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December 4, 2018

George H.W. Bush Memorial Services Schedule; Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Charged With Murder; American Airlines Abandons Woman in Wheelchair Overnight; Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt After Domestic Violence Video Surfaces; Deaf Woman Kayla Thomas Passes Away in Car Crash; NBDA Posts Tribute; Deaf Actor Warren “Wawa” Snipe on Black Lightning; Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” Video Has No Captions; Deaf People Raise Complaints​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, December 3. Ready for news?




George H.W. Bush Memorial Services Schedule


Now here are some updates on Bush’ funeral and memorial service plans.


First, I want to show you a touching image of Bush’s casket at a funeral home in Houston. In front of it, there was his service dog, Sully, laying down.


Today his body was transported by motorcade to a military air base, where he will be flown to another military air base in Maryland.


He will then lie in state in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol starting tonight until Wednesday morning. His casket will then be transported to the National Cathedral for a state funeral. President Trump is expected to attend.


Then on Wednesday night, his casket will be flown back to Houston and be placed in a church for a public viewing.


On Thursday there will be a private funeral service at the same church, then his casket will be transported to a train station, where it will be placed in a Union Pacific train.


The train will go on a 2 1/2 hour trip to the city of College Station, where Bush’s presidential library is, at Texas A&M University. There will be a ceremony there.


His body will finally be buried there at a gated family plot with his wife, Barbara, and daughter, Robin, who died at 3 years old of cancer.




Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Charged With Murder; American Airlines Abandons Woman in Wheelchair Overnight; Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt After Domestic Violence Video Surfaces


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first: on Friday, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was charged with murder by a grand jury for shooting and killing Botham Jean, an unarmed black man, in his apartment home. This happened in September. Guyger said it was accidental, that she thought she was in her apartment, which was a floor below, and that the man was an intruder.


Guyger was initially charged with manslaughter and fired by the police department, but now with this murder charge, she is facing up to life in prison if she is convicted.


Now the second news brief: a woman in a wheelchair was abandoned overnight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. This happened after her American Airlines flight was cancelled on Friday night. She has Parkinson’s disease. It seems like the airport staff were supposed to take her to a hotel room, but after communication difficulties, they abandoned her there. American Airlines has apologized and started an investigation.


The third news brief: NFL team Kansas City Chiefs released their star running back, Kareem Hunt, after TMZ released a video of him pushing and kicking a woman in February. Hunt told ESPN in a recent interview that he was “in the wrong” and apologized to the woman. Hunt is 23 years old and said he hopes he will have another chance in the NFL.










Deaf Woman Kayla Thomas Passes Away in Car Crash; NBDA Posts Tribute


A 27-year old Deaf woman, Kayla Thomas, passed away in a car accident last week in the Texas panhandle. Her SUV rolled into a ditch, striking a pole.  


Many in the Deaf community posted tributes in honor of her.


The National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) President Evon Black posted a vlog saying Thomas was a precious friend and a member of the NBDA family.


Black said Thomas graduated from the California School for the Deaf, Fremont and was active with the Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates. She competed in a pageant hosted by the NBDA at a conference in Kentucky. Black said she loved life and loved people.






Deaf Actor Warren “Wawa” Snipe on Black Lightning


Deaf musician and actor Warren “Wawa” Snipe recently appeared in two episodes of CW superhero show “Black Lightning.” His role was a signing deaf father of a key character. He also was a leader of an armed group of people living in a compound in a forest. There were some battle scenes that involved gunfire and superpowers.


Wawa was able to answer a few questions for “The Daily Moth.


Hello, Wawa!


Wawa: What’s up, Alex! Thank you for having me again on the Daily Moth.


Alex: Great job on “Black Lightning!” Your character is a father and a strong leader. You are also a father in real life. Did that help with your acting?


Wawa: You asked a question about Black Lightning, my character, my role as a father and grandfather. Do I feel like I can relate with that? Yes, because I’m a father of three kids. But really, as an actor, it’s my job to be able to fit many different roles by making adjustments, studying and understanding the character, and then adding in a little bit of your own experience into it, so fatherhood is one part that I’ve experienced.


Alex: In the battle scene, you used a firearm. Then the Black Lightning showed up and used his superpowers. What was that like working on set then seeing the special effects on the show?


Wawa: During the battle scenes in the show there was a lot of shooting. I have experience shooting guns before, yes, but I have to get more training. I was asked by the stunt coordinator, since they want to see me use more of that.


