another news service that around 8 officers were injured and that the police would write a FIR - similar to a criminal complaint — against over 2,000 protesters.


Some in the Deaf community have called on the police commissioner and policemen to be suspended.


The Metro South Asian Deaf Association shared an internet post that described the Deaf community’s 16 demands. They included free higher education, technology institutes for the deaf, sign language books, stopping others from using fake disability cards, allowing deaf people to drive, and job guarantees for profoundly deaf people.




ISH News:





Three Guest #DeafBing


Here are three guest Deaf Bings.


The first is from Andrew.


Andrew: Hello! Deaf Bing what? When you make an order or go to the doctor, as you sit and wait for your name to be called, if the person speaks three times, that’s me. That Deaf Bing.


Alex: True. Sometimes I feel like I have to do it like a spy kid, trying to look at the person’s mouth movements.


The next one is from Jacki.


Jacki: Deaf Bing what? When you go shopping with a cart and you notice people giving you looks. You’re unaware and then find out the wheels are squeaking. I’m sick of that.


Alex: Food shopping while deaf can be hard. The next is from Cameron and Tiffany.


Cameron: Deaf Bing is when you have a conversation with your Deaf friend in a car, the light has to be on. We depend on it, right? But there are drawbacks.


Tiffany: Cops look at us. Deaf people have to check to be sure nobody is looking at us before talking.


Cameron: I hate that!


Alex: It’s true that other deaf people can easily look in your conversations. What do you do? Tinted windows? Window curtains?


Thanks for sending me the videos!




I want to let you all know that I will be taking tomorrow off from “The Daily Moth” so I can catch up on other projects I’ve been putting off. Then on Friday, Renca Dunn will cover top stories.


I’ll see you next week. Stay with the light!




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