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October 25, 2018

Canadian Rapper Falls Off Plane While Filming Music Video; Body Found Dead in Car after 1 week; Taylor Oil Spill May Become Worst Environmental Disaster in US History; Undercover FBI Agents Investigate Corruption Involving Candidate for Governor of Florida; University Student Killed by Ex-Boyfriend; Adenovirus Outbreak kills 6 children; Officials Intercept Suspicious Packages Delivered To Obama, Clintons, CNN And More​

Canadian Rapper Falls Off Plane While Filming Music Video


On Saturday, in British Columbia, Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray fell off a plane and died while he was filming a music video. He was 34.


What happened was, Jon was on a small Cessna plane, his production team was on another plane, filming him. Jon was standing on the wing of the plane, performing for the camera. When he stepped too close to the edge of the wing, he caused the small plane to go into a downward spiral, the pilot lost control of the plane.


Jon held onto the wing for too long, when he let go, it was too late to pull his chute. He impacted the ground and died instantly. After Jon let go, the pilot regained control and landed the plane safely.


Jon’s management team said that he had been training for this stunt for months, it should not have happened.


Jon was known for performing his own stunts in his music videos. Several music videos show him skydiving, cliff diving, rock climbing. Before Jon became a musician, he was a professional skier, and could do backflips on skis.



Body Found Dead in Car after 1 week


A story was released yesterday in the New York Times about a man who was dead for a week in a car, unnoticed on a busy street in New York City.


This happened in August. The man is Geoffrey Weglarz. His family was ready to share this story.


Geoffrey, 61, committed suicide by drinking a vial of poison on August 24th. Police found him one week later in the East Village, on East 12th Street.


On the 24th, Geoffrey’s sister and friend called the police, they were concerned for Geoffrey because they got strange, suicidal messages from him.


A license plate reader recorded Geoffrey’s car entering Manhattan around 1 p.m. Police looked for him at an address his car was last known at, but left. They didn’t realize he was parked nearby in front of a playground.


Police did not continue the search for him, because he was not a NYC resident, he was a resident of Tampa, Florida.


His brother and sister tried to search for him. His sister knew that he had gotten the vial of poison a few weeks before. Geoffrey had a history of depression, he struggled to maintain a career as a software designer.


On August 29th, a neighbor walking his dog spotted Geoffrey sitting in the driver’s seat. The neighbor walked past. Two days later, the neighbor noticed him again, still in the car. There was a heatwave in NYC, the windows were up and the engine was off, so that was odd. The neighbor knocked on the window then called 911.


When police opened the car, the stench was so strong it filled the block for hours. Officers put up a curtain around the car to block people from seeing the body while they removed it.


Geoffrey was once on a PBS documentary about middle-age Americans who struggled with unemployment. He mentioned he applied for over 450 jobs without success. He also had another moment of fame when he angrily threw a McDonald sandwich through the drive-through because it was the wrong order. He had news coverage about this which forced him to change his name. On his last day he wanted to cash a $275 check but could not. After that he went to his car and drank that vial of poison and died.


Many people and neighbors were shocked that a dead body, visibly sitting in a car, could be overlooked for a week in NYC.




Taylor Oil Spill May Become Worst Environmental Disaster in US History


The Taylor Oil Spill has been leaking crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the last 14 years, and could become the worst environmental disaster in US history.


In 2004, Hurricane Ivan caused an underwater mudslide about 12 miles off the coast of Louisiana, which damaged an oil platform above the water and caused it to sink. More than 25 wells were connected to the rig, they were damaged and buried by the mud.


The oil rig was owned by Taylor Energy, they reported the accident to the Coast Guard but they did not make a public announcement. The company removed most of the top part of the platform, but not all of the oil wells were capped. The company said it was complicated and dangerous to cap the wells because of the mud and sediment covering the wells, so it was better to just leave it as is. There are still no plans to cap the wells.


For years, Taylor Energy’s data reported only 1 to 55 barrels of oil being leaked per day, but that contrasts with the independent analysis that the Justice Department released last month. Their estimates say the Taylor wells leak about 300 to 700 barrels of oil per day. Over 14 years, those numbers can really add up.  


Environmentalists have sued Taylor Energy for minimizing the severity of the leak, and for not informing the public about the accident.



Undercover FBI Agents Investigate Corruption Involving Candidate for Governor of Florida


Yesterday, the FBI released documents about Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, Florida. He is the democratic candidate for state governor.


