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November 9, 2018

12 Killed in California Bar Mass Shooting by Former Marine Gunman; Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Breaks Ribs After Falling; Florida Man Jumps In Zoo Pond With Crocodiles, Gets Bitten; Protesters Chant Threats Outside of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Home; Controversy Between White House and CNN Reporter Jim Acosta; Woman Intervenes in Police Gunpoint Confrontation With Homeless Man; Deaf Person Matthew Sampson Wins D.C. ANC Commissioner Position​

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12 Killed in California Bar Mass Shooting by Former Marine Gunman


Last night in Thousand Oaks, California a gunman went into a Western-themed bar with a dance hall and opened fire, killing at least 12 people and injuring over 12.


The bar, Borderline Bar & Grill, was full of college students. It was a “College Country Night” event. There were six off-duty police officers inside.


The gunman was found dead inside the bar, possibly by suicide. His name is Ian David Long (28), a California resident. He is an ex-Marine and was a machine gunner. He appears to have some mental health issues, possibly PTSD from his military background.


There is a picture of Long wearing a CSUN polo shirt. He last attended the school in 2016. The bar is 30 miles from CSUN.


He used his mother’s car to drive to the bar. Witnesses said he wore all-black clothing and had a hat or a mask covering his face. He used a smoke device and a .45 Glock handgun with an extended magazine.


Witnesses say he first shot an unarmed security guard, threw the smoke device, then fired on a cashier and at people, shooting at least 30 times.


People escaped by using stools to break glass windows, some hid in restrooms or up in the attic.


A police officer, Ron Helus, responded to the shooting and was killed. He is hailed as a hero. He was an officer for 29 years and wanted to retire next year.


A sheriff said there was a 911 call about Long in April because he was acting irrationally. There was a crisis intervention team that responded, and they cleared him.


Police, after the shooting, did a search of the house where Long lived in. A neighbor told news that his mother lived in fear of what his son might do.


At the bar, there were some family and friends who said they tried to call their loved ones but didn’t get an answer.


A father, Jason Coffman said his 22-year old missing son’s phone is still pinging in the bar, and recently confirmed that he died. His name was Cody.


One person said his niece’s Apple Watch and iPhone, after getting no contact from her, showed her location as being on the dance floor, and he thinks she’s dead, but he hopes he is wrong.


Most of the names of the victims have not been released at the time of signing, but we will see more information later tonight.




Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Breaks Ribs After Falling


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (85) broke three of her ribs when she fell in her office.


The court said Ginsburg went home, but had discomfort overnight, so she went to a hospital where tests showed she fractured three ribs on her left side.


Ginsburg is the court’s oldest member. In 2012, she fractured her ribs in a fall but it did not seriously affect her, as she still went to work.


It is not known how serious her current injury is and how it will affect her duties on the court.


She is one of four liberal justices on the court and previously said she wants to stay there until she is 90.


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the Trump administration is praying for her.




Florida Man Jumps In Zoo Pond With Crocodiles, Gets Bitten  


In St. Augustine, Florida, a 23-year old man, Brandon Hatfield, broke in a zoo, Alligator Farm, which is full of large and dangerous reptiles, and jumped in a pond that had a 9-foot crocodile in it.


He was bitten in his leg, but made it out of the water alive.


A surveillance video shows Brandon climbing on top of a structure and jumping into the pond, then struggling with the crocodile. There were at least two other crocodiles in the pond.


Police got a call on Tuesday morning that a male was crawling on a lawn in his underwear at a home near Alligator Farm. Police also got a call about a break-in at the Alligator Farm, and figured out that it was the same person, he had an injury to his leg.


Police found a “Croc” shoe in the crocodile pit that apparently belonged to the man. They also found the man’s shorts. There was about $5,000 in damage to different areas in the zoo.


He was detained, brought to a hospital under custody, and charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and violation of probation.


It is not known why he did this. He told police that he was in a garage where an old man was holding an alligator on a leash and tried to force him to drink a black liquid.


The zoo executive said it’s the first time in 125 years someone jumped in an exhibit. She thinks he was on some kind of drugs.


No animals were harmed.




