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January 19, 2019

Buzzfeed: Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress About Moscow Tower; Feud Between Speaker Pelosi and President Trump; 100 Million People in Path of Winter Storm Harper; Top Stories Briefs: $21 Million Religious Discrimination Lawsuit; 14-Year Old Boy Killed by Police; D.C. Metro Losing $400k Daily; Trump/Kim Summit; Interview with Aarron Loggins, Super Bowl LIII Signer; Guest #DeafBing: Kitchen Issues

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Buzzfeed: Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress About Moscow Tower


Buzzfeed News reported last night that President Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project. Buzzfeed got this information from two unnamed federal law enforcement officials.


Fox News explained that Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the tower in November as a part of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. Cohen said his communications with Russia ended in January 2016, but they actually kept going until June 2016.


This Buzzfeed report is the first one that says Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress. If true, this is a federal crime.


Top House Democrats said they would investigate.


President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said this is false and that Cohen is a convicted criminal and a liar.




Feud Between Speaker Pelosi and President Trump


There is now a serious feud between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Axios news explained that yesterday President Trump sent Pelosi a letter telling her that her planned trip to Belgium, Egypt, and Afghanistan will have to be postponed because of the shutdown.


This trip was supposed to use military aircraft. Trump denied her this and said Pelosi could fly commercial.


Pelosi’s office said they planned to go ahead with the trip using commercial flights, but will have to drop the trip and postpone it because the Trump administration leaked those plans.


The State Department said the trip would be too dangerous.


We know that Pelosi sent Trump a letter on Wednesday telling him to postpone the State of the Union address because of security concerns with the shutdown.


So there is an aggressive back-and-forth between the top Democrat and the Republican president during the shutdown, which is in its 28th day.




100 Million People in Path of Winter Storm Harper


The Weather Channel said there will be a major snowstorm that will hammer parts of the Midwest and the East starting today and continuing through the weekend. This is named “Winter Storm Harper.”


There has already been heavy snow from Harper that has hit mountains in the Western United States. The system will go from Oklahoma into the Ohio Valley and then the Northeast.


There will be an arctic blast that will bring very cold, freezing temperatures. There will be icing, so be careful on the roads as you drive.




Top Stories Briefs: $21 Million Religious Discrimination Lawsuit; 14-Year Old Boy Killed by Police; D.C. Metro Losing $400k Daily; Trump/Kim Summit


Here are four top stories briefs.


The first — NBC 6 in Miami reported that a woman, Marie Jean Pierre, who worked as a dishwasher has won a $21 million religious discrimination lawsuit against a hotel in federal court. She said she was fired because she refused to work on Sundays. But she will only get about $300,000 because of a cap on punitive damages. Her lawyer said it isn’t about the money but to right the wrong.


The second news — NBC News reported that a 14-year old boy holding an airsoft gun in Tempe, Arizona was shot and killed by police as he ran away after stealing things, including the gun, from a vehicle. Police said they thought the boy, Antonio Arce, had a handgun and felt threatened. There is body camera footage and this will be investigated.


The third news — ABC 7 news in Washington, D.C. said Metro, the public transportation system there, wrote in a letter to U.S. Senators explaining they are losing an estimated $400,000 per weekday in fare and parking revenue because of the shutdown.


In separate but related news, AP reported that TSA officers in Pittsburgh had a rally today at the Pittsburgh International Airport. A union representing them said the officers are worried about feeding their families and paying bills. There are also planned rallies in other cities.


The fourth news — the White House announced that President Trump plans to have a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The exact place will be announced later.




Interview with Aarron Loggins, Super Bowl LIII Signer


Here is an interview with Aarron Loggins.


Aarron: Hello!


[Aarron Loggins graduated from Gallaudet in 2008 with a BA in Theatre Arts. He has performed with the Wild Zappers and the Gallaudet Dance Company. He’s landed acting roles on TV, made music videos, and won an international pageant competition. He gives motivational speeches and is working on a book, “My Struggle - My Success.”]


