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December 24, 2018



Indonesia Tsunami; Kevin Spacey Charged with Sexual Assault; Political News Briefs: Government Still Shut Down; Stocks Dive; Syria Military Situation; Track Santa Claus with NORAD




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, December 24, and for many around the world, it is Christmas Eve. 


Here are some top stories briefs. 




Indonesia Tsunami 


Almost 400 people died from a tsunami that hit Indonesia Saturday night. It seems like a volcano eruption and a landslide caused rushing waters to sweep into western Java and southern Sumatra islands. The tsunami was only about 3 feet tall, it was enough to overwhelm buildings and people near the shore. 


People had no warning. There is a video of an Indonesian band playing an evening concert on a beach when the stage suddenly lurched forward from the force of the water. Two members of the band and their manager died, with others missing. 


Images and video showed piles of debris and vehicles. Almost 1,500 were injured, with many of them needing surgery. 


CBS news said it is the second deadly tsunami to hit Indonesia this year, with the first one in September where 2,500 people died when the island of Sulawesi was hit.


There is talk of a need for tsunami detection technology that works. Officials said the ones they had was not functional.




Kevin Spacey Charged with Sexual Assault 


Actor Kevin Spacey was charged in Massachusetts with sexually assaulting a 18-year old man at a bar. The incident was in 2016. Spacey has a court date scheduled for January 7 in Nantucket District Court. 


Spacey was accused by several men last year of sexual misconduct, some involving minors. 


Spacey released a strange YouTube video today of himself in character from his role as Frank Underwood on Netflix’s “House of Cards,” but he was in a kitchen wearing an apron with Santa Clauses on it and cutting a turkey. He said he knows his fans want him back and appeared to deny that he did anything wrong.




Political News Briefs: Government Still Shut Down; Stocks Dive; Syria Military Situation


Here are three political news briefs.


The first — the government is still shut down, and there is no exact prediction on when Congress and President Trump can agree on a new budget deal. 


The Trump administration has signaled the shutdown could continue into the new year. Both sides of the border wall debate has not budged from their positions. 


The second news brief — the U.S. stock market has taken a steep dive today, continuing a bad month. Analysts in the media pointed to trade tensions with China, the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates, the Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ resignation, the government shutdown, and media reports that Trump wanted to fire the Fed chair as factors that caused investors to become nervous. 


The third news brief — Trump said Jim Mattis will be out as Secretary Defense in the beginning of the year, instead of in late February. He said the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, will take over as Acting Secretary of Defense. He is a former Boeing vice president and had no military experience prior to 2017. 


There is international attention in northern Syria, where U.S. troops are expected to pull out. ABC News said Turkey has moved troops near the area. The U.S. has worked with Kurdish allies to fight against ISIS for several years, but Turkey looks at them as the enemy. Some Kurdish representatives have appealed to France for military support. 


President Trump said he has had a few talks with Turkish President Erdogan and that he would eradicate whatever is left of ISIS, that our troops are coming home.




Track Santa Claus with NORAD


Do you want to keep track of Santa Claus? You can track Santa’s sleigh and his nine reindeer with NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. 


NORAD has a 63-year tradition of tracking Santa, and although the federal government is shut down, NORAD said they will still track Santa with military personnel and 1,500 volunteers. 


Go to to see exactly where Santa is! As I sign this, Santa is somewhere above Nigeria!





That is all for today. Merry Christmas Eve. I will do a Facebook LIVE video tomorrow. Stay with the light! 



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