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October 24, 2018

Top Stories Briefs: Man Blames Trump After Groping Woman on Southwest Flight; Explosive Device Found At Soros Mailbox; Sandra Day O’Connor Has Dementia; World News Briefs: China Opens World’s Longest Sea Bridge; Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Found; Turkish President Erdogan Demands Saudis Explain Killing; Racist Diatribe on Ryanair Flight; Racist Attack On Sainsbury’s Security Guard; Science News Briefs: NASA’s New Water Deluge System; Alien-looking Iceberg Found in Antarctica; Headless Chicken Monster Spotted in Southern Ocean; Signing Starbucks Opens in Washington, D.C.; Bizarre “Wash Your Hands To Help Stop Baby Born Deaf” Newspaper Headline; Deaf Bing: Better Air Circulation

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Top Stories Briefs: Man Blames Trump After Groping Woman on Southwest Flight; Explosive Device Found At Soros Mailbox; Sandra Day O’Connor Has Dementia   


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first — a man from Florida is charged with sexually assaulting a woman on a Southwest flight when he touched her chest twice as she was sleeping. When the plane landed, the man was arrested and told police that the president of the United States says it is okay to grab women by their private parts.


The second news brief — there was a small explosive device found in a mailbox of the New York home of George Soros, who is a billionaire known for his large donations to liberal political candidates or organizations. Police took it out and safely detonated it. Soros was not home at the time. The FBI is investigating.


The third news brief — former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said she has dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s disease. She is 88 and is the first female justice, appointed by Ronald Reagan, and retired 12 years ago. O’Connor said she would withdraw from public life and encouraged our nation to teach our youth about civics.


SW Flight:








World News Briefs: China Opens World’s Longest Sea Bridge; Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Found; Turkish President Erdogan Demands Saudis Explain Killing


Here are three world news briefs.


The first — China opened the world’s longest sea bridge and tunnel that connects Hong Kong and Macau to the mainland. It is 34.2 miles long and it took almost 10 years to build. There is an underwater tunnel for 4.2 miles, so large cargo ships can pass above. It will save drivers hours in commuting time.


The second brief — a Greek merchant ship from over 2,400 years ago has been discovered on its side at the bottom of the Black Sea near the Bulgarian coast. It is considered the world’s oldest known intact shipwreck. It has a rudder and rowing benches that looks just like ships drawn on ancient Greek vases.


The third brief — Turkish President Erdogan said in a speech that Saudi Arabia officials planned in advance the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He wants the suspects that were arrested by Saudi authorities to be brought to courts in Turkey. He also called on Saudi Arabia to reveal where Jamal’s body was.


Saudi Arabian officials said the killing was a mistake and that it was done without their authorization.


U.S. CIA Director Gina Haspel is in Turkey. Sky News reported that Jamal’s body parts were found at the Saudi consul general’s home. There are other reports that Jamal died in a chokehold and was rolled up in a rug and given to a person to get rid of it.


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who many suspect of ordering the killing, made an appearance at a major investment conference in Saudi Arabia. The country announced $50 billion in deals with several countries.


China Bridge:




Turkey/Saudi Arabia:;




Racist Diatribe on Ryanair Flight; Racist Attack On Sainsbury’s Security Guard


Here are two news briefs about incidents of racism in the UK.


The first incident happened on a Ryanair flight going from Barcelona to London. A white man was verbally abusive towards an older black woman, Delsie Gayle, who was sitting near him. He wanted the woman to move away. A man filmed the incident and posted it online.


The man called the woman names like ugly cow and ugly black bastard. The woman’s daughter, who was sitting in another row nearby told the man that her mother was disabled. The man responded that he didn’t care if she was disabled. He said, “If I tell her to get out, she gets out.”


The woman was moved from her seat to another seat, but the man was allowed to stay on the plane.


Many people were disappointed with how Ryanair handled the situation, saying that people have been removed from planes for simpler reasons.


The man has been identified and authorities in Spain are investigating this.


The second racist incident happened in London at a department store, Sainsbury’s. A white man, a customer, was verbally abusive towards a black security guard. A woman filmed the incident and posted it online.


The white customer became frustrated while waiting for an employee to help him. When the security guard approached the man, the man became verbally abusive.


The customer yelled at the security guard, “I belong here. You don’t.”


Other customers became involved, they tried to calm the man, but he continued to yell at the security guard. When the store staff refused to serve the abusive man, he screamed and swore at them too. He was escorted out of the store.


Staff at the store said that the white man was a regular customer, he was normally pleasant and polite, but last Friday he was drunk and aggressive.


So those are the two racist incidents.