Alex: Congratulations on your selection to be the Super Bowl 53 signer!


Aarron: Thank you!


Alex: Can you tell us where you are from and where you live in now?


Aarron: I was born and raised in Illinois for 18 years and now I live in Washington, D.C.


Alex: NAD said you are a deaf activist. What kind of activism do you do?


Aarron: I am a deaf activist, yes. Look at this shirt. Believe in yourself. It’s not just a shirt that I wear because I like it. I want to show a message, a positive message to our community. Not just our community, but to everyone. That we can be persistent, don’t stop, don’t give up. We must keep on going and fighting. If you’re knocked down, get back up and fight. Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t give up your hopes. So I went to a Deaf school in Pennsylvania, PSD, last year. They honored me and I gave a presentation.


[Images of students with Aarron and Aarron with PSD Head of School Peter Bailey]


Aarron: I gave them a picture of the journey I’ve been through as a black deaf man who had challenges in both worlds. I grew up in the hearing world. My family is all hearing. I’m the only one who is deaf. The hard part is communication because they don’t sign like I sign. In school, their signing program is not ASL. They do more of Midwest signs, it is superficial. So that was a challenging part. Going into the Deaf world, that is another challenging part because that’s where my identity was being found, to be deaf. I know that I’m a black man, but adding the word, “deaf,” is so important to self-confidence. So, with the two, that’s where I persisted, to break through barriers. I’ve fought through in both ways.


Alex: How will you prepare for that big signing gig, that big day?


Aarron: Ever since I enrolled in Gallaudet in 2004, every year when during Super Bowl, they had a person who signed. I’ve always believed that one day, I said one day, I can’t say that it will happen next year, I can’t say if it will happen two or three years later, but I said one day, I will be on TV signing with a celebrity for the opening kickoff with the national anthem. And now, after 15 years, I made it! So I was very happy, I am thrilled, I am honored. And I’m ready to put in the work and when I got the lyrics for the two songs, I practiced. I know it and practice it. That’s the easy part, practicing and translating the ASL. When I get with the person, we have to make sure it will be synchronized, not skewed. Everything should be smooth.


Alex: Do you want to add anything?


Aarron: Three words: believe in yourself.   


Alex: Thank you for your time, Aarron! We hope to see plenty of you on the CBS telecast of the pre-game.


Aarron’s website:




Guest #DeafBing: Kitchen Issues


Here are a few guest Deaf Bings in the kitchen! The first is from Trevor.


Trevor: I put this on. I leave it alone. As I’m moving about in the house, it will start whistling. It will make loud noises. When I come back, I say, “Oh!” I ask others if they heard it. Hearing people will say, “Yes! The whistling was really loud!” I’ll say, “Sorry!”  


Deaf people’s tea are colder. The next one is from Rick.


Rick: When I’m done with work and get home, I want to get a beer to drink. I pour one and when I sit down, this happens.


This always happens, the tapping on the arm. It causes me to spill my drink. I’m sick of it.


Alex: Deaf people drink less. The next one is from Ashlie.


Ashlie: When I wash the dishes, my hands are wet. It is hard to communicate. I have to tell someone to hold up because of my hands. That Deaf Bing.


You should go ahead and sign, spraying mist on the other person.  


The next one is from Jiro.


Deaf Bing what? When I get here with other Deaf people at the table, we’re talking, and I say, “Oh, excuse me.”


Hello! What’s up?


Who is that? Who? Who called you?



It’s my friend. I tell them the name. That Deaf Bing. I get interrupted while I chat.


Alex: That’s true. But I think it’s fair, if someone types on the phone during a nice dinner where you cook on the table — that’s really cool — if someone is on the phone, you have a right to ask, “who is that?” You have the right.  


Thanks to you four for the videos!  




That is all for this week. Thank you for watching “The Daily Moth.” Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!





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