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December 7, 2018

George H.W. Bush’s Funeral in Washington. D.C.; World News: Protests and Riots in France; Canada Arrests CFO of Huawei; Harvard Researcher Says You Should Only Eat 6 Fries; Temple of Satan Displays Statue in Illinois Capitol Rotunda; Michael Flynn Very Helpful in Mueller Investigation; U.S. Military Aircraft Crashes in Japan; Amazon Workers Injured by Bear Spray​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! I’m back from my trip. Thank you to Renca for subbing! I had a great time covering the BisonTank competition at Gallaudet University. Be sure to check out the separate BisonTank video that will be posted on The Daily Moth Facebook and YouTube.


It is Thursday, December 6. Ready for news?




George H.W. Bush’s Funeral in Washington. D.C.


Yesterday President Trump and four former U.S. presidents were gathered at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. to say goodbye to the late 41st President, George H.W. Bush.


His son and the 43rd president, George W. Bush, gave an eulogy. He said when he was told last Friday that he only had a few minutes left to live, he called him and said, “Dad, I love you and you’ve been a wonderful father.” He said his father’s last words were, “I love you, too.”


There was a lot of humor as people shared their favorite and fond memories of Bush. This included a time when Bush accidentally shook a mannequin’s hand when he was campaigning. Another humorous remark was that he never liked to eat vegetables.


Bush’s granddaughter, Jenna Bush Hager, read a scripture from the Bible. A former Canadian prime minister gave a speech. A former senator and a presidential historian also gave remarks.


The audience included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prince Charles of Wales, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, and former NFL star Peyton Manning. They were there to honor Bush.  


There was a touching moment the day before on Tuesday when former Senator Bob Dole, who used to be a political competitor, stood up before the casket to give him a final salute.


Today his casket was flown back to Houston, Texas. There was another funeral today at a church there. His casket was then placed in a Union Pacific train, the “Bush 4141.” It will go to his presidential library at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where he will be buried with his wife, Barbara, and daughter Robin.




World News: Protests and Riots in France; Canada Arrests CFO of Huawei


Here are two world news briefs.


The first: there have been a series of protests in France by people wearing yellow vests. There are pictures and video of people clashing with riot police, with vehicles burning and debris scattered on roads.


The first protests were led by people angry with fuel tax increases and other government actions affecting the economy and wages. It sparked the protests. Then the protests spread to students becoming angry with educational reforms. Over 140 students were recently arrested during a protest.


There is a large rally expected in Paris on Saturday. There will be about 65,000 police officers on duty to respond. Various museums, shops, and restaurants in popular areas in Paris may be shut down.


The second news: The chief financial officer of a giant Chinese telecom company, Huawei, was arrested in Vancouver, Canada last week. Her name is Meng Wanzhou and she is the daughter of the company founder.


The Chinese government is demanding her release. It is not known why she was arrested, but it could be related to the U.S.’s investigation of Huawei on possible violations of sanctions against Iran. It is apparent that Canada is helping the U.S. with the arrest, and could extradite her to the U.S.


Huawei is the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, with the first Samsung and the third Apple. The U.S. has blocked Huawei technology for some time, because of concerns that their technology could be used for spying. This arrest will put another strain on U.S.-Chinese relations.








Harvard Researcher Says You Should Only Eat 6 Fries


How many fries do you eat in a meal? A Harvard nutrition and epidemiology researcher said he thinks people’s meals should only have six fries and a salad instead of a regular pile of fries.


He said in a New York Times article that fries or fried potatoes were “starch bombs,” that if eaten two or three times a week, could cause many health risks.


Another nutritionist recommends you to split your fries with someone else, or substitute it with a side salad or a baked potato.


Others made the suggestion that if you can’t give up french fries, to break them in half, slowly savor their flavor as you close your eyes, so you can be satisfied with 10.


Many people were angry with this advice. Some said they eat six fries per bite.


But the facts are in the calories. A large McDonalds fries order has over 500 calories. I’m honestly not sure if I could reduce that to six fries. If I do split them in half and slowly eat them, then that’d be 12 mini-fries? Tough.




Temple of Satan Displays Statue in Illinois Capitol Rotunda


In the Illinois Capitol rotunda, there is a statue set up by the Chicago chapter of the Temple of Satan that depicts a young woman’s arm holding an apple. The arm is encircled by a snake. The sculpture is called, “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.”


The sculpture is placed alongside a Christmas tree, a menorah, and a Nativity scene.


As expected, there is controversy on it, with an Christian organization, the Illinois Family Action, saying the group failed to realize that the little baby in the manger has crushed Satan’s head.


The Satanic group said they don’t believe in anything supernatural, that that they don’t believe Satan actually exists. They said Satan is a metaphor to represent rebellion against religious tyranny.


The Illinois Secretary of State’s office said the Satanic group had the right to put up their display, just as much as other religious organizations, because the Capitol rotunda is a public place.




Michael Flynn Very Helpful in Mueller Investigation; U.S. Military Aircraft Crashes in Japan; Amazon Workers Injured by Bear Spray


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first: on Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team said Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor to Trump, has greatly helped the government in several investigations, including the one on potential coordination between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. Mueller’s team said Flynn gave 19 interviews and because of his help, he should not get jail time for lying to the FBI.


In Mueller’s court documents on Flynn, there were large portions of information about criminal investigations that were redacted —blacked out —which revealed that Mueller’s team is working on at least three cases that remain a secret.


The second news brief: in the Pacific Ocean near Japan, there was an accidental collision between two U.S. military aircraft, a refueling tanker and a F/A-18 jet during a training mission.


There was a survivor found in good condition, but at least one Marine died. The Japanese coast guard are searching for five missing crew members.


The third news brief: at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey, a robot accidentally ripped open a can of bear repellent spray, dispensing strong fumes on employees. 24 workers were transported to hospitals. One was in critical condition, while the other 23 workers are expected to be released soon.




Flynn Document:


Marines Flight Incident:






That is all for today. Again, check out the video about the BisonTank competition on The Daily Moth’s Facebook or YouTube channel! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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