Protesters Chant Threats Outside of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Home


Last night a group of protesters gathered outside of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s home and chanted threats — they said, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night!” They also chanted, “Racist scumbag, leave town!”


A video of the group was posted on Twitter under the account, “Smash Racism D.C.” They said Tucker spreads fear into our homes and that they want to remind him that he was not safe either.


The group posted Tucker’s address on Twitter, but Twitter took it down and suspended their account.


Tucker was not home at the time, but his wife, Susie, was there and alone. She locked herself in a pantry and called police.


Tucker said someone from the group broke the door and someone mentioned a pipe bomb. He said he has four children and never thought twice about leaving them home alone, but this is the reaction because this group doesn’t like his TV show.


This group had some activists shouting at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife at a restaurant during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings.


When police arrived at the scene last night, the group dispersed. There doesn’t seem to be any arrests.


Many people, both conservative and liberal people, criticized the protesters. Late night host Stephen Colbert said it was cowardly to target his home and terrorize his family.




Controversy Between White House and CNN Reporter Jim Acosta


There is a lot of controversy between the White House and CNN reporter Jim Acosta.


Yesterday during President Trump’s press conference about the midterm elections, Acosta held a mike to question President Trump about the migrant caravan.


After an exchange, Trump told him that it was enough and called on another reporter. But Acosta pressed on, trying to ask more questions as Trump repeated, “That’s enough.”


A female White House intern came to take away the mike from Acosta, reaching and grabbing it, but Acosta held down to it, with his left arm touching the intern’s right arm.


Acosta, still holding the mike, said, “Pardon me, ma’am,” then asked Trump more questions, about the Russia investigation.


Trump told Acosta that it was a hoax then said he was a rude, terrible person, that he shouldn’t work for CNN and CNN should be ashamed.


Later that night, Acosta said he was barred from entrance to the White House — that the Secret Service informed him he can’t enter.


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that they have revoked and suspended Acosta’s access. She posted a video, apparently from InfoWars, that was edited to show a close-up of Acosta’s left arm making contact with the intern’s arm. Sanders said Acosta behaved inappropriately and put his hands on a young woman.


The Washington Post said the video was “doctored” and sped up to make it seem like Acosta “chopped” the intern’s arm.


CNN said in a statement that the White House has revoked his press pass as “punishment” for his challenging questions. CNN said Sec. Sanders lied and made fraudulent accusations, that this is a threat to our democracy. CNN said they fully support Acosta.


There is a lot of discussion on if Acosta’s behavior was appropriate, also on if Trump and the White House’s behavior was appropriate.


This is also a sign that the ongoing strifes between the media and President Trump is only going to continue and might increase in intensity.




Woman Intervenes in Police Gunpoint Confrontation With Homeless Man


In Washington, D.C., near Union Station, a woman, Grace Maria, was driving her car to work when she saw a police officer pointing his gun to a homeless man, Anthony.


Grace stopped her car, got out, and started filming.


The officer was telling Anthony to get down on the ground, pointing his gun at him. Anthony said he did nothing.


The officer told Grace to move away because he had a knife. But Grace stayed in the same place and told Anthony that this was not worth dying for and to listen to the officer.


Anthony listened — he got on the ground and put his hands behind his back.


Grace posted the video on Twitter and said she thinks she just saved someone’s life and is shaking.


She created a GoFundMe page to help the man, saying he is in his 20’s and became homeless after his mother died from colon cancer.  It’s already raised over $5,000.




Deaf Person Matthew Sampson Wins D.C. ANC Commissioner Position


Yesterday I did a news video about four deaf political candidates and mentioned that Rob Dooling won an election to become an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) in Washington, D.C.


I missed one more deaf person who also got an ANC position. His name is Matthew Sampson. He got 94.5% of the votes, 555 votes in total, and was the only named candidate on the ballot with the write-in candidate(s) getting 32 votes. He will represent a small area north of Dupont Circle.


An article in the Washington City Paper says he is a Georgetown University student.


Sampson tweeted a picture of him with Dooling saying, “Honestly we’re the hottest deaf commissioners in the world.”


The D.C. Association of the Deaf posted a video of Dooling and Sampson announcing their campaigns in August. My apologies for missing this, and congratulations to the two on your victories!




Election Results:




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