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January 31, 2019

Polar Vortex Hits Midwest; Top Stories Briefs: Facebook Paid Teens For Data; Venezuela Crisis Updates; Trump Criticizes Intel Officers; Updates on Wisconsin Nurse Death: Suspect Identified, Details of Attack; Updates on Jussie Smollett Attack; Nyle DiMarco on “Full Frontal” TONIGHT on TBS 10:30 p.m. EST 

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, January 30. Ready for news? 




Polar Vortex Hits Midwest 


Today the Midwest went through very, very cold temperatures from a polar vortex. 


Here is a video by Daniel Durant from Detroit to show how cold it is. 


Durant: Here in Detroit it has become very cold with temperatures dropping below freezing. I’m feeling like it’s really getting cold. My nose feels like it’s icing up when I inhale, the cold air is so strong. I can only tolerate the cold for a short time. I’m starting to feel my hands freezing. I’m uncomfortable to sign, my hands are hurting. I’ll go inside soon. Hey! I’ll show me boiling a pot of water and dumping it outside in below freezing temperatures in the air. It will turn into powder. See this! I’ll show you soon. See this. [Video clip of Durant pouring out a steaming pot of water that turns into powder] Whoa! 


Wow, thank you for sharing. Here is a video from another Deaf person who lives in Chicago, Edgar Contreras. 


Contreras: I live here in Chicago. Right now, it is actually -20. But I feel like it is -40 because of the wind chill. I am here at work. Unfortunately, it’s still open here. When I’m outside, it really feels nasty. It’s so cold when I go out, my body feels so cold. My face, ears, feet, and hands get cold and numb. Even when I am wearing a cap, scarf, gloves, and boots to keep myself warm, it is hard to breathe because of the wind. I cover myself up. It is like pins and needles against my face and my legs. I have to bear it and when I got here, I made it! I survived. Thanks. [Images of Contreras outside with a cap and of the snowy, icy scene]. 


Watching those videos makes me feel cold. I need to turn the heat on, even though I’m in Austin, Texas! 


AccuWeather explained that a polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air that usually sits over the polar region during the winter season. Sometimes this vortex is pushed south, bringing very low temperatures to southern Canada and northern United States. 


USA Today reported that temperatures in Chicago is -10, and it could go down to -25 overnight. This means Chicago could be colder than the North Pole and Antarctica.


The New York Times reported that many northern cities have closed colleges and schools and the Postal Service stopped delivering mail in many places. Many stores were closed. Over 2,000 flights were cancelled. Several cities declared emergencies. 


At least seven people died from the cold. 


One man froze to death in a garage in Milwaukee. One man, 82 years old in Illinois died from the cold after he fell when he tried to get his home. A couple died in a car crash in Indiana. 

Two men in the Detroit area died from the cold. One was found outside dead, he was not dressed to protect himself from the cold. The other man was 70 years old, he was found dead in front of a neighbor’s home. 


Doctors in Minneapolis said they treated 11 patients for frostbite. Many of them were homeless or struggled with substance abuse. 


AP News reported that a zebra died at a farm near Indianapolis from the cold.




Top Stories Briefs: Facebook Paid Teens For Data; Venezuela Crisis Updates; Trump Criticizes Intel Officers  


Here are three top stories briefs. 


The first — TechCrunch reported that Facebook secretly paid teenagers and adults, between ages 13 to 35, up to $20 a month to install a “Facebook Research” app to view all of the user’s phone and web activity for research purposes. This is called “cash for data.” 


Axios reported that Apple said this violated their policies. Apple has blocked Facebook employees who use iPhones from being able to access Apple’s internal builds for Facebook-related apps. 


The second news — The Venezuelan Supreme Court has ordered opposition leader Juan Guaido to be barred from leaving the country. He might face criminal charges. 


The U.S. recognizes Guaido as the country’s president, opposing the elected president Nicolas Maduro. The U.S. has also imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company to put economic pressure on Maduro. 


The White House said military action is possible. The National Security Adviser John Bolton was recently photographed holding a notepad that had written note that said, “5,000 troops to Colombia.” 


Venezuela’s military has announced their support for Maduro. Russia also supports him. 


