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December 5, 2018

Autopsy Reveals Emantic EJ Bradford Was Shot From Behind; Charter bus crashes; one dead and 45 injured; YouTube’s Highest Earning Star is Seven Years Old; Rare December Tornadoes Outbreak; Woman in Baltimore Stabbed to Death

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Tuesday, December 4. Ready for some top news?




Autopsy Reveals Emantic EJ Bradford Was Shot From Behind


Here is an update on Emantic "EJ" Bradford, Jr., the 21-year old man who was mistakenly shot and killed by police on Thanksgiving night,


His family lawyer said an independent autopsy shows Bradford was shot three times from behind, in his head, neck, and back.


The lawyer said the officer should be charged with a crime because he shot Bradford as he was running away. He called the officer a coward.


The Hoover police department said they wouldn't release any evidence or video on the shooting until the investigation is complete


Last Thursday, the police arrested the "right" person suspected of the shooting, a 20-year old man named Erron Brown.




Charter bus crashes; one dead and 45 injured


Yesterday around 2:40 a.m. a large charter bus, carrying a youth all star football team age ranging from 8 to 13 and some coaches with adult chaperones, this bus overturned several times killing a child and 45 were injured. The team was traveling from Dallas, Texas after playing the championship game on Sunday and they were on their way home to Memphis, Tennessee. This bus incident happened near Benton, Arkansas. Damous Hailey, a survivor of the bus accident, said that he was sitting right behind the driver then the bus jus swerved and flipped over 15 or 20 times before stopping at the end of the hill.  The driver told the investigators that she lost control of the bus. Some investigators mentioned that it is also possible that the bus driver was tired which affected losing control of the bus. Right now the state police is still investigating on this situation and what caused the bus to overturn.




YouTube’s Highest Earning Star is Seven Years Old


Forbes magazine recently revealed the top 10 highest earning YouTube stars based on this year’s earnings. The number one highest earning YouTube star is Ryan who is 7 years old and is known for his show named Ryan ToysReview. He has earned approximately a total of 22 million dollars this year, which ranks him number one. This calculation is before taxes and does not include the fees for production and agents. Ryan’s parents set up this account since 2015. As of now, Ryan ToysReview has 17.3 million followers with more than 25 billion views. What is the show about? It is really simple. It shows Ryan reviewing various toys from play dough to jumping in castles to opening new toys, and so on. The show also involves his parents with him. Ryan does not only review toys on YouTube, but he also has his own line of merchandise that Wal Mart sells. Most of his money comes from pre-roll advertising on his YouTube channels. It was announced last October that his shows would now begin showing in Hulu and Amazon. So, what is Ryan going to do with all the money he has? About 15% of his earnings go to a savings that his parents have for him and this savings he cannot touch until he becomes an adult. The second top earning YouTube star is Jake Paul then 3rd is Dude Perfect.




Rare December Tornadoes Outbreak


Last Saturday, a big storm affected these states: Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This big storm stirred up tornadoes in these states and Illinois was mostly affected. There was about 23 tornadoes altogether that hit the west central and eastern parts of Illinois. This does not happen often because tornadoes do not usually occur during the month of December. It is mentioned that the strongest tornado hit a city named Taylorsville, this tornado plowed through the city, damaging around 100 homes. The National Weather Service did warn the people in Taylorsville on Saturday about the coming tornado then 41 minutes later the tornado hit so people had time to seek shelter. The warm and cold air mixing together and the clash of seasons are the causes of the multiple tornadoes.




Woman in Baltimore Stabbed to Death


A woman named Jacquelyn Smith who was 52 years old died last Saturday around 12:30 am from a stranger stabbing her. In Baltimore, Maryland, Jacquelyn went dancing with her husband and his 28 years old daughter. On their way home, Jacquelyn saw a woman in the street who seems like she was holding a baby and this woman was holding a sign that said “please help me feed my baby.” So, Jacquelyn felt compelled to give some money. She was sitting in the front passenger seat when she rolled down the window and gave her money. When she has giving the money, a man came from behind and took the money and tried to take the wallet. Some struggling happened then the man stabbed Jacquelyn in the torso area and left with the woman that had the sign and seemingly a baby in her arms. The police is now trying to find the family who did this to Jacquelyn. Baltimore District 12 Councilman Robert Stokes shared that he is sad that this happened and knows that this situation makes it harder for other people to want to roll down the window and help other people. Jacquelyn was known for her involvement with her church, her generosity, her passion, and helping other people.




That’s all for now! See you later. Stay with the light.


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