A state ethics commission has been looking into Andrew because of a complaint against him about trips he took to Costa Rica and NYC. It is against the law for officials to accept gifts from people trying to influence their vote or other official action.


Text and email messages from 2016 show that Andrew accepted several gifts from an undercover FBI agent who was posing as a property developer named Mike Miller. The FBI agent, as Mike, became close to a former lobbyist, Adam Corey, a longtime friend of Andrew.


Adam arranged a meeting between the three of them while Adam and Andrew were on a luxury vacation in Costa Rica, which brought up the question of who paid for the trip. Andrew said they did not discuss business on the trip and that he paid for the trip himself.


Later, Mike (the undercover FBI agent) offered tickets to the broadway musical, “Hamilton.” Andrew attended the show knowing that the tickets were from Mike. Mike also arranged a hotel room for Andrew in NYC and a private yacht trip around Ellis Island for Andrew and his friend Adam.


Andrew denied that the Broadway tickets were a gift, he thought his brother had paid for them.


Later that year, the Tallahassee community redevelopment agency approved a project that directly benefited Mike (the undercover FBI agent). It could look like Andrew allowed Mike to get that project in exchange for getting gifts. However, Andrew was the chair of the committee and he was not present for that vote.


It’s not clear how much Andrew knew about Mike’s gifts. The FBI told Andrew that he’s not the focus of the investigation, but these kind of documents don’t look good for him with the upcoming elections.



University Student Killed by Ex-Boyfriend


Lauren McCluskey, senior from Pullman, Washington, was a student at the University of Utah. She was 21 years old. She was on the phone with her mother right before she died. The suspected killer, Melvin Rowland, is a registered sex-offender who was also Lauren’s ex-boyfriend.


The mother who was on the phone with Lauren said that Lauren’s last words as she was screaming, “no, no, no!” right before she died. The mother thought Lauren was in an accident so she asked Lauren’s father to call 911. The phone line was still open for a few minutes until a young woman picked up Lauren’s phone and said Lauren’s things were on the ground.


Apparently Lauren and Melvin dated for about a month. Melvin lied about his name, his age, and his criminal history. One of Lauren’s friends warned her that Melvin had a criminal history so Lauren ended the relationship. She blocked him and all of his friends. She sent a complaint to the University of Utah police that she was being harassed by Melvin.


Last Monday, it seems that Lauren and Melvin had an argument around 9pm. Around 10pm was when Lauren’s body was found near the medical towers. Melvin’s body was found at 1am inside a church off campus. It seems that Melvin shot Lauren then went in the church and shot himself.


The entire University of Utah is in shock that this happened. Lauren was part of the track team and a highly respected athlete. She was an outstanding scholar. She was a senior majoring in communication.



Adenovirus Outbreak kills 6 children


There was an adenovirus outbreak that happened at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in New Jersey. This outbreak killed 6 medically fragile children. Now, the health department is investigating this situation. The center is not accepting any new patients until this case is resolved.


Adenovirus is a type of virus that affects the membrane lining of the respiratory tract (nose, mouth, throat), eyes, intestines, urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder), and nervous system. So, the medically fragile children already have weak immune system. Symptoms can be like a cold, flu, scratchy nose, or scratchy throat. If more severe, it could be pneumonia. The doctors claimed that all of us at least one time in our lives, we had an adenovirus. It is a very common. However, when it comes to the medically fragile children inside that center, as the adenovirus broke out, the fragile children could not handle it. They have weak immune systems and could not fight that virus which caused 6 children to die.


This kind of virus can be found on doorknobs, IV poles, and other surface items. So far the health department mentioned that it was possible because of minor causes from not washing hands. This situation is still under investigation.



Officials Intercept Suspicious Packages Delivered To Obama, Clintons, CNN And More


Breaking news today, several suspicious packages were mailed to several democratic leaders, law enforcement was able to intercept them all before anyone was hurt.


Last night and early this morning, the Secret Service intercepted two suspicious packages that were addressed to Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama at their homes.


A package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, it was found this morning in CNN’s mailroom, the building was evacuated.


An FBI agent said the devices appear to be homemade pipe bombs, simple to make but dangerous. They are similar to the one sent to George Soros on Monday.


Several other people have received packages too. We will update again tomorrow after more information is released.


President Trump said this afternoon America needs to unite and send one very clear, strong message that threats and acts of political violence don’t belong in the United States of America.


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