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October 27, 2018

China And Russia Spying On Trump’s Personal Phone Calls; Man and Woman Dead at Yosemite National Park From Apparent Fall; Richard Spencer, White Nationalist, Accused Of Domestic Violence; Megyn Kelly Today Show Discontinued After Racist Comments; Huntress Sparks Online Outrage of Goat Hunt in Scotland; Flash Floods kill 20 people near Dead Sea; Mail Bombing Suspect Cesar Sayoc Arrested

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Friday, October 26. Ready for some top news?




China And Russia Spying On Trump’s Personal Phone Calls


The New York Times published an article saying that American spy agencies have learned that China and Russia have been listening to President Trump’s cell phone conversations.


The article claims that the President Trump has two official government iPhones that were modified by the National Security Agency, but President Trump prefers to use a third iPhone that is the same as everyone’s. President Trump uses a secure, government landline phone for official phone calls but uses his iPhone for calls with friends and family. President Trump’s assistants have told President Trump repeatedly that his iPhone cellphone calls are not secure but he still uses his iPhone.


US officials say that China and Russia use the phone calls to examine the President Trump’s personality and figure out what bothers or pleases the president. Their goal is to influence administration policy. China made a list of people that he talks to often and tried to use them to influence the president.


President Trump tweeted yesterday morning that the NY Times article was wrong. He said there was only one government cell phone and he rarely used it.


The NY Times said all sources are confidential but several of the sources are US intelligence officials. The officials said they were not revealing this information to make President Trump look bad, they were frustrated with his lax attitude to electronic security.




Man and Woman Dead at Yosemite National Park From Apparent Fall


Yesterday morning, the National Park Service said two people, a man and woman, seem to have died from a fall from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. They are retrieving the bodies, there are no more details, they are investigating.


Taft point is a popular place for taking photographs. Last week, another couple, a man proposed to a woman. A photographer was nearby, Matthew Dippel, took a photo of that. He wanted to give this beautiful photo to the couple. So, what he did was tweet the photo asking people to help him find the couple in the photo. That photo went viral. Even if the photo went viral, the couple still has not been found.


In the last 6 months, there have been eight deaths at Yosemite. Last month, a teenager from Israel died while trying to take a selfie at Yosemite.




Richard Spencer, White Nationalist, Accused Of Domestic Violence


Richard Spencer’s wife, Nina Koupriianova, has filed for divorce and accused him of being physically and emotionally abusive to her.


Richard Spencer is known for his controversial views on white supremacy, he is a leader for far-right and “alt-right” groups in the US. Student protests happened at several universities because he appeared to give a speech on his views. He is banned from many European countries because of his views.


Nina filed for divorce after eight years of marriage. She provided documents including emails and photographs to support her accusations about Richard for domestic violence.


Physical abuse include Richard hitting Nina, dragging her around by her hair. He verbally called her names, and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone. Richard abused Nina while she was pregnant, and abused her so often in front of their two children that he was a negative influence on the children.


Richard said it was not true. His lawyers tried to keep the divorce filings private, but a judge rejected their requests.




Megyn Kelly Today Show Discontinued After Racist Comments


Megyn Kelly, 47 years old, will not be continuing her 9 a.m. daily show, Megyn Kelly Today. Megyn will meet with NBC today to discuss what will her future look like with NBC.


Here’s what happened. This week, many people became upset with Megyn because of her comments about blackface (this means a person who is not Black puts makeup on for the role of a Black person) Halloween costumes. Megyn made a comment on Tuesday morning, defending that kind of costume, saying it was ok when she was a kid.


NBC executives quickly forced Megyn to apologize to her co-workers first then to NBC viewers.


Megyn started her Wednesday morning show with an apology, she learned about the history of blackface being used in awful ways. It is more serious than she realized. It is not acceptable for it to be part of any costume. Generally, it is not just for Halloween, but it is never acceptable for anytime.


A good lesson for all of us as Halloween is coming up next week.



Huntress Sparks Online Outrage of Goat Hunt in Scotland


After a social media outrage about an American huntress killing a wild goat in Scotland. Now, the Scotland government officials will be reviewing the country’s hunting laws. This huntress, Larysa Switlyk, posted a picture of her with a wild goat that she had shot and killed. This picture went viral causing an outrage with many people especially in Scotland.


