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January 23, 2019

Top Stories Briefs: Chris Brown Arrested in Paris After Rape Complaint; “Roma” and “The Favourite” Leads Oscar Nominations; Cristiano Ronaldo Fined $21 Million for Tax Fraud; Covington Catholic School Closed Today Due to Threats; Political News Briefs: Supreme Court Allows Military Transgender Ban; Giuliani Said Moscow Tower Talks Lasted Entire 2016 Campaign; Senate to Vote on Two Bills to End Shutdown; Deaf Person Testifies in Former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Sentencing; Maryland School for the Deaf Campus Building Evacuated By Police; Los Angeles Teacher Strike Ends with Deal, Deaf Teachers and Staff Share Perspectives; Guest #DeafBing: Restaurant Overtime

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Top Stories Briefs: Chris Brown Arrested in Paris After Rape Complaint; “Roma” and “The Favourite” Leads Oscar Nominations; Cristiano Ronaldo Fined $21 Million for Tax Fraud; Covington Catholic School Closed Today Due to Threats

Here are four top stories briefs.

The first — AP reported that musician Chris Brown and two other people were detained in Paris, France after a woman claimed she was raped. The woman said she met Brown and his friends at a club, then went to a hotel afterwards. French investigators have two days to decide to let Brown go or file charges.

The second news — today the list of nominations for the Academy Awards (Oscars) was released. The movies with the most nominations are “Roma” and “The Favourite.” The next two movies with the most nominations are “A Star is Born” and “Black Panther.”

“A Quiet Place,” with deaf actress Millicent Simmonds, did not get any Oscar nominations, so it will be a quiet year for #DeafTalent after a big year last year with three movies nominated with deaf people involved. All three films, “Baby Driver,” “The Shape of Water,” and “Silent Child,” won Oscars in different categories.

The third news — ESPN reported that soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was fined over $21 million in Spanish court for tax fraud. Prosecutors said he did not pay taxes on earnings from image rights from 2011 to 2014. Ronaldo agreed to pay this to avoid going to prison for 23 months.

In a separate case, as I reported before, Ronaldo was accused of rape by an American woman, who sued him in September. Police in Nevada has reopened an investigation. Ronaldo said this was not true.

The fourth news — the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, the school where the students in the viral video with a Native American drummer are from, was closed today because of security concerns. Fox 19 reported this.

The school said they received several threats and are concerned about outside groups that have planned to protest at the school.

President Trump tweeted support for the school, saying the students were treated unfairly and smeared by media.

The drummer, Nathan Philips, said he would like to meet with the high school students to have a dialogue.


[UPDATE: Chris Brown was released, but the investigation will continue. Brown posted on Instagram that the accuser was lying.

Chris Brown:




Covington High:


Political News Briefs: Supreme Court Allows Military Transgender Ban; Giuliani Said Moscow Tower Talks Lasted Entire 2016 Campaign; Senate to Vote on Two Bills to End Shutdown

Here are three political news briefs.

The first — the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to allow the Trump administration to enforce their ban on transgender people serving in the military.

USA Today explained that the ban was blocked by lower courts while the case makes its way through the courts, but now that “block” is removed.

The military can ban transgender people now while the case continues to proceed. It is likely to arrive to the Supreme Court in the future for a final decision on the ban’s merits, whether it follows the Constitution or not.

The second news — President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that Trump was involved in discussions to build a skyscraper in Moscow, Russia throughout the entire 2016 presidential campaign, from his announcement up to the day he won.

The New York Times explained that this means Trump was working, negotiating on a deal with Russia at the same time he campaigned on an end to economic sanctions against Russia from the Obama administration, that the talks was at the same time he criticized NATO, and that it was during the same time as his sarcastic call on Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. It was at the same time.

The third news — it is the 32nd day of the partial government shutdown. Fox News reported that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell plans to introduce a proposal that would include wall funding and protections for DACA immigrants.

But Democrats say they are opposed and want the government reopened before they talk about border security.

The White House said if there is no deal by midnight, 800,000 affected federal workers will miss a second paycheck.

President Trump tweeted this morning that they would not cave.

[UPDATE: The Senate will also vote on a Democratic-backed proposal to temporarily reopen the government without wall funding.]

Supreme Court:

Moscow Tower:

Shutdown Bill:


Deaf Person Testifies in Former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Sentencing

On Friday, former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to almost seven years in prison for shooting and killing black teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014.

During the sentencing hearing, there was a deaf man who testified as a witness. A video from Fox 32 shows him answering questions with at least two interpreters.

[Video Clip]

The Fox 32 video was not captioned and did not follow all of the questions and answers, so I read an article in the Chicago Tribune to understand this.  

The deaf man’s name is Alberto Luces. He said a police officer twisted his arm in 2013 during a traffic stop when he tried to explain that he was deaf. He said there were two officers, that one officer was white and another was black. He did file a complaint and it was in Van Dyke’s police file.

The judge asked Luces to identify Van Dyke in the courtroom and allowed him to walk around the room. He did walk around, but he did not point out Van Dyke, although he was sitting on a desk in front of him. Luces, after looking around, said he forgot to bring his eyeglasses, that it happened a long time ago, and that he had head injuries from a fight.

