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February 6, 2019

Colorado Man Kills Mountain Lion in Self Defense; Grandmother Dies After Being Hit in Head By Foul Ball at Dodger Stadium; $190 Million in Cryptocurrency “Locked Out” After Exchange Owner Passes Away With Password; Young Texas Man Dies From Exploding Vape Pen; President Trump’s State of the Union Address; Guest #deafbing: Overflowing Water Cup; Pointing With Tongue; Wiper Blades; Reschedule Doctor Appointments

Colorado Man Kills Mountain Lion in Self Defense


In Colorado, a man fought and killed a mountain lion in self-defense yesterday.


The Coloradoan did a report on this.


The animal was a juvenile, weighing about 80 pounds.


The man said he was running on a trail at Horsetooth Mountain Park when he heard something behind him. When he turned around, the mountain lion bit him on his face and wrist. He said he fought back and killed the animal by suffocating it.


The man made it back to his car and drove to a hospital. He had serious but not life-threatening injuries.


Wildlife officials found the mountain lion dead in the area of the trail. Officials will check if it was sick or injured, which can cause the lion to attack.




Grandmother Dies After Being Hit in Head By Foul Ball at Dodger Stadium


ESPN reported that a grandmother who was at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium died after she was hit in the head by a foul ball on August 25.  


Her name was Linda Goldbloom (79). She was sitting near the first base at the loge level, which is the second seating tier.


A San Diego Padres batter hit a foul ball, which went over areas with protective netting, and struck her head.


Her daughter said EMT came and rushed her to the hospital. She was unresponsive for three days and had to use a ventilator to keep her breathing.


On August 28, her family and a rabbi gathered around her to share memories and say goodbye. They said it was Goldbloom’s wish to not be kept alive by machines if doctors considered it impossible for her to have the same quality of life.


She died the next day from acute intracranial hemorrhage, which is bleeding inside of the skull. She was a lifelong Dodgers fan and was buried 10 miles from Dodger Stadium.


A spokesperson for the Dodgers said they are deeply saddened and that the matter has been resolved between the Dodgers and the Goldbloom family.


The family said they can’t comment on the agreement, but hopes to establish a fund in Goldbloom’s memory to assist victims of similar accidents and their families.




$190 Million in Cryptocurrency “Locked Out” After Exchange Owner Passes Away With Password


A person who owns and operates a Canadian crypto-currency exchange, QuadrigaCX, unexpectedly passed away in December at 30 years old when he was on a trip in India. His name was Gerald Cotten.


He was the only person who had the password for its “cold storage” accounts, which is similar to a savings account. The money is in an offline storage system that protects the funds from hacking and theft.


There is about $190 million worth of Bitcoin, other crypto currency, and fiat money in that account. It is trapped there.


Now Bitcoin investors might not be able to get their money back.


Cotten’s widow, Jennifer Robertson, said in a legal filing that the company can’t access the funds deposited by 115,000 investors. There was no record of the password. The company brought in security experts but they couldn’t break through Cotten’s laptop.  


Robertson has asked the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for legal protection from investors while they continue to work on getting the Bitcoins.


One investor told CBC News that they are left in the dark and are prepared for the worst. The largest individual account is valued at $70 million.


The Globe and Mail reported that Cotten signed a will on November 27 that appointed Robertson as the executor of his estate and outlined how his assets would be distributed if she also died. It included $100,000 for the care of their two pet chihuahuas.


Robertson said there is online speculation that Cotten faked his death and that she has received death threats.




Young Texas Man Dies From Exploding Vape Pen


CBS News reported that a young man died from a vape pen that exploded in his mouth.


His name was William Brown (24). This happened last week on January 27.


Brown drove to a vape shop in Fort Worth, Texas. He went inside to ask for help with a “Mechanical Mod” style vape pen. The store manager said they don’t sell that brand because it is known for having issues.


Brown went back in the car and when he used the vape, it exploded. The store manager said he called an ambulance.


He was transported to a local hospital, was put in a medically-induced coma, and passed away two days later.


WFAA news said a piece of the vape pen went into his throat and severed his left internal carotid artery.


Brown’s grandmother, who owned the car he used, and raised him, said he bought the vape pen at the store, so that story conflicts with the store manager’s story.


The grandmother said the the issue with the explosion is the battery, that it was so hot it melted plastic in her car. She is also angry with doctors at the hospital for not immediately operating on him to remove the piece.


A man from Florida died last year from an exploding vape pen. A report from Tobacco Control said there were more than 2,000 injuries from vape pens between 2015 and 2017.


There was some discussion on Reddit that said if a vape pen has modifications, it increases the chances of the lithium battery exploding.




President Trump’s State of the Union Address


President Trump will give his State of the Union address tonight. We know the speech was supposed to be last week, but it was delayed by the House Speaker Pelosi during the partial government shutdown.


Now both of them will be front and center on television, with Trump speaking and Pelosi behind him.


Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that Trump’s speech will focus on pushing aside partisan political differences and on securing the southern border and immigration issues.


Trump may call on Congress for funding for a wall or a physical barrier at the southern border.


The deadline for a new budget deal — Congress has to pass it and have it signed February 15 — if there is nothing, the government will partially shut down again.


The White House said President Trump has invited at least 13 different people as guests for the speech.


They include a family who had two members killed by an illegal immigrant, a 6th grade student named Joshua Trump who was bullied because of his name, and a former prisoner who was the first person released after Trump signed his prison reform bill into law.


Those are three of the guests.


We can expect to see newly-appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court in the audience.


It is not clear if Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had some recent health issues, will be there. She did not attend Trump’s previous two SOTU addresses.


CNN reported that Democratic lawmakers have invited guests that will include a transgender Navy member, government employees affected by the shutdown, an immigrant family who was separated at the border, and an anti-Kavanaugh activist who confronted former Senator Jeff Flake at an elevator.  Those are four of the guests.


Stacey Abrams — who narrowly lost a gubernatorial election in Georgia that was marred by controversy on voting rights and laws — Stacey will give the Democratic response after Trump finishes his speech.


Vox said she is the first black woman and the first non-sitting public official to give the rebuttal.


I’ll provide a recap of the speech and the response tomorrow.




Guest #deafbing: Overflowing Water Cup; Pointing With Tongue; Wiper Blades; Reschedule Doctor Appointments  


Here are four guest Deaf Bings. The first is from Ethan.



Ethan: Hi, how are you? Was your day good?


What will you do tomorrow?


Oh no!



Alex: We need chameleon eyes. It is hard to chat while filling up water.


The next video is from Pjay.


Pjay: Deaf bing what?


When people use facial expressions to say “look.”




It is to show you are pointing at someone.


It is ridiculous!



Alex: It seems like we point in two ways — one with our finger and one with our tongue. Thanks for sharing.


The next video is from Dylan.



Dylan: You know when you’re driving in the rain and the wipers are on, and when the rain stops, the wipers are still on. You don’t realize this. Oh! That’s right. You turn it off.



Alex: I guess Deaf people’s wiper blades have to be replaced more frequently.


The next video is from Javier.



Javier: Deaf people tend to go to the doctor twice, even three times, but this is rare. When I show up, there is no interpreter. I have to reschedule. Make sure the next appointment has an interpreter!



Alex: That is frustrating. We need more Deaf doctors!


Thank you four for sending the videos.




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