Science News Briefs: NASA’s New Water Deluge System; Alien-looking Iceberg Found in Antarctica; Headless Chicken Monster Spotted in Southern Ocean


Here are three science news briefs.


The first: NASA posted a video on YouTube of the Kennedy Space Center launch pad, with 450,000 gallons of water erupting in one minute.


NASA was testing a new water deluge system to prepare for its new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS).


The SLS is so powerful that the amount of heat, noise and energy the rocket will make during launch is capable of damaging the surrounding launch pad. The water deluge is supposed to reduce that extreme heat and energy.


Now, watch the deluge!




Wow, that’s a lot of water.


The second science news brief: last week, NASA flew over Antarctica and photographed this perfect-looking iceberg in the middle of floating ice.


Many people have wondered if this was done by aliens, but scientists say this is natural.


There are two types of icebergs. We are familiar with non-tabular icebergs, which are huge chunks of ice with jagged edges, with the bulk of the iceberg below the surface of the water.


Tabular icebergs look like this rectangular iceberg. They happen when ice slabs break off vertical ice shelves, they look straight and geometrical until wind, sun and ocean begin eroding the ice.


Here is the third science news brief: another discovery happened in Antarctica last week, but deep underwater.


Almost 10,000 feet below sea level, scientists spotted a strange, pinkish-red thing that looks like a plump but headless chicken. It is rare and has been spotted only once before, in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first time they’ve filmed the creature on camera.


It’s a type of sea cucumber, a deep-sea one, the scientific name is Enypniastes eximia.


Most sea cucumbers live on the ocean-floor, they cannot swim because they don’t have fins. But the headless chicken monster has fins that look like wings, and they spend most of their time swimming until they are ready to eat. Scientists hope they can learn more about this creature.


NASA Video:




Signing Starbucks Opens in Washington, D.C.


The “Signing Starbucks Store” has opened in Washington, D.C. on H St. NE. There is a lot of buzz about it on the internet, with local news, deaf news organization Sign1News, Gallaudet President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano, NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum, and actress Marlee Matlin visiting the store.


Starbucks said all the employees are fluent in ASL and are a mix of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. Here is some footage provided by Starbucks.




That big mural that says, “DEAF community” was created by Yiqiao Wang, a deaf artist and adjunct professor at Gallaudet.


There is also a custom mug with the sign for “Starbucks,” created by deaf artist Jena Floyd.


There is a monitor that alerts customers when their orders are ready. There are also digital notepads and picture menus for communication.


Starbucks Foundation donated $50,000 to the NAD.


The store concept was inspired by a signing store in Malaysia that opened in 2016.


The Starbucks district manager, Margaret Houston (hearing) said she grew up in NE D.C. when the area was rebuilt after the 1969 riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Houston said she couldn’t go on the Gallaudet campus when she was a kid because of the fence around it. She would dare other people to climb over the fence because they were curious on what was on the other side. That was then, and  now she is overseeing the store and has a new sign name, “M,” for Margaret, placed over the heart.


The store manager, Matthew Gilsbach, is deaf.


Nice, I hope to visit the store and order coffee for myself.


Sign1News Coverage:


Marlee Matlin:






Bizarre “Wash Your Hands To Help Stop Baby Born Deaf” Newspaper Headline


There is an image of a bizarre newspaper headline that is going viral in the deaf community — it says, “Wash your hands to help stop baby being born deaf.”


[Image of headline]


This appears to be from an article published in 2014 in British tabloid newspaper “Daily Mail.” It is about a mother, Caroline Star, who got a virus when she was pregnant with her first child, Parisa. The virus is CMV, short for cytomegalovirus. It is not considered a serious virus, but if a woman gets it for the first time and is pregnant, the CMV can be passed to the fetus, causing hearing loss. It is how her daughter became deaf. The virus can also cause other disorders.


The article quoted doctors who say those who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant should wash their hands to prevent getting the virus, especially if they interact a lot with young children.


I checked Mayo Clinic online and it has similar information about CMV and recommendations for pregnant women who have never had CMV infection before to wash their hands.


So, that’s what the article is talking about. We see that the CMV disease can be serious, but the headline, “Wash to stop baby being born deaf,” could be written better.








Deaf Bing: Better Air Circulation


Deaf people have great air circulation in our homes or rooms. Why? Because we often wave for others’ attention for an extended time. All that waving circulates the air. It’s like a free fan. Nice. We can breathe better.




That is all for today. Tomorrow, I will be out of town again, I will give a speech for TDI’s 50th Anniversary Gala in Maryland on Thursday. Renca Dunn will cover top stories Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Have a great week and stay with the light!



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