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January 18, 2019

GoFundMe for Medical Expenses: Good or Bad Sign?; FBI Busts Man Who Plotted to Attack White House With Anti-Tank Rocket; Trump Signs Law To Provide Back Pay to Federal Employees; Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday Night; Attorney General Nominee William Barr’s Comments On Mueller Investigation; NFL and NAD announces Aarron Loggins as Super Bowl 53 Signer with Gladys Knight​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, January 17. Ready for news?




GoFundMe for Medical Expenses: Good or Bad Sign?  


Is it a good or a bad sign that many people use GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses?


The CEO of GoFundMe, Rob Solomon, said in an interview with KHN that a third of the $5 billion donated since 2010 was for medical expenses.


He said he is saddened and that this shows there is a broken system. He said they did not initially build this platform to focus on medical expenses. The idea was for it to support ideas and dreams, weddings gifts, or special occasions.


He said he would love for healthcare to become so affordable, with prices lower, so that the “medical” category on GoFundMe can be eliminated, for people to not need medical donations. He wants this.


He said the government and health care companies are supposed to be there and sometimes they are, but for millions of people, they are not there, and that’s where GoFundMe comes in.


KHN Interview:




FBI Busts Man Who Plotted to Attack White House With Anti-Tank Rocket


AP reported that the FBI has arrested a man from Georgia who wanted to use an anti-tank rocket to blow up the back of the White House and kill as many people as possible.


His name is Hasher Jallal Taheb, 21 years old. He was arrested after he traded his vehicle to buy weapons from confidential FBI sources and undercover FBI agents, who provided him with inert weapons, weapons that appeared to be “live” but weren’t. They explained to Taheb how to use them. Then they arrested him.


A FBI special agent said they got a tip from someone in October that Taheb was radicalized. A person who posed as a supporter and a person who posed as a weapons salesman met with him several times, leading up to his arrest. In those meetings, Taheb explained his vision of the White House attack, and said he wanted to attack other federal buildings and sites.  


Taheb is charged with attempting to damage or destroy a building owned by the United States using fire or an explosive.


Local news in Cumming, near Atlanta, reported that there were many police cars that surrounded Taheb as he was arrested.




Trump Signs Law To Provide Back Pay to Federal Employees


CNN reported that President Trump signed a bill that will make sure federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown will get back pay.


The workers will be paid after the shutdown is over.


Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md) said this is an important step to provide stability and hope, but it doesn’t help to pay the bills now, and to do that, we must reopen the government.


Government contractors do not get back pay. Vox explained that there are hundreds of contractors that provide cleaning, security, cafeteria, IT, project management, or research services. They work for companies that can’t bill the government on days it is shut down.


Senator Tina Smith (D-Minn) introduced a bill yesterday to provide them with back pay.  


It is the 27th day of the shutdown and there are no signs of a deal between President Trump and Democrats.




Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday Night


On Sunday night, there will be a super blood wolf moon in the night sky.


Should you be scared? No. It is simply a rare total lunar eclipse.  


CBS News explained that this is a combination of three lunar events at once.


The first is a supermoon, when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit in its full phase, which makes it look bigger. A supermoon.


The second is that it is the first full moon of the year, 2019. The first moon is called a “Wolf moon” by Native Americans.


The third is a blood moon, which is when the sun, Earth, and moon all line up. The Earth blocks the sun’s light, but the shadow will cause a reddish hue on the moon.  


People on the East Coast in the U.S. can see the eclipse starting at 9:36 pm. The total eclipse will be 20 minutes before midnight.


There is a chart on that will provide you with clear information of where people in different time zones can see various phases of the eclipse. The link to that is in the transcript.


You can view it with the naked eye, you do not need special glasses that must be worn to view solar eclipses. You can look at it.




Attorney General Nominee William Barr’s Comments On Mueller Investigation


Here are highlights on William Barr’s confirmation hearings. He is President Trump’s pick to be the next Attorney General, replacing Jeff Sessions.


This is a very important position, especially because of two ongoing investigations that could have an impact on Trump — the Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation and a New York federal investigation on financial crimes.


Time explained that Barr would be head of those investigations and will decide what to do if prosecutors say Trump broke the law. He will make the decision.


Barr said he will make the final call. He said he will not be bullied into doing anything that he thinks is wrong.


Barr used to be Attorney General during the George H.W. Bush administration and worked with Mueller in the Department of Justice (DOJ). Barr said Mueller is fair-minded and that he doesn’t believe he would be involved in a witch hunt.


Barr promised that Mueller would be allowed to finish his investigation and that his final report should have as much of the information as possible out to Congress and to the public, but that some information could be limited if Mueller decides not to prosecute Trump.


Barr said he supports the current DOJ guidelines that says a sitting president cannot be indicted. He supports this vision.


Time explained that this means if Mueller ends his investigation without an indictment, the public might not know all the details of the investigation.


Barr, on other issues, said he supports a physical barrier on the southern border. He thinks the justice system treats black and white people equally. On cannabis, Barr said that he would not seek action against companies that sell it in legalized states.


AP reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he believes he will do well in a confirmation vote before the Senate.



NFL and NAD announces Aarron Loggins as Super Bowl 53 Signer with Gladys Knight


The NFL and NAD announced who be the singer and the signer at Super Bowl 53. Who will sing? Gladys Knight. Who will sign? Aarron Loggins.


They will perform before the kickoff at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, February 3. It will be aired on CBS.


Knight is a seven-time Grammy Award winner and is known as the “Empress of Soul.” Atlanta is her hometown.


Loggins is a performer and a deaf activist. He will sign both the National Anthem and “America the Beautiful.”


He posted on his Facebook page thanking the NFL and NAD for honoring him to perform with this beautiful lady beside me.


Congratulations to the two!




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