The Daily Moth 11-1-2018

November 2, 2018

Updates with Gallaudet Trip; Kids Killed Trying to Get On School Bus; Synagogue Shooting Updates; 1,000 Human Teeth Found in Wall; Bodies of Saudi Sisters Found Taped Together; Co-Pilot Almost 10 Times Over Alcohol Limit

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth!


It is Thursday, November 1! I apologize for missing news yesterday.


Yesterday during the day I filmed Gallaudet’s “Research Expo,” where four students gave presentations about interesting topics. I’ll share a video about it in the future.


During the afternoon, I went to the haunted House 1 on Gallaudet campus. That is the home of President Bobbi Cordano. She asked MSSD students to decorate the home and turn it into a haunted house. I went inside and had some good scares. Bobbi was dressed up in an earlier-era dress with face paintings. So Bobbi herself was in character. It was real cool and good Halloween fun.


I then met up with Calvin Young from “Seek the World.” We were in town at the same time. We went to visit Starbucks’ signing cafe. It was my first time there. We met and interacted with the deaf staff, saw the deaf art, it was a great time in a very nice place on H street. So with all of this, I ran out of time to do news.


Today, I went to the Deaf Studies Conference that had a lot of attendees, both internationally and nationally. I filmed some of it and will release a video about this in the future as well. I’ve been having a great time here at Gallaudet so far.


Now, ready for top stories briefs?




The first — this week there were three incidents of children being hit by vehicles as they waited for a school bus.


The first was on Tuesday in Indiana when a young woman driving a pickup truck struck and killed a 9-year old girl and her 6-year old twin brothers. The three died when they went across the road to get on a school bus, which had its flashing lights on. The truck struck and killed them.


The second was yesterday in Mississippi — a 9-year old boy died in the same way, going across a road to get on a school bus when a pickup truck driven by a young man struck and killed him.


Both drivers were arrested.  


The third incident was today in Florida — three children and two adults were struck by a vehicle as they were waiting for a school bus. There appears to be no deaths, but they were injured with one child in critical condition.


So that’s the three incidents.




Now the second news brief. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect, Robert Bowers, was indicted yesterday on 44 criminal counts that includes hate crimes. It could bring him the death penalty if he is convicted.


Today he appeared in court and pled not guilty.


A total of 11 people are being buried this week.


Muslim groups have raised enough money to pay for all of the funeral services, at least $150,000 from over 3,600 donors




Now the third news brief. In Valdosta, Georgia, construction workers who knocked down a wall in an old building were shocked to find over 1,000 human teeth in it.


The possible reason why? Two different dentists used the building, between 1900 and 1930. It seems like there was some kind of hole in the wall, and the dentist used the hole to drop in extracted teeth.


Over time, it piled up and was forgotten, until the wall was knocked down with the teeth being spread all over.




The next news brief: the two young females who were found dead, duct-taped together, in New York City’s Hudson River last week have been identified.


They are sisters from Saudi Arabia. One was 16 and the other 22.


They lived in Fairfax, Virginia after their family moved here from Saudi Arabia in 2015. The girls were reported missing in August.


Their bodies were fully clothed and did not have any signs of injuries, so it is a mystery how they died and why they were taped together. It’s being investigated.


The mother said that the day before they were found last week, the Saudi Arabian Embassy called her to order the family to leave the U.S. because the females applied for political asylum, they wanted to stay in the U.S. for some reason. It’s a mystery.


The NYPD said they are investigating and want to find out exactly what happened, so they can get justice for the girls. The Saudi government said they would provide support to the investigation.




The next news brief: a 42-year old co-pilot for Japan Airlines was arrested because he failed a breath test right before a London to Tokyo trip. After his arrest, he pled guilty in court to being almost 10 times over the legal limit for alcohol.


A driver for a crew bus on the way to Heathrow airport smelled alcohol on the pilot and reported it to police, which led to the breath test and his arrest.


The pilot said he drank two bottles of wine and a pitcher of beer the night before the flight.


The flight he was supposed to be on was delayed for over an hour.


The pilot will be detained until his sentencing at the end of November.




That is all for today. It’s less than a week before the elections, with early voting open in many places. Be sure to vote, and take the time to research your local and state level candidates to see which ones you agree with the most, and vote for them!


I’ll see you tomorrow. Stay with the light!


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