When Black Lightning showed up and used his superpowers, I never saw any of the effects. There was a lot of stop and go with many shots and different set ups. So I never say any special effects until it appeared on TV. I didn’t see any edits beforehand. That was something we had to visualize on set. All of the production crew, directors, and actors had to be on the same page and have the same vision and then act on it.


Alex: Will we be seeing any more of you on the show?


Wawa: Will I appear in any more episodes? I want to! I did do a little auditioning lately, so we’ll have to wait to see what happens. As for other opportunities, we’ll see. I’ll let you know what happens, but really, it’s not up to me. It’s up to God. He gave me everything, and I’m doing this for Him. I want to make sure you guys know that out there.


Do you have anything to add?


Wawa: Go for the gold. Never give up.


Thank you, Wawa for your time! He was specifically on Season 2, Episodes 6 and 7.




Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” Video Has No Captions; Deaf People Raise Complaints


On Friday, pop superstar Ariana Grande released a music video of her song, “Thank You, Next,” on Vevo — but it did not have captions.


Deaf fan Leila Hanaumi tweeted at Ariana several times to point out this issue. I asked her to share her thoughts in a video. Here it is.  




Leila: Hello, I’m Leila Hanaumi. I’m a huge fan of Ariana. I’ve followed her work for years, and with her new song, ‘Thank You, Next’ I was really looking forward to its release. The trailer for the music video looked awesome, but there were no captions. I tweeted her asking where the captions were. Then when the actual video was released, there were still no captions. I want to watch it now - everyone on the internet is freaking out. I want to watch it too, but I had to consider, do I go ahead and watch it now and read the lyrics separately? They have people talking in the beginning of the video, though, and none of that is in the lyrics. I searched on Google and it’s not available anywhere yet.


I tried to use the Google Translate app to listen to the dialogue, but it did not work. I switched to the Shazaam app, and it just showed the lyrics, it didn’t include the new dialogue. So I tried a third app called Ava. I downloaded it, tried it, and it couldn’t match anything said in the video.


I felt defeated, it was a really frustrating experience. I feel like, I’m struggling to get access to your music video, which is a part of pop culture now, people are talking about it, and I can’t be a part of that conversation.


I was upset and posted another tweet. Some stranger on twitter typed out a transcript and sent it to me. I thanked them. Later someone added captions to the video, but it wasn’t the official video, it looks like they copied and added it to their own channel and then added captions. I appreciated that too, but I feel like that work-around should not be the standard experience.


It’s really about the artist and creators of this content. Do they care about accessibility? If yes, then really I think it’s your responsibility to make sure captions are part of your checklist of posting requirements. It’s like when you upload a video, do you let YouTube choose a frame for the thumbnail cover? Of course not, you’d rather have your own custom cover. It’s the same idea with captioning.


Sometimes, especially with music, there are some words with unique spelling, or new slang invented by the artist. You want to make sure it’s spelt right. Do you want to add musical note symbols? That is part of your overall artwork that you’re giving to your fans, and really, you have millions of fans who are deaf like me, or hard of hearing, or have some kind of hearing loss. What about those who speak different languages? All of us that follow your work, we deserve accessibility too, you know.


That’s something that I really hope that artists and the music industry paying attention to and recognizing. How can we ensure that captioning is not and afterthought, or forgotten priority? It should always be a part of the checklist. Do we have this? Check. Do have thumbnail cover? Check. The captions should always be there. Some artist already do this. Some don’t.


Arianna is a huge star. She can do this. She needs to figure out, who is responsible? Is it the artist or the platforms like YouTube or Vevo? You need to find that answer and commit to it.




Alex: Thank you for sharing, Leila. She raised many good points.


Nyle DiMarco also tweeted at Ariana. She asked her if she could ask Vevo to add captions.


Ariana responded, tagging Vevo that this was such a dope idea. She told Vevo to please see this.


[Image of Nyle and Ariana’s tweets. Nyle says, “Could you ask @Vevo to add captions for 466 million people with hearing loss (Deaf here and we do enjoy your music) ILY.” Ariana responds to Nyle and Vevo, “(Black Heart Emoji) @Vevo this is such a dope idea! please see this!”]


Alex: Hopefully all this will give us some traction to get Vevo to caption their videos. Ariana’s video currently has over 91 million views.




Kenzie’s Unofficial Video With CC:


Ariana’s Vevo Video (No CC):




That is all for today. Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be out of state on a trip to Washington, D.C. Renca Dunn will take over with top stories.


See you again on Thursday. Stay with the light!




Some of you might have missed a news brief I posted on Friday night about George H.W. Bush’s death. Here it is.


[George HW Bush]


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