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January 12, 2019

Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs Found Alive; Seattle News Editor Fired For Broadcasting Distorted Trump Video; Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Toddler Walking Alone; Two Female Rookie Police Officers Shot Dead in Two Days; Day 21 of Partial Government Shutdown; U.S. Military Begins Process of Withdrawing from Syria; Fired Taco Bell Drive-Thru Worker Speaks Up; Another Incident at Illinois Dunkin’ Donuts; Deaf Man Dies in Houston Apartment Fire​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, January 11. Ready for news?




Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs Found Alive


There was good news last night from Wisconsin when a 13-year old girl, Jayme Closs, was found alive after being missing for three months.


Her parents were shot and killed on October at their home in Barron by someone who broke in.

Jayme was missing all this time with police becoming frustrated.


The Star Tribune reported that yesterday afternoon Jayme escaped from a home in Gordon, about an hour north of Barron, and approached a woman walking a dog. She asked for help.


The woman took her to to a nearby house where the residents recognized her as the missing girl. They immediately called 911.


Police officers in Douglas County arrested the suspect after Jayme gave a description of him and his vehicle.


The Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald thanked people for their support in the 88 days they searched for Jayme.


They identified the suspect. His name is James Patterson (21). He is in Barron County jail, charged with murdering Jayme’s parents and kidnapping Jayme.


Jayme had a medical check at a hospital and appears to be physically okay. She did get mental health support and is being reunited with her family.


Sheriff Fitzgerald said it was amazing how the girl had the will to survive.




Seattle News Editor Fired For Broadcasting Distorted Trump Video


A video editor at Q13 Fox News in Seattle was fired yesterday because they released a distorted video of President Trump’s Oval Office speech.


You can see the difference in this side by side video made by the 770KTTH radio station. Look at this.




Obviously, the one on the left had Trump’s mouth distorted and was edited slowly so Trump looked like he was licking his lips. It looks like one of those Snapchat or Instagram filters that causes distorted looks. The color was also more saturated, more orange, so it was a clear difference.


The Q13 news director said after an investigation, they determined this was from an individual editor and terminated the person’s employment. The director said they regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light.




Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Toddler Walking Alone


Milwaukee city bus driver Irena Ivic, while driving on her route, spotted a toddler walking on a sidewalk. It was very cold outside and the child was barefoot and only wearing a long-sleeved onesie.


Ivic stopped the bus, quickly got outside and picked up the child, and brought it inside. A passenger gave her coat to keep the kid warm. Emergency crews came and took her away.


Authorities said the child’s mother had a mental health crisis. The child was taken to its father.


Ivic said she is so happy she was able to help this sweet, innocent baby.  


This was three weeks ago and CNN reported this last night.


It is the ninth time in recent years that a Milwaukee city driver found a lost or missing child.




Two Female Rookie Police Officers Shot Dead in Two Days


CNN reported that in the past two days, two female rookie police officers were shot and killed.


The first was on Wednesday night. An officer from Shreveport, Louisiana, Chateri Payne, was shot at a home just before she started her shift. She was in uniform. Nobody has been arrested and it is not known why she was shot. Payne graduated from police academy in November.


The second was last night. An officer from Davis, California, Natalie Corona, was shot as she investigated a triple-car accident. She died at a hospital. Police found the shooter dead in a home in an apparent suicide.


CNN said that in 2018, 47 police officers were shot and killed while on duty. Here is a graphic of where they happened.




Day 21 of Partial Government Shutdown


It is day 21 of the government shutdown, which ties the record for the longest shutdown with President Bill Clinton’s shutdown in 1996. Federal workers aren’t getting any money in their paychecks today. I saw various images that showed zeroes.


Axios reported that the shutdown has cost the U.S. economy an estimated $3.6 billion so far.


The Senate and House passed a bill that would guarantee back pay for federal workers.


There is still no sign of a deal between President Trump and Democrats on border wall funding.


The Washington Post reported that the White House is working on declaring a national emergency and looking at available funds in military construction budgets for natural disasters.


Some of that money is destined for flood control projects in areas impacted by hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called on Trump to use emergency powers. He was working on a deal but it fell apart. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said she won’t support this.


The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, showed concern at the possibility that money meant for Puerto Rico aid would go to the wall. He asked Trump to be clear what his intent is.


Update: President Trump said he was not looking to declare a national emergency “right now.” He said Democrats should vote again.




