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February 1, 2019

Mystery Tunnel Leading Towards Bank; Man Saves Puppy from Icy Lake Michigan, Then Is Rescued by Chicago Police; Trump Golf Club Fires Undocumented Immigrant Employees; Updates on Roger Stone Case; Republican Senators Oppose Trump’s Syria Plans; House Democrats Offers Zero Funding for Border Wall

Mystery Tunnel Leading Towards Bank

In southern Florida, a person reported a hole in a road that looked like a sinkhole.

When the police and FBI looked at it, they saw that it was actually a tunnel that led towards a Chase bank.

AP News reported that police found an entrance hole in nearby woods. There was a small electric generator and electrical cords.

The tunnel is almost 150 feet long and went under a road towards the bank. It is very narrow, about 2 feet wide.

FBI said the tunnel seems like it was dug using hand tools with a small wagon to excavate dirt and rocks. They found a ladder and muddy boots inside.

So far there is nobody identified as responsible for the tunnel. The bank said there was no robbery and is still open, but closed some drive-up windows near the tunnel.

FBI brought in a backhoe to dig up the whole thing. NBC 6 news showed video of police working with road crews.



Man Saves Puppy from Icy Lake Michigan, Then Is Rescued by Chicago Police


The Chicago Police Department posted a video on Facebook of several officers saving a man who was stuck in icy Lake Michigan on Sunday.


What happened: the man was walking an American Eskimo puppy near the lake when the dog darted on the ice and got into the water. The man jumped in and saved the dog, but he couldn’t climb out of the ice walls.


Several officers worked together to use a dog leash to pull the man out by his hands. See this video.




Wow, what a rescue. ABC News shared a statement from the man, who wanted to remain anonymous.


He said he and his dog, named Pika, are fully recovered. He said after they were rescued, they were both brought in an ambulance and went to the emergency room together. Both of them were under a warming blanket. The man said his core body temperature dropped to 93 degrees. He said he has no doubt he would have died without help.


The Chicago Police Facebook post said the man told them that the officers saved his life and that he will forever be grateful to them.




Trump Golf Club Fires Undocumented Immigrant Employees  


The Washington Post reported that there were about 12 undocumented immigrants who were recently fired from the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.


Many of them worked there for years. One person from Ecuador said he worked there for almost 20 years. Another was a man from Mexico who worked for 15 years.


They told the Post that they were fired because they were undocumented immigrants and that the Trump Organization said nothing all this time until now.


Most of them said they got into the U.S. by walking across the southern border. They then bought fake immigration documents. They said that the Trump Organization officials did not carefully check through the documents.


One former employe said an accountant told him that his fake documents were not good enough, that he had to get better fake documents.


Another former employee said it was like a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude, that the golf club just wanted the cheapest labor possible.


Another former employee said when he was cleaning the clubhouse, Donald Trump approached him, saw that he had a wedding ring, and gave him $200 to take his wife out for dinner.


The Washington Post also reported that there was another group of undocumented immigrants recently fired from a New Jersey Trump golf club.


Eric Trump, who is the executive vice president of the Trump Organization and one of President Trump president’s sons, said they are now instituting E-Verify on all of their properties as soon as possible.


E-Verify is a federal program that helps employers to check if people are legally eligible to work in the U.S.


There are some Democratic lawmakers who wants the FBI to investigate the Trump Organization to see if they broke the law by hiring undocumented immigrants.


A Democratic Congresswoman from New Jersey said she will invite one of the former employees to attend the State of the Union speech as a guest.




Updates on Roger Stone Case


Politico reported that Roger Stone pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in a D.C. federal court to charges from the Special Counsel Mueller that accused him of lying to Congress about his contacts with the Trump presidential campaign and Wikileaks.


He is also charged with intimidating a witness and obstruction of a House investigation on Russian election interference. Stone and his lawyers wants a trial and said they will fight back in court.


Axios reported that Mueller’s office said in a court filing that the evidence against Stone is “voluminous and complex.” The filing said they have several hard drives, FBI case reports, Apple iCloud accounts, bank and financial records, computers, and cell phones with conversations that go back several years.


Some of the things were seized during the FBI raid on Friday.


President Trump told “The Daily Caller” that he was very disappointed with how the FBI raided his home. He also said he was disappointed that there was a news camera there.




Republican Senators Oppose Trump’s Syria Plans; House Democrats Offers Zero Funding for Border Wall  


Here are two political news briefs.


USA Today reported that the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) sponsored a resolution that warned against a “precipitous (sudden) withdrawal” of U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan.


Both Republican and Democratic senators voted to pass it. USA Today called it a “rare rebuke of President Trump.”


Yesterday McConnell said the U.S. is engaged in Syria and Afghanistan because our enemies are engaged there. He said it is still dangerous there for us and our allies, so we must continue to confront them there.


Axios said the vote was 68 to 23. This resolution will be amended to a Middle East policy bill that will be voted on next week.


The second news — Axios reported that House Democrats have offered the Republican-controlled Senate hundreds of millions of dollars for border security technology and additional officers, but no funding for a physical barrier or a wall.


An Axios reporter said because Trump still wants his wall and is unlikely to approve anything without it, we are headed for another government shutdown on February 15 or Trump will declare a national emergency to build the wall.




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