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November 7, 2018

Reports Say Amazon To Split Second HQ To Northern VA and NYC; Fox News Hosts Appear With Trump Onstage at Rally; 94-Year Old Former Nazi SS Camp Guard Goes on Trial in Germany; Australian Man Dies Years After Eating Slug With Rat Lungworm; Florida Boy Kills Mother Over Bad Grade Report; LEAD-K and AG Bell’s Agreement, Explained​

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Reports Say Amazon To Split Second HQ To Northern VA and NYC


Amazon has been planning to establish a second headquarters center that will bring $5 billion in city investments and 50,000 highly-paid jobs, with the average salary $100,000. This second headquarters would be an addition to their original headquarters in Seattle — and many have wondered where it will be.


Now it seems like Amazon will split the second headquarters to two different cities. Some media reported that it would be in Northern Virginia (near Washington, D.C.) and New York City.


Some other cities on Amazon’s top 20 cities, announced in January, were Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Austin, and Toronto.


We’ll see if Amazon actually splits the second headquarters, and if it will be in Northern Virginia and New York City.




Fox News Hosts Appear With Trump Onstage at Rally


Last night during President Trump’s final election rally in Missouri, two well-known Fox News hosts, Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro walked up onstage to show their support for Trump and Republicans.


Hannity contradicted himself — yesterday morning he said he would not be onstage, just doing a show at the rally.


When Hannity went onstage, he pointed at the row of media cameras in the back and said they were fake news. There was a Fox News crew team in the back.


When Jeanine went onstage, she told the crowd to vote Republican.


After their appearances, the New York Times said the blurry line between the Trump White House and Fox became a fusion.




94-Year Old Former Nazi SS Camp Guard Goes on Trial in Germany


In Germany, a 94-year old former Nazi SS guard went on trial on charges that he was an accessory to hundreds of murders when he worked at the Stutthof concentration camp in 1942 to 1944, where over 60,000 people died.


His name is Johann Rehbogen. He said he did work at the camp, but that he was not aware there were killings.


Prosecutors say he couldn’t have not known, as he would have heard people screaming from outside of the gas chamber or seen others who died from being left outside in the cold, or shot, or had injections of gasoline or chemicals in their hearts.


The guard was under 21 at the time, so he is in juvenile court. If convicted, he faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years because he was a juvenile, although he is 94 years old today.


An advocacy organization for Holocaust survivors say it is not too late to pursue justice, and that old age should not protect people who did terrible crimes.




Australian Man Dies Years After Eating Slug With Rat Lungworm


A 28-year old Australian man, Sam Ballard, has passed away after being severely ill and paralyzed for several years after he ate a slug on a dare in 2010.


The slug had a dangerous parasite called rat lungworm. When Sam ate it, he went into a coma for 420 days with meningitis and a brain infection. Later he became paralyzed from the waist down, using a wheelchair, and now he’s passed away.


His friend said at a party in 2010, they were drinking red wine when they saw the slug moving across. The group joked if Sam should eat it, then he went ahead and ate it, and his life changed and ended.  


Sam’s last words were, “I love you” to his mother.


Rat lungworm can be found in rodents who pass the larvae in their feces, and if a snail or slug eats it, they can become infected.


There were some discussion online that said slugs and snails are vectors for hundreds of parasites, and warned people to not touch them, and to keep their pets from eating them.


Sky News:




Florida Boy Kills Mother Over Bad Grade Report


In Florida, a 15-year old boy, Gregory Ramos, killed his 46-year old mother, Gail Cleavenger, by strangling her for more than 30 minutes in her bedroom after midnight.


The two had a big argument the night before about the boy’s D grade in one of his classes. The boy’s stepfather was on a business trip.


After strangling the mother, the boy put the body in a van and drove it to a church where he buried her in a hole near a fire pit. He tried to conceal it by pouring bleach in it.


He then worked with two other friends to mislead the police by making a fake 911 call and making it seem like someone broke in the home.