When he walked around, there was a man in the audience that appeared to point at himself. Police officers in the courtroom escorted him out.

When Luces came back on the stand, the judge stopped Luces’ testimony and thanked him.

The Tribune said it was stopped because he couldn’t identify Van Dyke, that his testimony will not have any bearing on the sentencing.

So, it is possible that Van Dyke was physically rough with this deaf man in 2013, but it is not confirmed.

Now about Van Dyke’s sentencing — he can get out of prison after 3 years if he earns credit for good behavior. There was a mixed reaction to this, with people happy that he was punished, but others saying the sentencing was lenient.

Fox 32 Video:


Maryland School for the Deaf Campus Building Evacuated By Police

Police in Frederick, Maryland tweeted this morning they went to the Maryland School for the Deaf after a reported threat was posted on social media.

Police said one building was evacuated with K9 dogs doing a search. They later tweeted that all students are safe and that there was nothing suspicious located.

WUSA 9 reported that a student saw a threat and notified the administration, who contacted the Maryland State Police.

The Frederick News Post quoted an official from the police department saying they determined the threat was a hoax.

The police said they are glad that students alerted staff, which is what they want students to do when they see things that make them nervous.

CBS 13 sent a news helicopter above the campus.

I’m glad to see that everything is okay over there.

Frederick Police Tweets:

CBS 13:


Los Angeles Teacher Strike Ends with Deal, Deaf Teachers and Staff Share Perspectives

The teachers’ strike in Los Angeles that lasted over a week has ended with a deal between the teachers’ union and the school district.

I was in touch with a Deaf teacher Lauren Maucere, who sent me several videos of various Deaf teachers and school staff. She and others will explain us about the deal today.

Before I show you the video about the deal, I want to show you several videos from the strike on the reasons why they were striking. See this.

Amanda Hutchings, Teacher, Cortines High School: I am here because my students deserve more access to resources.

Lauren Maucere, Program Specialist, LAUSD: Students with disabilities, deaf students, are severely impacted. They are a marginalized community. Has LAUSD invested in them? No. It is time. That’s why we are striking.  

Mallorie Evans, Educational Audiologist: Our future is in the classroom. It is our responsibility to support, encourage, and develop our deaf children to be future leaders.

Stephanie Johnson, UTLA Chapter Co-Chair: We must prevent private schools from taking space. We need resources to support our deaf education.

Susan Margolin, Marlton School Teacher: I came to strike because class sizes needs to be smaller.

Yolanda Roberson-Adeoye, Marlton School Teacher: There are less resources than others. We don’t have sports at Marlton School.

Tom Mitchell, Taft Charter High School Teacher: LAUSD has two billion dollars, imagine that. They keep on hoarding it as students move to other schools, and teachers move out. No. Use the money to spend and invest on students. They will come back and we’ll grow. That’s why I strike.

[Video clips of strikes and chants in ASL]

Alex: Thank you to everybody who shared. Today the LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was mediating talks between the teachers union and school district, announced a tentative deal.

Here is a video explaining what the deal is from deaf teachers and staff.

Lauren: Whoo! UTLA, whoo! Today is so exciting because we won! It is historic because for 22 months we have struggled with LAUSD. We couldn’t agree. The union, the UTLA, had to vote with 33,000 teachers, but 98% of the teachers went on strike. We were on a strike for six days. We marched in the rain. I am in awe and inspired by their heart and passion, their love and commitment for children’s education. We kept on and did not give up. Today, we actually reached a deal. We won! It will transform public education. Public education here in LA and elsewhere in the U.S. — it means charter schools can’t take space. We will continue with free and appropriate education for all children. Whoo!

Janette: Finally! UTLA and LAUSD reached a deal today! It is a historic. We won, what did we win?

Richard: Many things. We will have a nurse at every school. Wow!

Janette: And we will have an average, it was previously 800, but now it will be a 500 to 1 ratio for counselors. Yes!

Richard: Class sizes will be gradually reduced every year.

Janette: Also, 50% of assessments and tests will be cut down. 50%. Whoo!

Richard: We will have a teachers’ library at every library around.

Janette: Nurses, too. They’ll be there every day.

Richard: Special education — they can have two days of assessments. We are granted two days to focus on students. Whoo!

Janette: We also have a 6% pay increase. Yes! Wow!

Richard: Wow! It is a wonderful day! It is a beautiful day! Perfect!

Janette: I’m excited to see my students tomorrow. I’m really thrilled to have them back. During the week of strikes, we’ve really missed them. I know that it’s not the same without us. Now that we’re going back, I feel really good.

Richard: Yes.

Janette: Historic. Whoo!

Alex: Thank you for explaining. There are about 500,000 students in the district. Congratulations to the teachers, the staff, and the school district on reaching a deal.


Guest #DeafBing: Restaurant Overtime

Here is a guest Deaf Bing from cheerleaders from the Washington School for the Deaf.

Girl #1: Deaf Bing what?

Girl #2: Deaf people tend to go in a restaurant and when we’re seated, we chat forever. Then I look and see that all the chairs are gone and everybody has left.

Oops. That’s overtime! Does this mean Deaf people should go to 24/7 restaurants, so it never closes? Hmm.

Thanks for the video!


That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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