The Daily Moth 12-12-18: Part II

December 13, 2018

0:15 – News Briefs: Bomb Threat at Facebook; E-Scooters Found in Lake; Reminder: Forged in Fire Airing Tonight at 10pm EST

1:41 – Meng Wanzhou, Chinese Telecom Exec Arrested, Granted Bail by Canada

4:03 – France ‘Terror’ Shooting Leaves 12 Injured and 3 Dead

7:07 – 3 Missing in West Virginia Coal Mine

8:36 – Indiana Teen Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend to Death

10:40 – Germany Bans Animal Adoptions Over Christmas

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Wednesday, December 12. Ready for some top news?




News Briefs: Bomb Threat at Facebook; E-Scooters Found in Lake; Reminder: Forged in Fire Tonight

Breaking news yesterday was that several buildings on Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park in California had to be evacuated because of a bomb threat. Everyone is safe, but this situation is now being investigated. So, we are waiting for more news to come. A lot of electric scooters (e-scooters) from the scooting sharing system, were found in Lake Merritt in California. Authorities say they are not sure why people would dump the e-scooters in the lake and they are concerned about the damage for the environment. This issue does not only happen California, but in various cities around the U.S. related with the e-scooter sharing system. So, authorities are hoping to have a better system to prevent people dumping the e-scooters in water. Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see a Deaf person, Buddy, appear on the show “Forged in Fire” tonight at 10pm EST on the History Channel!



Meng Wanzhou, Chinese Telecom Exec Arrested, Granted Bail by Canada

Last week, Alex shared a news brief on Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer (CFO) for a very large tech company called Huawei who was arrested on December 1st during her layover flight in Vancouver, Canada. Now, here is a brief update. The U.S. asked Canada to arrest her because the U.S. government alleged Meng for misleading banks about the relationship between Huawei and Skycom and also doing business with Iran. Meng was in trial in Vancouver, Canada for a week. The judge, Justice William Ehrcke, gave her bail of 10 million dollars- Canadian dollars which means it is 7.5 million dollars in U.S. money. She also has 15 provinces outlined, submitting to constant surveillance, wearing GPS tracking device on her ankle, surrendering both of her passports, and curfew between 11pm and 6am. Meng could be extradited (handed over) to the U.S. depending on if the U.S. sends in a formal request within 60 days. Trump mentioned that he is waiting to see what China says about this because he thinks it is good news for the national security and if the U.S. has Meng that means it is an opportunity for negotiation and to have the biggest trade ever made for the U.S. and China. Meng is due in court again on February 6th.


France ‘Terror’ Shooting Leaves 12 Injured and 3 Dead

A sad incident happened in Strasbourg, France yesterday. A 29 years old suspect, identified as an extremist, Cherif Chekatt, opened fire at a well known Christmas market called Place Kléber and at several different streets nearby. The police already have Chekatt as one of the possible terrorist threats. They were planning to arrest Chekatt on Tuesday morning related to an attempted murder, but when they got to his apartment, he was not there. However, the police arrested 5 other people who had some connections with him. On Tuesday evening, Chekatt went to the Place Kléber and began to open fire. This shooting continued for about 10 minutes. Other witnesses claimed that a lot of people were screaming and running away. Chekatt fled the scene after the police shot and wounded him. He got into a taxi and left. The police is now on the hunt for him. The security on the borders in France have increased. It is possible that Chekatt has fled to the neighboring country, Germany. They are hoping to catch him. Chekatt injured 11 people and killed 3 people. Chekatt has a record for multiple arrests for breaking laws in Germany and France. The European Parliament President Antonio Tajani tweeted his condolences for this incident and mentioned that the Parliament will not backdown because of terrorist attacks, but will gain strength to fight against terrorist violence. France has been hit with terrorist attacks for the last few years- in 2015, 130 people died from multiple attacks in Paris and in 2016, 86 died from a truck attack. Authorities warn many that popular areas for shopping especially that the Holidays are coming around the corner also might be at a higher risk for terrorist attacks.



3 Missing in West Virginia Coal Mine

Three people are missing inside a coal mine in Charleston, West Virginia. There was a total of 4 people who entered the coal mine, one is 21 years old, one is 25 years old, one is 31 years old, and one is 43 years old. The 43 years old man came out of the mine yesterday and was able to locate the authorities for help. The other three are still missing inside the coal mine and their condition is still unknown. The four of them rode on their ATVs and parked nearby the mine. This mine has been closed down for two years. They have been missing since last Saturday. It is not clear why the four of them entered the coal mine in the first place. One has exited, but three still remain. Heavy snow and water have been blocking the entrance of the mine which makes it harder for the search team. Hopefully the three will be rescued soon. Depending on the investigation, it is possible that the four of them will have criminal charges.




Germany Bans Animal Adoptions Over Christmas


On world news, several articles mentioned that Germany’s biggest animal shelters across the country has decided to ban animal adoptions over Christmas. The reason for this is because many times in the past people would come in to adopt pets to give as a Christmas gift, but end up dumping them out afterwards, neglecting them, or returning them. So, the adoption shelters are holding all potential adoptions until New Years because to adopt a pet is a big decision, not something to be decided last minute. People are still welcome to go to the shelters to view the animals, but not make any adoptions until New Years. Not everyone agrees with decision that the adoption shelters in Germany made. U.K. mentioned that the ban should not happen because technically the people who plan on adopting the pet should already be mentally prepared for the adoption process and it is the family or person’s responsibility to decide when is the right time to adopt. What do you think? Do you think the U.S. should do the same as Germany? Ban animal adoptions until the Holidays are over?



That’s all for now! See you later. Stay with the light.




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