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November 14, 2018

News Briefs: Amazon Picks NYC and VA; CNN Sues White House; El Chapo Trial; Jamal Khashoggi Update; Sinema Wins AZ Senate Seat; Police Officer Kills Black Security Guard; Doctors Post Bloody Pictures in Response to NRA; Deaf People in WW1; #DeafBing: iPhone Oppression​

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News Briefs: Amazon Picks NYC and VA; CNN Sues White House; El Chapo Trial; Jamal Khashoggi Update; Sinema Wins AZ Senate Seat


Here are five top stories briefs.


The first — Amazon announced today their selection for two new offices in Queens, New York City and Arlington, Virginia near the Reagan National Airport (DCA).


Amazon said each location would get more than 25,000 jobs, with the average salary about $150,000.

The second news brief — CNN has sued the Trump administration today for revoking their reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials last week. CNN said it is a violation of their constitutional rights and demanded the White House to give Acosta his pass back.


The White House said it was more grandstanding by CNN and pointed out they had almost 50 other reporters with passes. They said Acosta’s pass was revoked because he refused to surrender his microphone during his questioning.

The third news brief — The trial for accused Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has started today in New York City. There is a lot of security and media attention.


Guzman faces multiple charges of shipping huge amounts of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and meth into the U.S. If convicted, he faces a life sentence.


Guzman was the leader of a major cartel that was involved with battles with other rival cartels and the Mexican government. Over 200,000 people died since 2006 in the violence.


The judge said Guzman is not allowed to hug his wife. The jury will be kept anonymous and escorted to and from the courthouse by armed U.S. marshals.

The fourth news brief — The New York Times said a member of the Saudi team that killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi called a superior to say “The deed is done, tell your boss.” The “boss” could be Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


American intelligence officials say the audio recording is strong evidence that links bin Salman with the killing. But the White House said this does not implicate bin Salman.


Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday they have given an audio recording of Jamal’s murder to the U.S. and other Western countries. All of this have increased pressure on President Trump to make a strong response.

The fifth news brief — Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has won the Senate race in Arizona. She will replace Republican Sen. Flake, flipping that seat to Democrats for their first Senate seat in Arizona since 1976. She will be the first openly bisexual U.S. Senator.


Now Democrats have 47 Senate seats to Republicans’ 51, with the remaining two seats not yet over: Florida with the recount and Mississippi where there will be a runoff on November 27.


Those are the five top stories briefs.




CNN Lawsuit:


El Chapo:








Police Officer Kills Black Security Guard


On Sunday morning in Robbins, Illinois — near Chicago — a police officer who was responding to a shooting at a bar shot and killed a black security guard who was holding down the suspected gunman.


The security guard’s name is Jemel Roberson (26) and was working at the bar overnight Saturday. He had a hat with the words, “SECURITY” on the front.


Witnesses said around 4 a.m., security guards told a group of drunken men to leave the bar. Someone came back with a gun and started shooting. The security team returned fire.


Jemel went outside and was able to detain a gunman on the ground, kneeling him in his back. Jemel’s gun was in the back.


When two police officers showed up, people screamed that Jemel was a security guard, but an officer shot and killed Jemel, apparently thinking he was the gunman.


A witnesses told news that the police officer, who was described as white, basically saw a black man with a gun and killed him. Jemel’s mother is filing a federal lawsuit.


A police chief said the officer saw multiple victims in the bar and encountered a person with a gun, then discharged his weapon. The officer has not yet been identified.


There are two separate investigations in this — the Illinois State Police is looking in the Jemel shooting, while the local police department is looking at the bar shooting.


The suspected gunman was shot, is at a hospital, and has not been charged.


There is a GoFundMe for Jemel’s family that has raised over $55,000.




Doctors Post Bloody Pictures in Response to NRA


There is controversy between the National Rifle Association (NRA) and doctors.


It started when the NRA tweeted last week for doctors to “stay in their lane” on gun control topics. The NRA was upset that half of the articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine pushed for more gun restrictions and that doctors recommended a ban on semiautomatic firearms and high capacity magazines.


They felt doctors from the American College of Physicians (ACP) did not respect the rights and opinions of law-abiding gun owners.


Several doctors have responded to this saying it is something that they are knowledgeable about, that it is “in their lane,” because they deal with gunshot victims weekly. They posted pictures of blood and bullets to prove their point.


I want to warn you that I will share their pictures. Some of them are bloody, so be prepared for that.


One doctor showed himself with a surgical mask covered with blood.


Another doctor showed a picture of a chair where she uses to tell parents their child is dead.


Another doctor posted a picture of a bullet she pulled out of a 6 month old’s brain.


Another doctor showed an x-ray of a skull pierced by a bullet.


Another doctor showed a picture of an operation room with a lot of blood on the floor and bloody rags.


A doctor wrote an opinion piece for Vox saying medical professionals have a responsibility to talk about gun regulations because they understand the scale of human suffering caused by guns.

So that is the controversy.


NRA Statement:




Deaf People in WW1


On Sunday, November 11 — Veterans Day — it was a special day because it was the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I. Many world leaders, including the U.S. President, were in France to honor this.


Here is an interesting thing to consider — how did WWI impact deaf people? The war was fought in Europe, so deaf Europeans were the most impacted.


I saw an article on BBC written four years ago on this topic. The war started in 1914, so four years ago was the 100-year anniversary of the start of the war.


The article showed a picture of London deaf people making bombs.


The article said many deaf people died when they walked on roads or around military checkpoints because they couldn’t hear the calls to stop or the warnings that they would be shot. Deaf people didn’t hear this, and they were shot and killed.


There was a deaf newspaper called the “British Deaf Times” that warned its deaf readers not to walk alone near railway lines, stations, or public buildings, and suggested they go with a hearing person.


The article said a London deaf person worked as a volunteer in tunnel digging and several deaf people worked in factories to build shells, fuses, tools, wheels, and many other things for the war.


Back then, deaf people were barred from joining the military, just as it is today. But the article said a deaf Irish man served in their military, that a deafblind man, Private Gomer Jones, was a skilled marksman, and that a deaf British man, determined to serve in the military, made it through a medical test and served for six weeks in the army until he was discharged because he was deaf, but joined the labor corps.


There was a special film project on BBC’s BSLZone by a deaf filmmaker Julian Peedle-Calloo that re-imagined what it would look like for a deaf person during that time. It is called, “Battle Lines.” You can watch it at the link below, it has captions and is 27 minutes long.


Julian told BBC that many people assume deaf people were fortunate they did not have to serve in the military, but that this is not true — deaf people were not lucky because they wanted to do their duty to serve their king and country, but were denied. Then they had a double punishment because they were perceived as cowards by their communities.


The war caused 30,000 British soldiers to lose their hearing. There were 31 centers set up in England to teach them lip-reading.


BSLZone’s “Battle Lines:”




World Leaders Honor WWI Anniversary:




#DeafBing: iPhone Oppression


Deaf Bing: I'm frustrated

with my iPhone.It feels like it oppresses me.




Sometimes when I type in words

that are "Deaf" words, like when I type, "Audism."


It will change it with “Autism." I didn't say that. I said, “Audism." But it will swap words or add a red line at the bottom.


This is irritating.


Another frustration is when I type, "Vlogger."It will swap the word with "Blogger."


I'm like, no! We are vloggers!


But it tells me, "no" and swaps the word or adds a red line.


Another thing is when I type, “Handshapes." It will swap with, "handshakes."


I'm like, no, I didn't say handshakes. I said handshapes. But it'll swap words.


C’mon! Respect my Deaf culture!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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