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November 29, 2018

First NCAA Div. 1 Autistic Student-Athlete; Grizzly Bear Kills Mother and Baby; Body of American Missionary To Be Left Behind; Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Mississippi Election; Ivanka Trump Defends Emails; Trump Threatens Shutdown Over Border Wall; Democrats Support Nancy for Speaker; Deaf Boy Interrupts Pope Francis’ Speech; Researchers Develop “Cochlear Implant For the Nose”; Deaf-Created Short Film “The Pastman”​

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First NCAA Div. 1 Autistic Student-Athlete; Grizzly Bear Kills Mother and Baby; Body of American Missionary To Be Left Behind


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first: a high school student, Kalin Bennett, became the first student-athlete with autism to sign a national letter of intent to play an NCAA team sport at the Division I level. He wants to play basketball for Kent State University. He is 6’10 and 300 pounds. He said he wants to inspire other kids with autism and non-autism.


The second: in Canada’s Yukon territory, it seems like a grizzly bear killed a 37-year old mother and her 10-month old baby girl. They lived in a remote cabin. The woman’s husband was out trapping and when he came back, he was charged by a grizzly bear and shot and killed it. He then found the two bodies outside of the cabin. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating this.


The third: Officials in India said they will not try to recover the body of American missionary John Allen Chau, who was killed by the Sentinelese, a small tribe who lives on an isolated island. They do not want to disturb the tribe. The Guardian said the U.S. embassy in Delhi understands the situation and is not giving any pressure. A fisherman who brought Chau there said he saw his body being buried in sand after he was killed with arrows.


Autistic Player:








Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Mississippi Election; Ivanka Trump Defends Emails; Trump Threatens Shutdown Over Border Wall; Democrats Support Nancy for Speaker


Here are four political news briefs.


The first: Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith has defeated Democrat Mike Espy in the Mississippi Senate runoff election with 54% of the votes. This makes Hyde-Smith the first Mississippi woman elected to Congress. Espy tweeted that he is grateful for the support he received and that this is the beginning, not the end.


The second news brief: Ivanka Trump told ABC News in an interview that her use of a private email account when she was transitioning into her White House job has no connection or any equivalency to Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. She said all of the emails were properly archived and had no deletions.


The third news brief: President Trump said he is willing to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t approve a $5 billion package to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The deadline for the package is December 8th. Trump said if he gets no approval, he’s willing to shut it down. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said they are willing to agree to $1.6 billion for border security, but not what Trump wants.


Now the fourth news brief: the Democratic caucus in the House just voted behind closed doors with a majority of them supporting Representative Nancy Pelosi to be the next Speaker of the House. It would be her second time in this role. This vote doesn’t make this role official, this will be decided in a January vote with the full House. There have been some rumblings by Democrats who are opposed to her being the Speaker because they fresh leadership. But it seems like the majority is supportive of Pelosi. We’ll see what happens in January.




Ivanka Emails:








Deaf Boy Interrupts Pope Francis’ Speech


A six-year old deaf boy interrupted Pope Francis’ speech when he walked onstage at the Vatican audience hall. The boy, Wenzel Wirth, touched a Swiss Guard’s hand and went up to the Pope. His mother ran to get him and explained that he couldn’t speak. The Pope allowed him to continue walking around. Later a little girl joined them. Fox News said the mother is Argentine-Italian.


Pope Francis, an Argentine, told a bishop seated next to him that the boy is an Argentinian and undisciplined. The Pope then told the audience that this child cannot speak, he is mute, but he can communicate, and that it made him think — that the boy is free, unruly, but free. He said it made him think if he is also free before God? The Pope then said, “let us ask for the grace of speech” for him.


Fox News said the boy’s father explained that he has behavioral problems, that they try to let him be free to express himself. The family said they don’t hide his problems.




Researchers Develop “Cochlear Implant For the Nose”


Research scientists from Massachusetts Eye and Ear are working on developing an electrical implant for people who do not have a sense of smell. This would be the equivalent of a cochlear implant, but for the nose.


The scientists put electrodes into five people’s sinus cavities to see if they could stimulate nerves in the brain to “smell.” The five already had an intact ability to smell. When the electrodes stimulated their olfactory bulbs, which processes and relays smell information from the nose, three of the subjects said there were scents of onions and antiseptic and sour and fruity aromas.


There was nothing that smelled like those things in the presence of the subjects. It was only the brain’s perception that gave them the sensation of smelling.


The researchers hope to develop implants that can detect smell molecules that enter the nose and then simulate the olfactory bulb to correspond with those aromas.




Deaf-Created Short Film “The Pastman”


Deaf filmmakers MJ Kielbus and Charlie Ainsworth worked with actors Sandra Mae Frank and Russell Harvard to create a short film, “The Pastman.” I sat down with them in Austin for an interview.




Charlie and MJ: Hello!


Charlie: I’m Charlie Ainsworth, I’m the writer and director for The Pastman.


MJ: I’m MJ Kielbus, I filmed and edited the film.


Charlie: “The Pastman” takes place in a future where time travel and time criminals exist. Time criminals go back in time to destroy things and alter the past. The Pastman travels back in time to protect the victims of timecrimes.


MJ: The film is about 17 minutes long. It was a really cool experience, since that was my first time using a Ronin stabilizer, which is used to make smooth hand-held shots.


There are two main actors. The first is Russell Harvard


The second is Sandra Mae Frank.


They were really involved in the acting.


Sandra: What made this a great experience? It was all Deaf. We had Deaf actors, a Deaf writer, director, DP, everything. I felt more at ease on set and could focus more on acting and really playing with the scene. It’s been great doing this. We need more of that.


Russel: I had not one, but two unique experiences. First, working with the drone camera. It was impressive to see how high it went, and how it moved in the air – it was really far out and fascinating.


Secondly, my character had very few facial expressions, without any emotional connections. It was similar to another character I played in a film years ago called “There Will Be Blood”.  It was a challenge to maintain a rigid expression consistently. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Thank you, Charlie and MJ.


Charlie: The movie follows the Pastman as he travels to a house in 1980’s – so the film happens in the 1980’s.


MJ: One of the first props we bought was a Polaroid camera. We needed that since it fit that time period.


Charlie: We needed to add the Deaf perspective too, so we added an old TTY from the 1980’s. I remembered my dad had one so I asked him for it. He started digging around in the basement until he found it and mailed it to me. It was cool to have that.


MJ: One last hidden gem was a framed newspaper clipping of the moon landing with a large headline. It fit perfectly into the film.


Some of you have asked where you can see the film. If you’re in Austin, you will have an opportunity to see the film – if you’re outside of Austin, you can catch a train, plane, or teleport here to see it!


Charlie: For those of you outside of Austin, keep an eye out. We will submit the film to festivals, so we might screen it in your city. Follow us on Facebook. I’m ‘Angry Deaf People’ and she is ‘Copper & Water’. We’ll make announcements there.


Charlie and MJ: See you there!




The movie has not been released to the public yet, only in film festivals. There will be a special “double” screening for the deaf community next Sunday in Austin at the “Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival” in Austin, Texas that will show “The Pastman” and a horror film, “Soul to Keep,” which was created by a hearing team and features Sandra Mae Frank. Both films do not have an official rating, but is considered PG-13.


For more information about that special screening and to buy tickets ($10), please click at the link in the description or the transcript.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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