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December 28, 2018

Hospitals Required To Post Prices Online Starting January 1; ICE Releases 1,000 Migrants in Texas and New Mexico; Government Shutdown into 6th Day With No Signs of Compromise; Instagram Retracts New Horizontal Swipe Update; Teen Girl Dies in Horseshoe Bend Fall; Devoted Father of Flight Attendant; Tom Brady Wants to Play in 2019​

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01 Hospitals Required To Post Prices Online Starting January 1


Hospitals will will be required to list the prices for their services online starting January 1st.


A new federal rule under the Trump administration requires this with the goal of having customers become better-educated decision makers with their health care.


But it can still be confusing on what the amount of your final bill will look like.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) explained that it can be confusing because of how insurance companies or government programs negotiate discounts. Also, the bill can change because of insurance co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and other things.


Some advocates for patients say the new rule will be result in costs being more clear and transparent if customers can see what they will pay to a hospital based on their insurance benefits. If they can see this information, it will be clear what they are paying for.


A hospital official told the AJC that it should be the insurers’ responsibility to be transparent about prices because the insurance companies establish what they will and won’t pay for.


So, the new federal rule about the hospital price lists doesn’t appear to be a perfect solution to understanding health care costs, but it is a step.




02 ICE Releases 1,000 Migrants in Texas and New Mexico


This week, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released more than 1,000 migrants in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Some of them were dropped off on the streets.


ICE said the migrants were released because they had to be sure that families were not detained longer than the law allowed them. So,they had to be released.


ICE said that because the Congress has not acted, they are limited in their ability to detain and promptly remove families who have no legal basis to remain in the United States.


ICE usually releases migrants to nonprofit organizations and shelters, but if these locations are full, the migrants will be dropped off on the streets.


There are nonprofit groups who are working to help the migrants. Some of these group have said they were overwhelmed and have their hands full.


It appears the ICE is also overwhelmed by migrants due to insufficient space in their detention facilities.


Beto O’Rourke, who is a Democratic representative for El Paso, was on site to support the nonprofit groups. He provided a link on Twitter where people can donate to the nonprofit groups.


The migrants are allowed to stay in the United States while their applications to remain in the United States is processed through the system. The process itself is often slow.






03 Government Shutdown into 6th Day With No Signs of Compromise  


Today is the 6th day of the partial government shutdown which is affecting about 800,000 federal workers.


President Trump and the Congressional Republicans are still demanding $5 billion for the border wall, and the Congressional Democrats have continued to reject that, but they did offer $1.6 billion. Both sides are currently in a standoff.


President Trump tweeted that most of the federal workers who are not getting paid are themselves Democrats. He asked if Democrats have realized this.


Two Democratic Senators responded that federal employees are public servants and that they work for America regardless of their party affiliation.


Fox News shared an article from that said during the 2016 election, 95% of the money donated by federal employees went to Hillary Clinton.


Back to the government shutdown — House Democrats, who will take control on January 3rd, said they will pass a short-term spending bill, but without wall money.


President Trump could threaten to veto the bill, so it is not clear what the Republican-controlled Senate will do.


Trump said he would do whatever it takes to see that his demands are met. He will go the distance.


Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi reminded Trump that he has said before that Mexico would pay for the wall.


The two sides have not shown signs of compromise, so the government shutdown is likely to continue into the new year.






04 Instagram Retracts New Horizontal Swipe Update


Today, many people using Instagram were shocked to see an new update. Instagram usually allows people to scroll vertically, but the platform was changed to a horizontal swipe. It caused quite a stir.


But that feature has gone, it has returned to its usual vertical scrolling on the app.


Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri said this was supposed to be a small test, but it went broader than they anticipated. He said they’ve rolled it back.


Instagram tweeted that it was a bug and that they quickly fixed it. They apologized for any confusion.


Some were skeptical of this explantation, thinking that Instagram changed their mind about the update after seeing customer criticism.


For now, Instagram users can still scroll up and down, not horizontally.




05 Gallup Poll: Barack and Michelle Obama Most Admired Man and Woman


Barack and Michelle Obama are on the top of Gallup’s annual poll of America’s most admired man and woman.


The second most admired man and woman is Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey.


The poll was conducted on December 3-12th this year.


Hillary Clinton was on the top of the women's list for 17 straight years, but has moved down to third this year.


Barack Obama is currently on the top of the list and has been for 11 straight years. It is Trump’s fourth year in a row where he came in second place.






06 Top Stories Briefs: Teen Girl Dies in Horseshoe Bend Fall; Devoted Father of Flight Attendant; Tom Brady Wants to Play in 2019


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first — a 14-year old girl from California died after she fell at the Horseshoe Bend overlook in Arizona. She was reported missing by her family on Monday afternoon. Search teams found her body about 700 feet down from the top of the cliffs. That area is popular with tourists because of beautiful views of the Colorado River turning around a sharp, steep canyon. But there are no protective barriers. I used Google Maps to see what it looked like, and I could see many people standing close to the edge for pictures or selfies. It looks dangerous.


The second news — A father of a flight attendant for Delta airlines decided to sit on every plane her daughter worked on during Christmas Eve and on Christmas day so he could be with her. Someone posted a picture of the father, Hal, and her daughter, Pierce. He went on a total of six plane trips. Because he is a parent of a flight attendant, he flew for free. He received first-class seats on one of the flights.


The third news brief — New England Patriots NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who is 41 years old, said he does not plan to retire after the 2018 season and believes he will be back in 2019 and continue beyond that.


Brady already has 5 Super Bowl rings and will be in the playoffs again with a 10-5 win-loss record. Brady is currently the fourth-oldest player in the NFL, with the other three older players being kickers. He is a quarterback.


There is another notable “old” starting quarterback who is having a successful season — New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees who is still going strong at 39 years.


Bleacher Report:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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