After a police investigation, the boy confessed to killing his mother and told police about the two friends. The two friends led police to the body — they are also in custody, facing several charges.


The sheriff said Gregory is probably one of the top three sociopaths he’s ever met, that he wanted to tell everybody how smart he was for what he did to his mom.


Florida Killing:;




LEAD-K and AG Bell’s Agreement, Explained


The LEAD-K campaign announced on October 26th that they have reached an agreement with AG Bell to work together on future LEAD-K bills.


This agreement surprised and angered some people in the ASL community, who has long viewed anything to do with AG Bell as being a threat to ASL and Deaf culture.


It also surprised and angered people in the oral community, with numerous social media comments on AG Bell’s Facebook page criticizing this agreement, looking at LEAD-K people as the enemy.


What made LEAD-K and AG Bell give the thumbs up to each other?


First, a little background. The LEAD-K bill aims to end language deprivation in deaf children ages 0-5 by having them kindergarten-ready with a language — ASL or English. The bill requires states to implement a process where deaf babies and toddlers undergo regular assessments on their language acquisition milestones, and for there to be data collection to keep parents aware of their progress and to hold education systems accountable. This is why the data is collected.


States nationwide already collect data on special education children, which includes deaf children, but they do not specifically create a “deaf/hard of hearing” subcategory. But states with a LEAD-K bill are required to put deaf children in a subcategory, which provides clear data on what is going on with deaf children’s language milestones. One can specifically look at deaf children’s data.


AG Bell has been opposed to the LEAD-K bill because of the mention of “ASL” in it. Some have viewed the bill as forcing ASL on deaf children and/or trying to block them from getting cochlear implants and learning how to speak with their voices.


Their opposition has stalled LEAD-K bills in five states, as legislators generally do not like supporting a bill that has so much polarization from within a “similar” hearing loss community.


Now, the agreement was to amend the model LEAD-K bill, SB 210 in California, to include a sentence that emphasizes the parents’ right to choose a language approach — be it ASL and English, Spoken English, or both. Parents will receive balanced information on both approaches.


The second change was to add “speech and audiological” services in the bill, in addition to ASL services. That was agreed upon.


AG Bell agreed that they would recognize and support the language acquisition milestones outlined in the LEAD-K bill. The ultimate goal is for each deaf and hard of hearing kid, at age 5, to have 2,500 words in their lexicons, be it either ASL or English or both.  


AG Bell, by supporting the LEAD-K bill, effectively accepted and recognized that ASL is a bona fide language equivalent with English.


With this agreement, it becomes likely that the five states with stalled bills — Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, and Texas — can see progress with LEAD-K milestones and data collection.


This would give us a wealth of data on deaf children’s language abilities, on if they were meeting their milestones. The data collection would help parents and educational systems understand what is going on and drive future policies.  


The Department of Education has control of the data, and it is collected by the state’s early intervention specialist (IFSP), for children 3 and under, and the IEP specialist after the child turns 3.


In California, data has been released for deaf children in 2015 and 2016. The majority of deaf children in the state are in programs that do not have ASL.


A LEAD-K representative, Marla Hatrak, said data in California show that 70% of deaf children ages 0-5 are language deprived or delayed by six months or more.


An analysis from California School for the Deaf, Fremont shows that deaf students who have ASL exposure growing up were ahead on educational milestones compared with those who didn’t have the same access.


The data that will emerge from the states with LEAD-K bills could show what is effective in deaf education, and the data may follow the same patterns seen in California.


As for the issue on AG Bell’s history of oppressing deaf people, perhaps a discussion on that will come up in a future meeting between the two organizations or from another deaf organization that is willing to approach AG Bell.


LEAD-K Announcement:


AG Bell Facebook Post:


AG Bell Statement:


CA Report:


SB 210 Model Bill:


Previous TDM Interview with LEAD-K Leader Sheri Ann Farinha:




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