U.S. Military Begins Process of Withdrawing from Syria


CBS News reported that the U.S. military has started the process of withdrawing troops from Syria. They expect that it will take 90 to 120 days. There are about 2,000 troops there working with Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS.


AP news reported that there is military equipment being moved out. Additional troops were brought in to support the move and to provide additional security.


There was some confusion on the plans there, because President Trump said in December that the troops would come home and ISIS was defeated, but National Security Adviser John Bolton said this week that the troops would stay there until ISIS was defeated and the security of Kuridsh allies was guaranteed from Turkey.


Turkish leaders recently said they would attack Kurds in northern Syria because they consider them a terrorist group.


CBS News said the U.S. will have a challenge to make a deal with Turkey to leave the Kurds alone.




Fired Taco Bell Drive-Thru Worker Speaks Up; Another Incident at Illinois Dunkin’ Donuts


Michael Brown, the Taco Bell employee who was fired after he was filmed telling deaf customers to come inside at a drive-thru on New Year’s Eve and calling the police, reached out to The Daily Moth.


He said he did not want to leave the window open for a long time because the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is “robbery season.” He said someone pulled a gun on him. He was afraid that the employees would be harmed.


He said he wanted the deaf customers to come in so he could make sure their order was right and to understand how to work with them, but that they were being rude by filming him and honking.


I reached out to the deaf customer, Rachel. She said she started filming when she realized they were being discriminated.


I told him that if the deaf customers had to come in, it would be an unequal experience and that it would defeat the whole purpose of a drive-thru.


I asked Brown how he felt about being fired. He said he is upset because he gave three years of his life faithfully, and now he is out here alone. He said his life is in shambles because he wanted to protect his employees, but knows some good will come out of this because his old co-workers will be properly trained.


There was another video of a deaf person being denied service at a drive thru and having the police called on them. This was on January 5 at a Dunkin Donuts in Jacksonville, Illinois.


Deaf man Dylan Hinders explained in a vlog that after he showed his order with his phone, he was told to come inside. He refused to go inside, and the employee called the police.


Dylan said he knew his rights and decided to film it for evidence. He said he was surprised because there is a strong Deaf community in Jacksonville and that there was a Deaf school there.


He said the officer said it was unfortunate and wrong, but that they couldn’t force Dunkin Donuts to serve him.


ABC 20 news did coverage on this with an interview with Dylan and his girlfriend Penelope Lopez. Dylan said he was with his children in the vehicle and wanted to give a treat to his 4-year old son on his birthday.


The Dunkin employee’s name is Jay Jofhi. He told ABC 20 that he wanted Dylan to come inside so he could serve him better.


The owner of that store said they were reviewing security camera footage and has not fired anybody, but will retrain employees at the store.


There was a viral image of what seems to be a paper taped on a Dunkin Donuts door saying they hate deaf and dumb people.


I reached out to Penelope, Dylan’s girlfriend. She told me to ignore it because it was fake, that someone photoshopped it.


So, we see that in less than a week, in a six-day range, there were two deaf drive-thru customers in different states who were told to come inside and had the police called on them when they refused to go inside.


Moth Report About Taco Bell:


Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru:




Deaf Man Dies in Houston Apartment Fire


KPRC 2 news in Houston reported that a deaf man died in an apartment fire last night.


The fire started around 11:30 pm. When firefighters arrived, they saw heavy smoke in a second-floor apartment. They were told that there was a man inside.


Firefighters found him in a bedroom closet. They gave him CPR and he was flown to a hospital, but died of smoke inhalation.


Neighbors said his name was Eddie and had a hearing aid. The article did not reveal his last name. If I get more information on who Eddie was, I will share it.


Neighbors said they tried to go in the apartment to help the man, but the fire and smoke was too much for them. They said Eddie was a cool person who joked around and loved to dance. He was supposed to have a party for his birthday on Monday, but there is a funeral planned instead.


The fire might have started in Eddie’s kitchen. Only his apartment had fire damage. Three other adjacent apartments had smoke and water damage.


The article did not mention if there was a deaf-friendly fire alert system in there. If Eddie was in the bedroom and the fire started in the kitchen, we can imagine a scenario where he did not realize there was a fire until it was too late, as he might have not heard a smoke alarm.


Some local fire departments are willing to install smoke alarms that have flashing lights for free. You can call and ask if there is a program, if they provide this.


Rest in peace, Eddie.




That is all for this week! Thank you for watching The Daily Moth. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!


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