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October 30, 2018

Indonesian Plane Carrying 189 Crashes Into Sea; English Helicopter Crashes Just Outside Leicester City Stadium; Armed Father Kills Masked Gunman at a McDonald’s in Alabama; Right-Winger Jair Bolsonaro Elected New President of Brazil; Updates on Synagogue Shooting; President Trump Blames “Fake News” For Anger in Country; Critics Say Trump Is Responsible; Bernard Bragg, Legendary Deaf Actor and Mime, Passes Away at 90​

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Indonesian Plane Carrying 189 Crashes Into Sea; English Helicopter Crashes Just Outside Leicester City Stadium


Here are two news briefs about two aviation accidents this weekend.


This morning, a Lion Air passenger plane in Indonesia carrying 189 people crashed into the ocean a few minutes after takeoff.


Rescuers are still looking for the main body of the plane. They have recovered six bodies from the sea, they do not expect to find survivors.


The plane took off around 6 a.m., but after flying for 12 miles, the plane made a request to return to the airport. Then the airport lost contact with the plane.


Investigators said that on Friday, the plane had reported problems. Engineers checked and repaired the problem and said the plane was fine for flying.


In 2007, the European Union banned all Indonesian airlines from flying in the EU because of low safety standards. In 2016, Lion Air was allowed to fly in the EU again.


Now the second news brief: on Saturday night in Leicester, England, a helicopter crashed just outside King Power stadium. All five people on board were killed, including the owner of the Leicester City soccer team, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. It is not yet clear how or why the helicopter crashed.


The helicopter was parked inside the empty stadium. When the helicopter lifted out of the stadium, something happened, the helicopter began spiraling then crashed outside of the stadium, exploding into a fireball.


A witness said he heard the engine stop. Authorities said it will take a few days to finish the investigation.



Armed Father Kills Masked Gunman at a McDonald’s in Alabama


On Saturday night in Alabama at a McDonald’s, a father of two shot and killed a masked gunman.


It happened late at night. Employees at the McDonald’s were getting ready to close for the night. An employee opened a door to let a father and his two teenage sons leave. A man with a gun, wearing a mask, ran in and started shooting.


The father shot back, then there was an exchange of gunfire. The father and one of his sons were shot, but the wounds were not life-threatening. The gunman was shot, too, and died later at the hospital.


Investigators don’t know if the gunman was planning to rob the store or he was targeting an employee who worked there.


An employee said he and another worker hid in the freezer when the shooting started. He said he heard more than 10 gunshots.


Police don’t expect the father to face charges because he acted in self-defense.




Right-Winger Jair Bolsonaro Elected New President of Brazil


Jair Bolsonaro has been elected as the new president of Brazil, he won 56% of the votes in the election against his opponent. Jair has far-right, conservative views, he will begin his term on January 1st, 2019.


In his acceptance speech last night, Jair promised to defend the constitution and unite the country. There was a sign language interpreter right next to him.


There has been a lot of political violence lately in Brazil between left and right wing voters. In September, Jair himself was stabbed while at a rally.


Jair has been called, “Trump of the Tropics.” His campaign was similar to Trump’s campaign, he used social media to connect with his voters.


Jair promised to stop corruption of political elites and reduce poverty and crime. The former president of Brazil was put in jail this year for corruption charges.


Many critics of Jair are concerned that he will reduce civil liberties and human rights. They are concerned he will hurt the environment by allowing companies to develop in the Amazon region. Jair said he wants to give police more authority by allowing them to shoot at criminals.


Some have criticized Jair for making derogatory comments towards women, gay people and black people. There are concerns on his comments that he misses the old days of military dictatorship in South America.


Although there are many celebrations in Brazil, there are many people concerned about what will happen in the future.


President Trump said he had a good conversation with him on the phone, that they agreed the two countries will work closely on trade, military, and everything else.




Updates on Synagogue Shooting


Here are some updates on the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. I did a Facebook Live video about this on Saturday night.


I want to clarify this -- I said a synagogue was a “Jewish church.” Some corrected me, saying it was not a Jewish church, but a place of gathering and a place of worship for Jewish people. So I apologize if I said the wrong thing, it is a place of worship for Jewish people, a synagogue.


The identities of the 11 people who died has been released. They are mostly elderly people, with the oldest 97 and the youngest 59. Three people were in their 80’s.


The city of Pittsburgh has been in mourning. Their NFL team, the Steelers, had a moment of silence before their game yesterday. Their head coach, Mike Tomlin, said their hearts go out to the victims.


Four people are still in the hospital. Two of them are people who attended the synagogue, and the other two are police officers.


A FBI special agent said it was the most horrific crime scene he’s seen in 22 years.


A Rabbi said when he first heard the gunshots, he told people to drop to the floor, and tried to help people, but had to leave because the gunfire was getting closer.


The gunman, Robert Bowers, used a Colt AR-15 rifle and three Glock handguns in the shooting. He had 21 guns registered in his name. He didn’t have a criminal record.


Bowers is still alive, in custody, and made his first court appearance today in a wheelchair. He had surgery to treat his gunshot wounds from police. He has 29 federal criminal charges, two of them hate crime charges, and could get a capital charge, which would lead to the death penalty if convicted.


