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December 6, 2018

News Briefs: Forged in Fire Postponed, National Day of Mourning, Bison Tank Competition; School District Apologizes for Teacher Telling Students Santa Is Not Real; Body of a Missing Woman in Costa Rica Identified; Worms in Space; World’s First Baby Born to A Woman With Transplanted Uterus From Deceased Donor; “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Christmas Classic Banned from Some Radio Stations​

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Wednesday, December 5. Ready for some top news?




News Briefs: Forged in Fire Postponed, National Day of Mourning, Bison Tank Competition


Last week Alex interviewed a Deaf bladesmith named Norman “Buddy” Thomas who will be competing on a show called  “Forged in Fire.” This show was supposed to air tonight on the History channel. It has been moved to next week Wednesday due to today’s National Day of Mourning. So, mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 12th to watch Buddy on the show!


Today is the National Day of Mourning for George H.W. Bush. This is a kind of memorial event does not happen often and the day has to be declared by the national government. The purpose of this memorial event is for people to grieve and pay their last respects to the person who died. The National Day of Mourning is generally reserved for U.S. Commanders in Chief. So, for today President Trump made an executive order that today will be the National Day of Mourning for George H.W. Bush. This means U.S. Postal services will not deliver regular mail, Federal offices will be closed, Supreme court holds any discussions for the day,  House of Representatives will hold votes for a week, Senate will hold votes for a day, and flags must fly half staff.


Yesterday Alex was at the Bison Tank event at Gallaudet University. Bison Tank is a competition that people can pitch in their ideas or projects to win money in order to to make their idea/project happen. Seems like a really cool event. Alex posted some live videos of last night of the competition and some interviews, check them out on The Daily Moth Facebook.


Bison Tank Live: Judge’s Verdict:

Image of Buddy:




School District Apologizes for Teacher Telling Students Santa Is Not Real


A school district in New Jersey, Cedar Hill School, had to apologize to the parents of 1st graders because their substitute teacher told the 1st graders last week Thursday that Santa is not real.


The kids got home and shared it with their parents causing the parents to be upset. One parent mentioned in the article that her daughter was really upset and the mother was heartbroken that the teacher ruined the Christmas spirit. Apparently that substitute teacher did not just say Santa was not real, but also told the kids that the Easter bunny, Elf on the Shelf, Tooth fairy were not real as well. Some parents spoke up saying that they had to deal with their confused and shocked children coming home from school. It is not the substitute teacher’s responsibility to share.


The principal, Michael Raj, had to type up an apology letter to the parents about this incident. That substitute teacher no longer works for the school.




Body of a Missing Woman in Costa Rica Identified



Earlier this week, the Costa Rican authorities found a decomposed body near an apartment complex. Yesterday it has been identified as Carla Stefaniak, a woman who was missing for a week.


Carla is from Florida and she was vacationing in Costa Rica with her sister in law. She was staying at an apartment complex under AirBnb. Carla was reported as missing last week because she stopped texting her friends and family and she was not on her flight home. Carla traveled for her 36th birthday with her sister in law for 6 days then her sister in law left on November 28. Carla was supposed to leave on November 29, but that never happened. Carla is very active on social media too. So, when everything just turned quiet, her family knew something was wrong.


Based on the autopsy, Carla has stab wounds around the neck, blunt force trauma on the head, and some other severe injuries on her body. As of right now, the AirBnb apartment security guard is arrested and remained in custody because his story did not match the surveillance camera. This security guard is from Nicaragua and has been living in Costa Rica this year. When the police questioned him, he was not consistent with his story. It is not confirmed that the security guard was the one who killed her, but he is being held as one of the suspects. Right now the police is still investigating on who killed Carla. Her family is so heartbroken and they said that Carla was a really lively, bubbly, and fun woman to be with.





Worms in Space


Today SpaceX Falcon 9 took a lift off in space. It was supposed to leave yesterday, but scientists found some mold in some of the food so it was moved to today. That Falcon 9 is filled with science experiments. One of them is 36,000 worms- yes live worms. The worms will help scientists discover more about muscle loss that astronauts will have when in space.


Generally, astronauts can lose 40% of muscle mass when long term in space, but the scientists want to find out more about the muscle loss so this is when the worms come in. The worms are inside an incubator and will stay for 6 ½ days then they will be frozen to prevent any further changes.


Early in January 2019, the worms will return and splash down on the Pacific Ocean where the scientists will collect them and see results.  The worms are called C. Elegans and their body wall muscles are similar to our human skeletal muscles. So, I guess we will find out more information in January!





World’s First Baby Born to A Woman With Transplanted Uterus From Deceased Donor


Last year December, in Brazil, a 32 years old woman gave birth to a baby girl, but this case was unique. This woman did not have a uterus so she had a uterus transplant from a  deceased donor. The transplant and the birth were very successful. This story has hit world news today because today is the 1 year marking this success and the baby is still alive and healthy.


The reason why this is a celebration for many is because having a uterus transplant from a deceased donor was not successful in the past. Based on the records, there have been 11 successful births for women who had uterus transplants, but the uterus transplants were from living donors. There were 10 attempts for having a uterus transplant from a deceased donor and all of them failed. Last year was the first time in history that a birth was successful with a uterus from a deceased donor. Many doctors are thrilled that this was successful and now can provide more options for pregnancy.




“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Christmas Classic Banned from Some Radio Stations


Some radio stations have decided to ban using one of the Christmas classic song called “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Even two radio stations in Canada decided to follow this trend of not using the song this holiday season.


The reason for this is because some people see some of the lines in the lyrics as a way of promoting date rape. Some of the listeners mentioned that it is very inappropriate in a #metoo era so the song should not be used at all.


The opposite group of listeners are outraged that some radio stations will not be tuning in this song and felt that people are over analyzing the song and taking it too personal.


A few radio stations chose to use surveys instead of deciding themselves so they will survey the people in their area to see if many want that song to be played or not.


Song Lyrics:,_It%27s_Cold_Outside


(Trigger warning) Original performance of the song in “Neptune’s Daughter” (no CC):




That’s all for now! See you later. Stay with the light.



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