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December 29, 2018

Top Stories Briefs: Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border; NYC Strange Blue Light; U.S. Winter Storm; Australia Heat Wave; Miley and Liam Married; Wrestling Referee Fired; Social Security and SSI Benefits To Increase by 2.8% in 2019; California Cop Killer Caught; Movie Theater Captioning Device Frustrations; Recap of DC Council Proposal​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, December 28. Ready for news?




Top Stories Briefs: Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border; NYC Strange Blue Light; U.S. Winter Storm; Australia Heat Wave; Miley and Liam Married; Wrestling Referee Fired  


Here are a few top stories briefs.


First, President Trump warned that he would close the entire southern border if the Democrats don’t provide the money to build the wall. He said he would stay in Washington, D.C. through the New Year’s Eve because of the government shutdown. About 800,000 federal employees, some of them deaf people, will either have to work without pay or stay home.


The second news... last night, people in New York City were startled to see a bright blue light in the sky. Some thought it was aliens, but it was a transformer explosion that emitted the bright light. Nobody was injured, but the power went out in some areas.


The third news... there is a large winter storm system that has hit the Midwest and will continue onto the East coast. Many states are facing blizzards, while others face heavy rains. At least two people have died from the storms. In Australia, it is the opposite — there is a record heat wave with some areas where the temperature is more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


The fourth news... the singer, Miley Cyrus, got married to the actor, Liam Hemsworth, on Sunday in a small and private wedding. They shared pictures of their wedding on their social media.


The fifth news... the referee in New Jersey, who forced a black high school wrestler to cut his locs, has been fired. The school district voted to remove him.




Social Security and SSI Benefits To Increase by 2.8% in 2019


Social Security Administration has said they will increase their checks by 2.8 percent based on the cost-of-living adjustments.


Here are two examples of what the difference might be. If your checks are $750, it means it will go up to $771.


If your checks are $1,200, it will go up to $1,233. That’s a  2.8% increase.


Fox Business news reported that the average beneficiary would see an increase of $39 a month or $468 a year. This is the biggest increase since 2012.


The new monthly amounts will go into effect for SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, recipients on December 31st. For Social Security recipients, you will see them on January 1st.


67 million people receive these benefits.




California Cop Killer Caught


California law enforcement has arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer, Ronil Singh, on the day after Christmas during a traffic stop.


The suspect’s identity has not been officially released, but a local sheriff has said the suspect was living illegally in the United States.


President Trump said this is a reason why we need to get tough on border security and build the wall.


Singh was 33 years old and is an immigrant from Fiji. Singh pulled over the driver because he suspected he was driving drunk. Singh was shot and fired back, but the suspect got away and Singh died at a hospital.


Singh leaves behind a wife and a 5-month old son.




Movie Theater Captioning Device Frustrations; Recap of DC Council Proposal


I want to talk about movie theater captioning.


It might feel like a topic that we’ve talked about rededately, we’re beating a dead horse, but it’s worth a re-examination especially after the D.C. Council’s hearing on a proposal to require movie theaters to provide open captioning two weeks ago.


I’ll give a recap of that, but before that, I want to share two recent frustrating experiences by deaf people at movie theaters.


The first — a deaf person, Jill Catherine Hansen, got a bad cut from a movie captioning device before Thanksgiving. See this video clip.


Jill: Here is what happened. A few days before Thanksgiving, my family went to the movie theater to watch “Creed 2.” My first device was in good condition, but it did not work at all. I’m not sure if it was not charged or if there was something wrong with it. So I went to replace it. As I set it up, I was moving, and the device was loose. As I was trying to get myself seated, sure enough, before I had the chance to fix it and make it stay, it slammed on my face. There was blood all over. It was dark, but I could feel the wetness. I was like, WTF? Excuse my language. I went to the bathroom and was shocked. What happened? The bridge of my nose was badly cut.


My boyfriend, Yo, asked for a manager. He told them that they couldn’t take care of their things. The manager apologized. They just gave me ice in a plastic glove. They didn’t have a first aid kit. The morning after I had black eyes and a red wound on my nose. I’ve contacted lawyers, but they won’t take my case. Many of them are not familiar with deafness and their rights.   


Alex: Thank you for sharing, and sorry about your experience, Jill.


The second deaf person is Larry Andersen, who explained on Twitter that he took his family to an IMAX theater to watch “Aquaman” on Christmas day at 3:30 in the afternoon. The captioning device did not work, so he had to move it to a 6:30 pm movie, which forced them to miss Christmas dinner. They ate at a McDonalds. When they sat down for the 6:30 pm movie, the captioning device did not work again.  


So, those are just two of the hundreds of stories we’ve seen about movie theater captioning problems and how it’s not an equal experience for us.


Now, I will show you some clips from the DC Council meeting to discuss Bill 22-957, the Open Movie Captioning Requirement Act of 2018.


There were four hours total of testimonies, the majority of them deaf or hard of hearing people supporting the bill. Here are clips from those people.




So, those are the testimonies. We can see that there was an overwhelming amount of people who had negative or frustrating experiences that can be solved by more movie theaters offering open captioning.


There was a group of representatives from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), who were opposed to the bill because they felt the captioning devices were sufficient.




We see that the NATO does not want this bill out of fears that it will turn off hearing customers and hurt theaters’ revenues. They shared some data that showed declines in customers in Hawaii and Rhode Island, but advocates made a point that there was also lost revenue by deaf people who were not attending theaters.


There were several references to a recently-issued Department of Justice rule that required movie theaters to provide captioning. That rule does not require open captioning, so the captioning devices are in compliance. The DC bill would go further in providing equal access and follow in the footsteps of Hawaii.


The Washington Times reported that the bill will have to be re-introduced next year because the council’s current sessions ends this year. The DC Association of the Deaf has been doing a great job with updates on their Facebook page.


DC residents can still send in testimony up to December 31 to


DCAD Link to Testimony/Timecodes:


Larry Andersen:


DOJ Rule:






That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!


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