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October 20, 2018

93 Additional Women Accuse Former USC Gynecologist Dr. Tyndall Of Sexual Misconduct; Microplastics Found in 90% of Table Salts; Millions Of People In Yemen Are On The Brink Of Starvation; South Carolina Man Bites Ex-Girlfriend’s Lip Off; Kangaroo Meat Served at School​

93 Additional Women Accuse Former USC Gynecologist Dr. Tyndall Of Sexual Misconduct


On Thursday, ninety-three additional women came forward to accuse Dr. George Tyndall, former gynecologist (gyno, doctor specializing for women’s body parts) for the University of Southern California (USC) of sexual misconduct.


Dr. Tyndall worked at USC for 30 years as their only full-time gynecologist at the school’s student health clinic. The former students say Dr. Tyndall sexually abused, harassed and molested them. They allege that USC ignored complaints about the doctor for many years, they covered up his actions.


In 2016, Tyndall was suspended with pay, then fired by the university in 2017 for inappropriate behavior. The university reached a settlement with him and did not report him to law enforcement or state medical authorities.


In July, 52 people came forward to sue Tyndall and USC. And now 93 more women have come forward with stories against Tyndall.


Several women said that they had never had experience with another gynecologist before Dr. Tyndall, so they didn’t realize his conduct wasn’t medically legitimate until they saw the first of the lawsuits in May. That’s why they are coming forward now.


Many of the women accused Tyndall of groping breasts, penetrating vaginas with medical appliances or his hands, sometimes without gloves, of photographing genitals and naked bodies, or exposing his own naked body.


Some claim that Tyndall made racist, derogatory and misogynistic comments while abusing them. He commented on the size of their breasts or their vaginas.


Several people allege that there were nurses or chaperones who were there as it happened, they were aware of his behavior, but dismissed their concerns or said nothing. Several said they sent emails to the director of the clinic, or to other university officials but received no response.


Tyndall’s lawyer said his client maintains that he did not do anything wrong while practicing medicine at USC. He maintains that his examinations of students at USC were for the stated medical purpose and consistent with the standard of care.



Microplastics Found in 90% of Table Salts


A new study shows that plastic pollution has become so widespread that microplastics can be found in 90% of our table salt.


Several years ago, microplastics were found in sea salt, but scientists did not really know how much or how bad. Now research shows microplastics in 90% of the world’s popular table salt brands.


This study was conducted by scientists from South Korea and Greenpeace East Asia. Scientists looked at sea salt, rock salt and lake salt sold around the world. Salt samples from 21 countries around the world were analyzed. Out of 39 salt brands tested, 36 had microplastics in them.


The three brands that did not have microplastics were from Taiwan, China and France.


This study is the first time people have been really looking to see how microplastics spread out in the world. This study suggests that the amount of plastic pollution produced by one region strongly affects how much microplastics their citizens ingest from marine products like salt or fish.


The density of microplastics found in salt varied a lot, but salt from Asian brands had a higher density of microplastics than the others. The highest amount of microplastics was found in salt sold in Indonesia. Indonesia, with 34,000 miles of coastline, suffers from one of the worst levels fop plastic pollution in the world.


A British scientist said that there is a serious need for better quality studies on particle sizes and material types of microplastics, and how all of that affects us and the environment.




Millions Of People In Yemen Are On The Brink Of Starvation


The country of Yemen is facing a serious famine, where 14 million people are at risk of starvation.


It could be the world’s deadliest famine to happen in 100 years. Lise Grande, the United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, says hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions of people, may not survive the famine.


In 2015, a civil war started between the Yemen government and an Islamic militia group.


The war is seriously affecting Yemen’s citizens. Lise says the famine is caused by economic situations. There is food available, but its not affordable for most people. When the Yemeni currency loses value, gas and food become much more expensive. Transporting food through the country is expensive and makes food prices go up.


Plus, imports have been blocked from entering the country. Imports like sugar, butter and cooking oil are now hard to find in Yemen.


The value of Yemeni currency crashed this month. Thousands of poor families who were barely able to buy food last week now can’t buy anything at all.


About 8.5 million people already depend on the World Food Programme to survive. But if current situations in Yemen continue, possibly 5 million more people will need assistance to survive, too.


South Carolina Man Bites Ex-Girlfriend’s Lip Off

In South Carolina, a 23  years old man, Seth Aaron Fleury, was charged with assault and battery of a high aggravated nature and will spend 12 years behind bars for what he did. Seth asked to meet with his ex-girlfriend to discuss some things. Apparently the discussion did not go well and there was a disagreement. Seth got upset that his ex-girlfriend did not want to get back with him so he tried to kiss her, but that woman pulled away. So, Seth bit on her lip so hard that the woman’s bottom lip was ripped off. The doctors have tried to put her bottom lip back together, but seems it was not successful. The woman now suffers permanent scarring and limited mouth movement. This incident happened last year. Yesterday was the decision of Seth’s charge. A circuit solicitor (type of lawyer) Walt Wilkins mentioned that this was a form of domestic violence and hopes that Seth’s charge will send a message to all the other abusers that domestic violence in any kind is not acceptable.



Kangaroo Meat Served at School


Potter-Dix Public School district in In Nebraska state, a head cook for that district served kangaroo meat as part of the chili. The kangaroo meat was mixed with beef too. Kevin Frei, the head cook did not ask for permission to serve kangaroo meat at the school. It is actually legal to buy and sell kangaroo meat here in the U.S. because the meat meets USDA standards. Kevin mentioned that the reason why he served kangaroo meat is because it has a lot nutritional value and it is not “dangerous.” The superintendent was shocked and had to write up an apology letter to the parents. The superintendent mentioned that if there “if there is a family that want to try exotic food, they can do at their own time, not at a school.” He did also mention that this will never happen again. Kevin, the head cook, was fired last Wednesday.


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