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January 5, 2019

U.S. Economy Added 312k Jobs in December; Government Shutdown in 14th Day; Trump Says It Could Be Years; Rep. Tlaib Sparks Controversy With Impeachment Comment; 11-Year Old Minnesota Boy Saves Man From Drowning In Pool; Deaf Man Refused Service at Taco Bell Drive-Thru; Deaf Family’s Apartment Burns Down On New Year’s Eve

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U.S. Economy Added 312k Jobs in December; Government Shutdown in 14th Day; Trump Says It Could Be Years; Rep. Tlaib Sparks Controversy With Impeachment Comment


I will share three political news briefs.


The first — the United States economy added 312,000 jobs in December, which is much higher than expected. This ends a strong 2018 for jobs with 2.6 million jobs added. This is the highest number since 2015. U.S. stocks had huge gains today.


The second news — the partial government shutdown has now continued for 14 days. Democratic leaders had a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House. Trump told them that he would keep the government closed for a very long period of time, for months or even years if there was no wall funding. Trump said in a press conference that he could call a national emergency to build the wall.


Here is a historical fact — the longest shutdown in history was 21 days in 1995 under President Bill Clinton.


Now the third news — Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich), who was sworn in yesterday as one of the two first Muslim woman elected to Congress, was filmed last night talking about President Trump to a crowd. She said, “We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother———.”


Several top Democrats criticized her for the language and for talking about impeachment too early.


Rep. Tlaib tweeted today that she would always speak truth to power with the hashtag “unapologeticallyMe.”


President Trump said her comments were disgraceful. He tweeted this morning asking, “How do you impeach a president who won the greatest election of all time, did nothing wrong, and had the most successful first two years of any president?”  


Jobs Report:




Rep. Tlaib:




11-Year Old Minnesota Boy Saves Man From Drowning In Pool


A 11-year old boy from Minnesota, Advaik Nandikotkur, is hailed as a hero for jumping in an indoor pool to save a 34-year old man who was drowning.


There were several people around the pool, but only Advaik knew how to swim. His mother asked him to help him. He jumped in about 8 feet of water, grabbed the man’s wrist, and pulled him to the surface.


The other men helped pull the man, who was unconscious, out of the pool. One of them tried to do CPR on him. An ambulance came and took him to the hospital, where he made a full recovery.


A police officer said he’s never heard of a boy jumping in to save an adult from the pool. He said the man was very lucky to be alive.


The day after the rescue, the man thanked Advaik and gave him a $50 Macy’s gift card. But the boy said what matters the most is that he is alive.


Advaik’s parents moved to the United States from India three years ago. The parents do not know how to swim, but the boy took swimming lessons.




Deaf Man Refused Service at Taco Bell Drive-Thru


There was a viral video of a Deaf man who was refused service at a Taco Bell drive-thru. I’ve reached out the man in the video and the person who filmed it for a brief interview. First, I’ll show you the clip.


[Video clip of Deaf man being refused service by a Taco Bell employee]


This was at a Taco Bell in south Dayton, Ohio on New Year’s Eve. Here is an interview with them.


Brandon: Hello, I’m Brandon.


Rachel: Hello, I’m Rachel.


Brandon: I’m from Ohio.


Rachel: I’m from Michigan.


Brandon: We are partners and really close.


Alex: In the video, it was clearly a very frustrating experience. What happened at the end?


Brandon: Yes, it was very frustrating. You could see my leg shaking. That was where all of my anger and stress went to. I had to control myself. They actually called the police. I refused to leave. When an officer arrived, he motioned for me to come. I listened and moved my car. I explained the situation. It was simple and sweet. The officer was very understanding and said, “I’m with you.” He offered to order food for us. But I declined because I didn’t want that particular location. I had a strong feeling they would do something to our food. So I said no, thank you. I left. She had to work and I dropped her off. The officer said he would take care of it and explain things to Taco Bell. I was grateful and left. It was a sweet and simple experience.


Rachel: Yeah!


Alex: Have you reached out to Taco Bell, or have they reached out to you?


Brandon: No. I am overwhelmed with the support and the messages. My phone is exploding. I’ve been busy with four different news. They did contact me and we’re now discussing things. We’ll see what the outcome is. I’m looking forward to it.


Alex: What do you hope will happen going forward?


Rachel: I hope that for the rest of time, everybody will have accessibility, no matter who they are. Everybody should get access, no matter what. That is my goal.


Brandon: I agree. I’m just like all other customers. I’m no different, except I can’t hear. I just want to go to the drive-thru for many different reasons, such as time. It’s fast and convenient. It would only take 2 or 3 minutes to make my order. I’ve done this many times with no problems until this one. There needs to be a change. I’ve seen a pattern that needs to stop. Something has to stop it so it won’t happen again, that nobody has to experience this again like what I did. That was 2018, let that be the last thing. Now in 2019, there will be nothing. I look forward to that.


Rachel: This needs to be stopped.


Brandon: Amen.


Alex: Thank you, Brandon and Rachel for your time. The Cincinnati Enquirer shared a statement from Taco Bell. Here it is.


“Taco Bell has a fundamental policy to respect all of our customers and employees, and we are committed to maintaining an environment free of discrimination or harassment. The franchise owner and operator of this location has investigated this situation and the team member no longer works for their organization. All team members at this restaurant are being retrained by the franchise owner on their policies.”


So, we see that at least one staff member was fired and that all of the staff will have to be retrained.


This is not the first time Taco Bell employees refused service to deaf customers. In July 2016, a Deaf woman from New Jersey filed a federal lawsuit after she was refused service at two drive-thru locations. According to court documents, that case was settled.


Viral Video Original Post:




Deaf Family’s Apartment Burns Down On New Year’s Eve


In Bradenton, Florida, a Deaf married couple, Scherri and Mike, and their 9-year old CODA son, Vincent, had their apartment home go up into flames on New Year’s Eve.


The apartment was on the first floor and the fire started about 5:30 pm. Fortunately, nobody from the family or any neighbor was injured.


I was in touch with Scherri. She said her family lived there for four years.


She said she was in her bedroom when she saw sparks coming out a plug, which caused a fire to spread on a dresser. There was a lighter in there, which made the fire worse. They did not have a fire extinguisher so they couldn’t stop the fire.


Mike got their son out as Scherri got two kittens out. There were two more cats inside the apartment, so Scherri went back in. She said the smoke was so strong and it overwhelmed her.


Mike grabbed her hand and guided her out of the apartment. She tried to go back in for the cats, but Mike told him, “No, Vincent (the son) and the kittens need you.”


Scherri said she broke down in tears. Fire crews arrived and put out the flames. They were able to find one cat, Pepper, but the other one, Tigger, was missing.


On Wednesday, the family went back in the apartment and found Tigger alive and sitting under their Christmas tree. The home had damage from the fire.


The displaced family has some help from the Red Cross and are staying in a hotel room. They will move in a new place on Saturday.


The family has some support from their community, but are asking for the Deaf community’s help. They’ve set up a GoFundMe. If you want to help, the link is in the transcript.








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