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February 6, 2019


[SPONSORED POST] Meet three managers from Sprint Accessibility as they explain how their products and staff provide crucial communication services for our community.


For more information or to sign up: www.sprintip.com



[Transcript and Visual Description]




(Alex Abenchuchan, a male stands in front of an office-style building)


Alex: Hello! I visited the Sprint Accessibility building here in Austin, Texas. I asked three of their

employees some questions about the Sprint IP Relay product. Check this out!


(Video clips of Karl Ewan, a male, sitting at an outdoor cafe table)


Karl: My name is Karl Ewan. I am a Branch Manager for Access and Marketing with Sprint



Question in text: There are some rumors that IP Relay is no longer available. But we see that Sprint is still an IP Relay provider. Can you explain?


Karl: I know that people think Sprint IP Relay is shut down. This is not true. Sprint is still here

and has not left. In 2014, IP Relay providers exited the market. We at Sprint were the only one

left. We provide IP Relay. Also, at the same time, there was an emerging market with DeafBlind

individuals. IP Relay was viewed, and still is viewed, as a crucial telecommunications resource

for the DeafBlind community.


(Video clips of Ryan Bondroff, a male, sitting at a table using braille technology. Alex talks with him in tactile ASL. There is a SSP provider behind Ryan to give him tactile cues)


Ryan: Hello, my name is Ryan Bondroff. I am a Customer Relationship Manager for Sprint



Alex: Can you tell us about the National DeafBlind Outreach Program?


Ryan: We provide 1:1 training, presentations, focus groups, and workshops so DeafBlind people

can make IP Relay calls all over the U.S.


(Video clips of a woman at a computer desk)


Barbara: My name is Barbara Garcia. I’ve worked for Sprint for 28 years now. My position is

Product Development Manager for Sprint IP.


Question in text: Who can use Sprint IP Relay?


Barbara: Anyone who has a hearing or speech disability can use this service for free.


Question in text: How is IP Relay funded?


Barbara: Sprint IP is funded by the Interstate Relay fund, or the ITRS fund, managed by the



Question in text: What kind of training do relay operators have?


Barbara: Sprint Relay operators meet the FCC’s minimum standards for TRS such as typing

speed, sensitivity training, Deaf cultural awareness, spelling, and grammar.


(Video clip of a female relay operator typing on a keyboard and speaking into a headset. An animation clip shows a mobile Sprint IP app conversation. An icon of a person appears on the left -- it says, “Hello. This is Spencer speaking GA.” The phone responds by saying, “Hi Dad I’m here so please pick me up.” The icon replies, “Sure. (sounds happy) See you in about 20 minutes.”)


Question in text: What are the unique perks of Sprint IP Relay?


Ryan: We have automated registration, one number access to IP Relay website and IP Relay

mobile app, braille access for DeafBlind users.


(Video clips of braille technology and Sprint IP accessibility features on an iPad)


Ryan: Your devices have a built-in accessibility features that are customizable to IP Relay users such as text size, bold, text and invert colors, copy and/or email transcripts of conversations, direct access to Accessibility Care, and ability to use the web and mobile app to have service for Spanish to Spanish service.


Question in text: Can someone have a Sprint IP account and a VRS account at the same time?


Karl: Yes. You can have a 10-digit VRS number and a 10-digit Sprint IP number. You can use

both. As a bonus, you can use IP as a backup option if there are issues with VRS. For example,

if the signal is not good and the screen is blurry or freezes up, you can switch to IP to make a



Question in text: What kind of information do I have to share to open an account?


Registration is required to verify your identity and residency in the U.S. It requires your name,

address, birthdate, residency in the U.S. You will go through questions only you would know the

answer to. Once we verify your information, you will be assigned a 10-digit number. You can

use it on the web or mobile app. One number for both. It’s easy!


Alex: Thank you, Karl, Ryan, and Barbara for your time. I can say personally that Sprint IP

Relay is a very nice product and I use it. You can register for your new 10-digit account at sprintip.com or download the app using Apple or Android devices.


(An image appears. It has the words, “Sprint IP Relay” with a laptop, mobile phone, and a tablet showing Sprint IP apps. It shows a Sprint Accessibility logo at the top right corner. It shows two icons for people to get the app on Google Play or download it on the Apple App Store at sprintrelay.com/iprelay.

The fine print at the bottom reads, “Avail. Only in USA for customers with hearing or speech disability. Data and standard msg. rates may apply. Req. registration. Offers/coverage not avail. everywhere or for all networks. Restrictions apply Although Sprint IP, Fed IP, and Sprint Mobile IP app can be used for emergency calling, such emergency calling may not function the same as traditional 911/E911 services. By using Sprint IP, Fed IP, and Sprint Mobile IP app for emergency calling, you agree that Sprint is not responsible for any damages resulting from errors, defects, malfunctions, interruptions or failures in accessing or attempting to access emergency services through Sprint IP, Fed IP, and Sprint Mobile IP app; whether caused by the negligence of Sprint or otherwise. For details, see www.sprintrelay.com © 2019 Sprint. Sprint and logos are trademarks of Sprint. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners)





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