The third news — President Trump criticized his top intelligence officials, which included the Director of National Intelligence and the directors of the CIA and FBI because they said during a Senate testimony that Iran was not trying to build a nuclear weapon, that the ISIS still had strength, and that North Korea was unlikely to completely give up their nuclear weapons. 


Those assessments contradicted with Trump’s viewpoints. He tweeted that they should go back to school. 


Trump said they were extremely passive and naive about the dangers of Iran. Trump said ISIS is almost destroyed. He said there is a decent chance of denuclearization with North Korea and that their relationship with the U.S. is the best it has ever been. 


It’s a sharp disagreement.




Updates on Wisconsin Nurse Death: Suspect Identified, Details of Attack 


Yesterday I did a news brief about a nurse in Wisconsin, Carlie Beaudin, who was found unconscious under her vehicle, bleeding and frozen to the ground at a parking garage at a hospital she worked at. 


The suspect, 27 years old, has been identified as Kenneth Freeman. 


Fox 6 reported that he was a former valet for the Froedtert Hospital parking service provider. He was fired in October. 


Investigators who watched surveillance video say that at 1 a.m. Friday morning, Beaudin was walking to her car, which was parked at different parking structure, #5. 


Freeman was standing behind a concrete pillar. He walked out and briefly spoke with her. She kept on walking to her vehicle. He knocked her to the ground, then kicked or stomped on her head and neck almost 40 times. He then put her in her vehicle and drove to parking structure #1.


Beaudin was found after 3 a.m. by a man plowing snow. He saw that the vehicle was parked in a strange way, up against a wall. He saw Beaudin’s legs under it.  She taken to the hospital, but died. 


Investigators said Freeman himself called 911 to say he was involved in the death. When he was arrested, he was wearing the same clothes in the surveillance video and had Beaudin’s purse. 


Her husband, Nick, said he wants to be sure that this goes through the process that will get a person in jail fo was long as they possibly can. 


The hospital said this is very difficult news. They said Freeman passed a background check and was fired for a non-violent reason. They said they have made security enhancements and will continue to make improvements.




Updates on Jussie Smollett Attack 


Chicago police who are investigating the possible hate crime attack against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett said they still looking for surveillance video that will show the two alleged attackers. 


CNN reported that the place where he was attacked has many private surveillance cameras. Police have looked through hundreds of hours of videos, but so far they could only find one image of Smollett standing alone inside a Subway shop. 


Chicago police said they have expanded the search area. The FBI has provided support and is investigating a threatening letter against Smollett that was sent to the Fox studio in Chicago last week.


Yesterday, police said Smollett said two masked men yelled racial and homophobic slurs, poured a chemical on him, and wrapped a rope around his neck at 2 a.m. Smollett is black and openly gay. 


Chicago police said today that they heard reports in the media that Smollett claimed the attackers yelled, “This is MAGA country.” Detectives did a second interview with him and he told them the attackers did say this. 


Smollett has the support of two Democratic U.S. Senators, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who said this was an “attempted modern day lynching.”




Nyle DiMarco on “Full Frontal” TONIGHT on TBS 10:30 p.m. EST 


Nyle DiMarco will be on TV tonight on “Full Frontal” with Samantha Bee. It will be on TBS at 10:30 pm EST, 9:30 CST. It is a comedic and satirical show. 


They will talk about interactions between police and the Deaf community. Bee said the topic would be on how police mistreats the Deaf and hard of hearing and on police shootings of unarmed people. 


Nyle tweeted a video of him wearing a police uniform and humorously taking off his pants to show him wearing boxers, exposing his legs.   


We know that police interactions with deaf people is a sensitive topic. At least three deaf people were shot and killed in 2016 and 2017: Darnell Wicker in Kentucky, Daniel Harris in North Carolina, and Magdiel Sanchez in Oklahoma. 


We also saw a Deaf man, Pearl Pearson, share his story of being arrested with excessive force in January 2014. He received over $195,000 in two settlements, but almost all of it was spent to cover legal and medical expenses. 


On the other side of the coin, there are at least two active deaf police officers, Erica Trevino in Dalhart, Texas and Scott Daily in Erath County, Texas. 


Marlee Matlin did a video with ACLU on deaf people and police interaction about four years ago. Her husband is currently a retired police officer. 


The “Full Frontal” show tonight should give some new and fresh perspectives.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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