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January 30, 2019

Trump Accepts Pelosi’s Invite to Give SOTU Address on February 5; Apple Temporarily Deactivates Group FaceTime After Major Bug Discovered; “Empire” Actor Jussie Smollett Assaulted in Apparent Hate Crime; Wisconsin Nurse Dies After She Was Found Frozen, Bleeding Under Car; Pregnant Lyft Driver Stabbed to Death By Passenger; Updates on Melissa Yingst/Socorro García Incident With Delta Agent; #deafbing [Unintelligible Spelling]​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 29. Ready for news?




Trump Accepts Pelosi’s Invite to Give SOTU Address on February 5


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Trump to give his State of the Union address on February 5 — now that the government is reopened.


President Trump thanked her for the invitation and said it is his great honor to accept.


February 5 is one week from now. Pelosi will sit behind Trump in her role as Speaker, just like she did behind former President George W. Bush during her first term as Speaker.


After Trump’s address, Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor of Georgia, will be filmed giving the Democratic response.




Apple Temporarily Deactivates Group FaceTime After Major Bug Discovered


Apple has temporarily taken down Group FaceTime because there was a bug discovered by tech website 9to5Mac.


The bug allows people who call other people on FaceTime — they can hear the audio from the other person’s phone while it is ringing. You can hear it before the person accepts or rejects the call.


How? If a person makes a FaceTime call, swipes up to initiate a Group FaceTime by adding his phone number, and after dialing, one can hear them while it is ringing.


The bug also allows the person to see video from the other person’s cellphone camera if they press the Power button. They can see the video.


This bug applies to Apple devices with iOS 12.1 or later.


This news spread across the internet last night. Several news reporters said they tested their iPhones and saw they could use the bug.


They recommended people to disable their FaceTime until Apple fixes it.


You can do this. How? On your iPhone or iPad, click on “Settings,” go to “FaceTime,” and you will see a green button on top. Click on it to turn it off. If you are on a Mac computer or laptop, open the FaceTime app then click on “Turn FaceTime Off.” This will disable it.


Apple said they will fix the issue in a software update later this week.




“Empire” Actor Jussie Smollett Assaulted in Apparent Hate Crime


NBC News reported that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who is openly gay, was attacked by two men in Chicago at 2 a.m. today. It looks like a hate crime.


The Chicago Police Department said the two men yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him, battered him with their hands, poured a chemical — possibly bleach — on him, and wrapped a rope around his neck.


The two men left the scene. Smollett went by himself to a hospital. It is not known exactly what his injuries look like.


Police said they are now investigating and will look for video and witnesses.




Wisconsin Nurse Dies After She Was Found Frozen, Bleeding Under Car


A 33-year old nurse, Carlie Beaudin, was found pinned by her car on the top level of a parking garage at a hospital she worked at. This was on Friday morning in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that she was bleeding from her head and frozen to the floor. There was nobody in the car.


When police responded, they saw that she had a weak pulse and was unconscious. The local fire department had to free her from the ground before transporting her to the hospital.


She was pronounced dead less than an hour later.


WISN 12 News did a video report that showed the top level of a parking garage where it happened. There was snow outside and it was obviously very cold.


Police arrested a 27-year old man, still unidentified, in connection to the crash and has opened a homicide investigation.


Beaudin, the nurse, worked as a medical employee since 2007. She leaves behind a husband, Nick.


Nick said he woke up at 4 a.m. from their dog and realized she was not at home. He said she usually works late, but that late.


He said Friday morning he made phone calls, there was terror, and grief. He said Carlie was filled with love for everybody she would talk about.




Pregnant Lyft Driver Stabbed to Death By Passenger


Police in Tempe, Arizona said on Sunday early morning, a 39-year old Lyft driver who was at least 7 months pregnant was stabbed many times by a passenger she picked up. She and her unborn child died.  


The driver’s name was Kristina Howato. The passenger, Fabian Durazo (20) has been arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder.


Police said Durazo, after a short ride that lasted less than a mile, used a kitchen knife to stab her while they were still inside the vehicle. The driver got out of the SUV, and Durazo continued to attack her, then drove off in her SUV.


Howato was rushed to the hospital but she and her unborn baby were pronounced dead.


Police tracked the SUV and found Durazo 20 miles away from the California border. He admitted to the stabbing. It is not known why he did this.


Howato leaves behind two young children, one 2 and the other 4.


A police spokesperson said this incident will affect the police department for a long time.




Updates on Melissa Yingst/Socorro García Incident With Delta Agent


Here is an update on the incident between Deaf people Melissa Yingst and Socorro García and the Delta agent, Felicia.


I did a news brief about this yesterday that described what happened from Yingst and García’ side. They said Felicia, after writing on a paper to let them know that the plane was full and they couldn’t sit together, crumbled the paper and threw it away in the trash. García said she tried to get the paper from the trash but was pushed away, then Delta agents called the police to report assault and did not allow them to get on the plane. Both sides filmed each other with a cellphone.


The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News did articles about this today with comments and perspectives from Delta.


Delta said the agent threw the paper away in the trash because she believed the conversation was over.


Delta said Felicia accommodated the two by letting them know that the plane was full and did offer to work with the flight attendants to see if someone would be willing to give up their seat so the two could sit together. They said she did that.


Delta said the two were not allowed to get on the plane because García went behind the counter, which is not permitted. They also said she “pushed past the agent’s leg to get the note from the trash can.”


A Delta spokesperson said there are very conflicting versions of events from both sides.


Delta said they have refunded their tickets and will work with them to understand what happened.


Yingst and García sent “The Daily Moth” an email with their response to the media articles.


They said the pen and paper conversation was not over, that they wanted to continue to ask for clarifications, but Felicia denied them communication access by crumbling the paper in front of their faces.


They said Felicia never made it clear to them that she was willing to ask flight attendants to make the request for someone to give up their seats. They said it was not clear to them.


They said Felicia pushed García’s shoulder to block her from getting the paper, that García never tried to make physical contact with her.


They said their flight tickets were not reimbursed yet. They said if Felicia was willing to continue to write back and forth, the issue could have been avoided.


They are asking, demanding two things: reimbursement for the Delta flight, the cost of a hotel room, and for a separate flight back to Los Angeles.


Secondly, they also want the involved Delta employees to get awareness training.


They warned that they may pursue legal action if their resolutions are not satisfied.


The Detroit News:


Detroit Free Press:


Daily Moth Report:




#deafbing [Unintelligible Spelling]


Deaf Bing what? [Unintelligible spelling] If it is a big word, you know the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m fortunate to know his last name because I was involved with Academic Bowl, you have to be accurate with the last name, so I know, but most people don’t know the spelling of his last name so they will [Unintelligible spelling] Fast [Unintelligible spelling] It is the same with my long last name, Abenchuchan. I’ve seen many people say Alex A [Unintelligible spelling] This is Deaf Bing!




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