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January 22, 2019

Weekend Briefs: Moon Eclipse; Super Bowl LIII Matchup; Dems Reject Trump Offer; Mueller Disputes Buzzfeed; MAGA Teenager and Native American Drummer Controversy; Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Run; Food Stamp Payments Affected by Shutdown; MSSD Wrestling Coach Terminated After “Inappropriate Use of Physical Force”​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Hope your weekend was good. It is Monday, January 21. It is Martin Luther King Jr, a day to remember and honor him. Ready for news?




Weekend Briefs: Moon Eclipse; Super Bowl LIII Matchup; Dems Reject Trump Offer; Mueller Disputes Buzzfeed  


Here are four top stories briefs from the weekend.


The first — did you see the super wolf blood moon last night? I saw it. It was cool to see how the white light, from the sun, slowly gave way to the darkness of the eclipse. The moon looked like it was muddy red. It was a very nice, free show for the world.


The second news — the Super Bowl LIII (53) game next Sunday will be between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams after both won in overtime matches.


Many people in New Orleans, Louisiana are mad because they felt like the referees missed a critical pass interference call that, if called, could have gave New Orleans the win. Now there are over 300,000 people who have signed a petition asking for a rematch.


The third news — President Trump made an offer to Democrats to end the shutdown on Saturday. He said in exchange for $5.7 billion for the border wall, he would give about 1 million immigrants, most of them in the DACA program, a three-year protection from deportation.


But House Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leaders rejected the offer  because they want permanent protections and continue to say the wall is unnecessary.


Without a deal, the shutdown has continued in its 31st day.


The fourth news — Special Counsel Mueller issued a statement on Friday night to say the Buzzfeed story about President Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie to members of Congress was not accurate. His statement felt like a pail of water thrown on the fires that emerged from the article, which had many top Democrats talk about potential impeachment. It stopped. But Buzzfeed said they still stand by their reporting, that it is true.




MAGA Teenager and Native American Drummer Controversy


There was a lot of controversy last weekend about videos posted on the internet of a high school student wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat staring down a Native American beating a drum at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.  


There were many other high school boys in the background laughing and jumping around, also wearing MAGA attire.  


You’ve probably seen the videos. I will give you some updates.


The teenager boy’s name is Nicholas Sandmann. He is a junior at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.


The Native American man’s name is Nathan Philips. He is a Vietnam veteran and is originally from Nebraska. He is a member of the Omaha Tribe.


Many videos that went viral only showed the standoff and made it appear the boys were the ones who walked up to Philips to mock him. It seemed that way.


There was a longer video posted on the internet that will help us understand what happened.  


The high school students were in D.C. to participate in the “March for Life,” an annual rally to protest against abortion.


Philips was in D.C. to be a part of the Indigenous People’s Day March.


Before the standoff, there was a shouting back-and-forth between the high school boys and a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a religious group. They called the high school students “crackers.” This group also yelled at the Native American group, telling them that they had their land taken away because they worshipped the wrong god.


Videos show Philips, while beating his drum, walking towards a section of stairs where many students were at.


Philips told CBS News that he walked between the high school students and the Black Israelites to try and calm the situation. Philips said he wanted to walk through but was blocked by Sandmann and sang for three minutes. He said the teenagers yelled for him to go back to the reservation and said, “Build that wall.” That’s what he said.


Sandmann released a statement explaining his side. He said the Black Hebrew Israelites group said hateful things to his group, so they did a school chant to counter them. He said Philips went directly to his face and he stayed quiet to try and diffuse the situation.


So, those are the two sides. The school and the Diocese of Covington apologized and said they would investigate. They previously said they would take appropriate action, including possible expulsion. Conservatives have criticized them for rushing to judgment.


I think what made this situation more striking is that there’s this large group of young, white, Catholic high school boys wearing political clothes that contrasted with a single, elderly Native American man. It was a powerful image that went viral.


It is a snapshot of the increased political and cultural tensions in America we’ve had since the 2016 elections.


Full Video:




Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Run


California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris announced she would run for president in 2020, joining an increasing number of candidates looking to beat Donald Trump.


She is the third female senator and the first black person to make a major announcement about a 2020 run.


Harris told Good Morning America that she made the announcement today on Martin Luther King, Jr Day because he is aspirational like our country is aspirational. Her campaign theme is “For The People.”


Harris became a senator two years ago. Prior to that, she was California’s Attorney General and a District Attorney in San Francisco.


She was born in Oakland, California to immigrant parents. Her mother is from India and her father is from Jamaica.


Harris is well-known for her strong, fast-questioning style during Senate committee hearings.




Food Stamp Payments Affected by Shutdown


People who receive food stamp benefits might have noticed an early deposit in their accounts or EBT cards.


CNN explained that this is because of the government shutdown. The Department of Agriculture, who oversees the food stamp program, are only allowed to make payments within 30 days of a lapse in government funding.


It must be within that time frame. Yesterday was the 30th day, so the early deposits are meant to last you through the month of February.


Government officials are encouraging people to carefully budget food shopping in February.


People won’t get any more deposits until March, but it is not guaranteed if the shutdown continues that long.




MSSD Wrestling Coach Terminated After “Inappropriate Use of Physical Force”


A wrestling coach at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) was terminated after he pulled and pushed a student-athlete during the Willigan Wrestling Tournament at the Maryland School for the Deaf.


There was a video of the incident posted on Facebook under an account with the name Jillian Gruetzner. She said in a comment that this was absolutely unacceptable for an adult.


It shows a post-match incident where a male coach is seen grabbing a student wrestler by the arm, apparently to get him to shake the hands of the opposing coach. When the student tried to avoid him, the coach grabbed him again and pushed him twice. The student avoided him again, walking away, but the coach continued to pull at his arm until the student left.


A letter was sent out on Friday from MSSD administrators, from the Clerc Center, who oversees the MSSD program at Gallaudet University. The administrators said the coach used inappropriate physical force and is grossly out of step of their standards and expectations. I will show you what the letter said.



“Clerc Center Community:


As you may be aware, a video is circulating of a recent Willigan Wrestling Tournament showing an MSSD wrestling coach's inappropriate use of physical force with a student-athlete after a wrestling match. The coach's behavior in the video is grossly out of step with the standards and expectations for our staff and will not be tolerated. The safety and welfare of our students is our top priority.

The coach in the video has been terminated by the Clerc Center. Furthermore, an investigation is underway to determine any additional responsibility and explore if policy and staff training is sufficient to ensure that incidents like this are never repeated.

We will meet with the team and coaches, and new information will be communicated to the team and their parents as it develops.


Marianne Belsky, Chief Academic Officer

Nicole Sutliffe, Chief Administrative Officer”


A school official told “The Daily Moth” that the investigation of this incident was initiated immediately after the tournament.


The coach was not identified by the school or in the letter. A MSSD wrestling roster picture shows that the head coach is Maxim Nemirovsky, and he appears to be the person in the video.


There was a lot of discussion on social media on this incident.


A former MSSD wrestling coach, Thad Ferguson, posted a vlog to share his thoughts and perspectives.


He said it is normal for a student to become distraught after losing a big match and if the student doesn’t want to shake hands with the opposing coach, he would allow him to walk away and cool off, then talk to him about it later.


Ferguson explained that wrestling rules require a handshake with the opponent after a match, but that the rules doesn’t require a handshake with the coach. This is considered etiquette and is optional.


Ferguson said he saw the student shake hands with the opponent, but not with the coach, and said this was not a violation of rules. He said the student did not hurt anyone.


Jillia Gruetzner Post:


Thad Ferguson Post:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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