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October 26, 2018

Two News Briefs: Two Female Bodies Found Taped Together in Hudson River; Update on Missing Girl from Wisconsin; Update on Suspicious Packages Sent To Democratic Leaders; Richard Spencer, White Nationalist, Accused Of Domestic Violence; Two Middle School Girls Arrested for Planning to Drink Classmates’ Blood; Cultural Appropriation Debate About Idaho Falls Mural; Hearing Artist Uses ASL; Kitten Glued to Road, Rescued

Two News Briefs: Two Female Bodies Found Taped Together in Hudson River; Update on Missing Girl from Wisconsin


Breaking news from yesterday evening, there were two female bodies duct-taped together found in the Hudson River near Manhattan. A person was passing by the river and saw two bodies floating in the water. This person contacted the authorities. Both of the female bodies were fully clothed and the bodies did not have any cuts, marks, or bruises. That’s all we know for now. The medical examiners are now looking at the bodies and will determine the cause.


Here is a quick update from last week’s story on Jayme Closs, the missing girl from Wisconsin. The search continues. This recent Tuesday, there were 2,000 volunteers to help search for Jayme. The FBI is now offering $25,000 reward for any information that leads to Jayme. The police is still confident that Jayme is still alive.



Update on Suspicious Packages Sent To Democratic Leaders


Update on yesterday’s bomb scare. The FBI intercepted ten suspicious packages, all were sent to people who were Democratic leaders or well known liberals. The packages were found in New York, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, and Florida. Most found in mail processing facilities, one was found in the CNN mailroom in NYC.


Most of the packages were padded manila envelopes. Packages were addressed to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, former CIA director John Brennan, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, famous actor Robert De Niro. Two of the packages were addressed to former vice-president Joe Biden and another two to California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.


The return label on most packages had the Florida office address of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It’s not confirmed if they all had homemade pipe bombs, but at least four packages had explosive devices. The package sent to Brennan at CNN also had an envelope with white powder inside.


The packages have been sent for analysis to the FBI Laboratory. They seem to have been sent by the same person or group. It’s not clear what motive the person or group had in sending the explosive devices other than causing terror.


The FBI is warning everyone to stay alert for more suspicious packages.




Richard Spencer, White Nationalist, Accused Of Domestic Violence


Richard Spencer’s wife, Nina Koupriianova, has filed for divorce and accused him of being physically and emotionally abusive to her.


Richard Spencer is known for his controversial views on white supremacy, he is a leader for far-right and “alt-right” groups in the US. Richard promotes his views through writing and speaking at colleges. Student protests happened at several universities because of his appearance. He is banned from many European countries because of his views.


Nina filed for divorce after eight years of marriage. She provided documents including emails and photographs to support her accusations of domestic violence.


Physical abuse include Richard hitting Nina, dragging her around by her hair. He verbally called her names, and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone. He abused Nina while she was pregnant, and abused her so often in front of their two children that he was a negative influence on the children.


Richard said it was not true. His lawyers tried to keep the divorce filings private, but a judge rejected their requests.




Two Middle School Girls Arrested for Planning to Drink Classmates’ Blood


In Bartow, Florida, two middle school girls, one age 11 and one age 12, were arrested yesterday for planning to kill their classmates, drink their blood, and then kill themselves.


This recent Monday, a student reported to a teacher about one of the girls’ warnings about something bad will happen. On Tuesday, extra officers were at the school because of that warning. The school has a robot system that will call parents if their child is not at school. So this robot system called one of the girls’ mother to inform that the child is not in class. The mother called the school to let them know that her daughter should be at school. This made the school staff search around campus for this girl. The staff found the two girls in the bathroom holding a goblet. The administrator thought the goblet was being used to drink alcohol.


When the two girls were brought to the office, they were asked to empty their pockets. What was found was a butcher knife, several other types of knives, and a pizza cutter. Both of the girls admitted that they were planning to kill the smaller and younger students. They wanted about 15 students to kill. The plan was to kill them, cut them up, eat the flesh, drink the blood in the goblet, put the body parts in front of the school, and then kill themselves. They wanted to do this so they can go to hell and be with Satan because these two were Satan worshippers. The articles mentioned that the two girls were inspired by watching a scary movie last Saturday.


Both of the girls were arrested and sent to the juvenile detention facility. Both of the girls’ parents had no idea about this plan or about them worshipping Satan. The school mentioned that there will be extra law enforcement this week at the school to keep alert and help the school remain calm.




Cultural Appropriation Debate About Idaho Falls Mural; Hearing Artist Uses ASL


Now some deaf related news.


In Idaho, there is a new art mural titled “Look and Listen.” In the mural, colorful hands represent four ASL signs: ask, understand, listen, and look. The artist is Kelly Sheridan, a hearing woman.


Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation partnered with American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Idaho to pick a local artist to paint a mural about minority groups. They selected Kelly, she chose the topic of communication and ASL.


In a Facebook group page, ASL That!, Joseph Wheeler, Deaf, asked if the mural was considered cultural appropriation, because the artist was hearing.


The Daily Moth asked him to share his thoughts, here he is.




Thank you for sharing.


In the Facebook group, Deaf people agreed that the signs on the mural were not clear, many said that it looked like gang signs. Several people agreed, yes, it is cultural appropriation.


One person said yes, it is cultural appropriation because the Deaf community is a minority group and deaf artists struggle to find work as artists. Often, deaf artists do not get paid for making deaf-related art, but hearing artists get paid for art using our cultural language.


The artist, Kelly commented on the original post. She said she was not a member of the Deaf community but she did check with a friend who teaches ASL and did her own research. She said she appreciated the feedback, then suggested maybe a native ASL user could paint another mural in Idaho Falls.


What do you think? Do you think it’s cultural appropriation or not?




Kitten Glued to Road, Rescued


A man from Oregon named Chuck Hawley was driving from Silverton to Salem. While he was driving around 7am, he noticed other cars in front of him swerving out of the way. He was wondering why when the truck in front of him immediately swerved out and Chuck saw a shadow of the kitten. When he realized that it was a kitten he slammed on the brakes and pulled over. He ignored the other cars honking at him and ran over to the kitten. The kitten was scared, shaking, and meowing. He tried picking the kitten up but realized that her paws were glued to the road. He got the front paws off easily, but he struggled to get the back paws off from the road. He decided to peel off the glue from the road and bring the kitten to a veterinarian. They used mineral oil to remove the glue.


Dr. Jenny Bate, the one who treated the kitten said she cannot imagine that someone would do that to a kitten. She also examined the kitten and found three puncture wounds around the neck. The cause is unknown. After the kitten was cleaned up, Chuck decided to adopt the kitten. His wife named the kitten “Sticky.” Sticky has a Facebook page called Sticky the Kitty. After this rescue, Chuck got emails from all over the world, many countries, including Australia, Portugal, Spain, and even one Iraqi news asked for permission to get the story translated into Arabic to share with their country. So, it seems that Sticky the Kitty found a family to stick with.





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