Hunting wild goats is legal in Scotland, but Larysa’s post got backlashed because it seems that she was glorifying animal cruelty. People have commented that it is sad that tourists would come to Scotland and feel the need to kill the wildlife there. Some have commented that if people want to visit Scotland then enjoy the beauty and wildlife without killing any of them. People in Scotland said they do hunt but it is to help control the land, not to set up as trophies as the Americans do.


Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, tweeted that she agreed that it was upsetting that the animal had to be killed as a trophy so Scotland will review the law and consider changes to protect the wildlife from tourists.


Others have defended Larysa saying that hunting helps control the overpopulation of animals.


Larysa recently announced that she is disconnecting from social media for two weeks because she has gone on another hunting trip and she received some death threats. Larysa is a television show host known for her shows “Larysa Unleashed” and “Top Hooker.”




Flash Floods kill 20 people near Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is bordered by two countries, Israel and Jordan. Flash floods occurred on the Jordan side near the Dead Sea. The flash floods killed 20 people and many were hurt.


Yesterday afternoon, there were  37 middle school kids, 7 teachers, coming from a private school in Amman, and there were also some visitors as well at the hot springs near the Dead Sea. They were eating lunch and then all of the sudden the flash floods came. This came by surprise.


The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. It is also part of the Jordan Valley which flash floods are highly likely in that area.


When that happened, Jordan had to call the Israeli military to help. So, Israel sent an elite search and rescue team to help rescue some people that were stuck inside the flash floods. Some of the people were holding on the rocks. Now the floods have been cleared, people are finding more bodies washed up.


One official mentioned that this person was surprised that the school organized a field trip with this kind of weather condition even if there were already weather warnings.




Mail Bombing Suspect Cesar Sayoc Arrested


Big news — the suspect behind the pipe bombs sent to 13 Democrats or liberals nationwide this week, including a CNN building in New York City, has been caught in South Florida.


His name is Cesar Sayoc (56). Many news stations filmed FBI towing his white van, which was full of stickers that showed his support for President Trump and disdain for CNN or liberal leaders, including a picture of Hillary Clinton with crosshairs on it. FBI did their best to cover it up with a blue tarp, but it came undone as it was being towed to a FBI building. Sayoc was living in the van.


President Trump, after Sayoc was caught, thanked law enforcement for their work in speech at the White House at a Young Black Leadership Summit event.


Earlier this morning, before the arrest, Trump complained about the “bomb stuff,” saying it was distracting news from discussing politics and the elections. Even earlier this morning, past midnight, Trump criticized CNN for blaming him for the bombs.


Sayoc was arrested in front of an AutoZone store. FBI agents were inside the store to collect evidence. It is possible he bought items for the bombs in the store.


Sayoc was arrested five times in the past 30 years, most for theft crimes. His grandmother accused him of domestic violence in 1994. It is said he made threats to judges.


Sayoc used to live in New York. The FBI tracked him down by finding that all of the bombs were processed by a mail facility in southern Florida.


The Attorney General Sessions hosted a press conference. He said Sayoc has been charged with five federal crimes, including threats against former presidents, and he faces up to 58 years in prison. He said we will not tolerate political violence.


FBI Director Wray said 13 pipe (PVC) bombs with wires, clock, explosives were sent out. He said they were real devices, not hoax devices. They are being analyzed by the FBI lab in Quantico. He said they found Sayoc’s fingerprint on a bomb sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. His DNA was a match to DNA found on two other bombs. Some of the bombs had photographs of the targets with a red “X” on their faces.


It seems like Sayoc is the only person, the only suspect, but the investigation is still ongoing. Officials warned that there could be more packages out there.


The FBI did not name a motive for sending the bombs. AG Sessions said Sayoc appeared to be politically partisan, but he couldn’t comment until the facts come out. FBI Director Wray said they were concerned not about political rhetoric, but about people doing violence under any motivation.


Sayoc’s former lawyer said he had a hard time to fit in. One person told CNN that Sayoc, when he was arrested this morning, was cooperative and said the pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anybody, that he didn’t want to hurt anybody.




That’s all for now! See you later. Stay with the light.


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