The Daily Moth 2-26-2019

February 27, 2019

Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam; Amtrak Train Stranded in Oregon; Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress; Mother and Daughter Charged With Murdering Five Relatives; Deaf Woman on “Wheel of Fortune” Tonight; Guest #DeafBing: Table Banging

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, February 26. Ready for news?




Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam


President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are in Vietnam. They will meet tomorrow and Thursday for their second summit.


The two are expected to discuss nuclear weapons, economic sanctions, and a potential peace treaty to officially end the Korean War. This would open up economic opportunities for North Korea.


There are almost 30,000 U.S. troops in South Korea and this is another potential topic of discussion.


Kim Jong Un traveled for two days by train and car. BBC News said Kim likes the train because his grandfather, who was North Korea’s first leader, traveled by train for international summits.


Trump flew from D.C. to Vietnam on Air Force One, arriving Tuesday night local time.




Amtrak Train Stranded in Oregon


An Amtrak train with 183 passengers on it was stuck for 40 hours in Oregon after it struck a tree on Sunday evening.


It was in a rural area with heavy snow all around. Downed trees blocked the rails. Crews were not able to reach the train until Tuesday morning.


All the passengers are okay, but they did run out of food, water, and supplies, and some were stressed. The train had electricity and heat.


The train is now on its way to Seattle. The train was supposed to go to Los Angeles, but it appears to be heading back.


Amtrak released an official statement saying they regret the delay and will refund the customers.




Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress


Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today in a closed-door session and will testify in public tomorrow before the House Oversight Committee.


NBC News reported that Cohen plans to provide evidence of Trump’s alleged criminal conduct since he became president and his alleged previous history of lies, racism, and cheating as a private businessman.


Cohen also plans to give lawmakers information about Trump’s financial statements.


The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Cohen will go to prison for lying to Congress and that we can expect the same when he goes before Congress this week.


Cohen will start serving his three-year prison term next Wednesday, March 6.




Mother and Daughter Charged With Murdering Five Relatives


A mother and daughter from Morrisville, Pennsylvania were charged with murdering five family members, including three children. Their bodies were found in an apartment bedroom.


The mother’s name is Shana Selena Decree (45) and the daughter’s name is Dominique Klaran Decree (19).


They told police that the family discussed suicide and wanted to die before they were killed.


Two of the people who died were children of Shana, a 25-year old daughter and a 13-year old son. The third person is Shana’s sister, who was 42. The last two were Shana’s nieces, 9-year old twins. reported that eight people lived in the apartment. A maintenance worker found the bodies and saw Shana and Dominique “disoriented” and in bed.


The district attorney said he was confused with the motive and the timelines of the murders.


It is possible that the murders happened on Friday with the women inside all this time.




Deaf Woman on “Wheel of Fortune” Tonight


There will be a Deaf woman, Lori Bonheyo, on tonight’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”


An ASL interpreter, Lorraine Gold-Appel, announced this to the public on her Facebook page with an image of herself and Lori.


Tonight’s theme will be “Girlfriend Getaway.” It will be on NBC. Check your local TV listings to watch it.




Guest #DeafBing: Table Banging  


Here is a guest Deaf Bing from Austin J. about board games.


Austin: Did you know that Deaf people tend to bang on the table? Look.


We are playing this game and some are sick of it when someone pounds and mess it up.


That. Sick of it.  


Alex: That’s right. I love to play Settlers of Catan and whenever I play with emotional Deaf people, it will always mess up my roads and cities when they bang on the table. Thanks Austin for the video!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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