Bowers often posted hateful message against Jewish people on social media platform Gab, which has very few rules against what people can say on the posts. Gab is now shut down.


Bowers made a few postings criticizing President Trump because he had Jewish people in his administration. He said he did not vote for Trump and has never touched a MAGA hat.


But the theory that apparently motivated his shooting, the suspicion that Jewish people were helping the migrant caravan in Central America -- this theory can be attributed to some conservative people accusing George Soros, the wealthy liberal donor, who is Jewish, of helping the caravan. You can make the connections on where he had the theory that Jewish people were behind the caravan.


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish organization, said the shooting was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in US history.


President Trump will visit Pennsylvania tomorrow to honor the victims.




President Trump Blames “Fake News” For Anger in Country; Critics Say Trump Is Responsible


Last week there were three major incidents of crime based on hate or prejudice: the synagogue shooting, the pipe bomb mailings, and a shooting at a Kroger grocery store. Those incidents has caused a lot of political debate on which side is responsible.


The Daily Moth has not yet reported about the Kroger shooting. This happened last Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky.


A 51-year old man, Gregory Bush, went into the grocery store and shot and killed a 69-year old man, Maurice Stallard, then killed a 67-year old woman, Vickie Lee Jones, outside in the parking lot.


There are reports that say two people who happened to have guns in the area confronted Bush. Bush told one of them, “Whites don’t kill whites.” The other person with a gun shot at Bush. Police caught Bush shortly after.


Both victims were black and the gunman is white. It seems like a hate crime, because Bush tried to go into a predominantly black church before the grocery store shooting, but the doors were locked.


The Daily Moth has already discussed in detail the news about the pipe bombs and the synagogue shooting.


Yesterday, liberal billionaire activist Tom Steyer, who was one of the targets of the pipe bombs, blamed President Trump and Republicans for stoking the atmosphere of political violence.


Steyer has spent at least $50 million on a campaign to impeach President Trump, and donated tens of millions to Democratic candidates.


Steyer tweeted after the synagogue shooting that the atmosphere is poisonous and that we need a change from the top down.


Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore posted a video clip yesterday of a Trump rally 20 months ago in Florida. It showed the mail bomber suspect, Cesar Sayoc, holding up a “CNN Sucks” sign.


Now Steyer, Moore, and several other Trump critics say Trump is at least partially responsible for the violence.


President Trump responded to this by saying that Steyer is a lunatic and that the fake news is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives, and him for the division and hatred in the country. Trump said the fake and dishonest reporting has caused great anger in our country.


Republican Senator Cornyn (Texas) said Democrats encouraged a mob scene at the Kavanaugh hearings, and they are now on the defensive. Others pointed at liberals shouting at Republican lawmakers as they dined in restaurants, forcing them out.


Some Republicans have pointed to last year’s shooting at a baseball practice — that was when a person who used to volunteer for Sen. Bernie Sanders shot at Republican lawmakers.


But Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (Calif.) said the President of the United States sets the tone, and that we can’t escape the tone that he sets.


A poll on political news website “The Hill,” asked people if we should tone down political rhetoric, and who is responsible for doing that.


39% of respondents said yes, and that Trump is responsible.


28% said yes, and that the media is responsible.


24% said yes, that Trump’s critics are responsible.


9% said there was no need change the rhetoric.




Bernard Bragg, Legendary Deaf Actor and Mime, Passes Away at 90


Bernard Bragg, famous Deaf actor and mime, has passed away at 90.


Deaf West Theatre announced this in a Facebook post this afternoon. They said with their hands out, they honor their actor, mentor, and benefactor, BB, who passed away today.


DWT said he was the father of Deaf Theater, a pioneer of the signed song, and developed the art of visual vernacular.


On a biography on, it says he was born on September 1928 in Brooklyn, New York to deaf parents.


He graduated from the New York School for the Deaf, Fanwood in 1947. He then studied theater at Gallaudet College, graduating in 1952. He had lead roles in several student performances.


He then worked at the California School for the Deaf, Berkeley (now Fremont) for 15 years.


During that time, in 1956, Bernard met an international star mime, Marcel Marceau, and was invited to France to study mime under him. When he returned, Bernard performed in San Francisco and toured nationwide.


Later, he left his teaching job to become a part of a group that formed the National Theater of the Deaf and was recognized on a NBC TV special about deaf performers. The NTD took off after that, appearing on Broadway and winning a Tony award.


Bernard left the NTD to teach at NTID, then at Gallaudet. He would continue to perform in the U.S. and worldwide, and wrote plays with stages in major cities.


He retired in 1997 and moved to Hollywood Hills, California, working with the Deaf West Theatre and teaching a theater course at CSUN.


Bernard is known for his financial contributions to support deaf theater, signed arts, deaf cinema, and Gallaudet University.  


I view him as a giant in the deaf community, that allowed others to stand on his shoulders and see further. We will miss you, but we will never forget you. Rest in peace, Bernard Bragg.


Deaf West FB Post:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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