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October 19, 2018

President Trump Files 2017 Tax Return After 6-month Extension; Senior Advisor For Treasury Department Charged ForLeaking Sensitive Documents About Russia Probe; Founder of Women’s Football in Mexico Killed; Superorganism Pando Is Shrinking; Slain parents and a missing girl;  Texas High School Students Required To Take Traffic Interaction Class Before Graduation

President Trump Files 2017 Tax Return After 6-month Extension


President Trump and first lady Melania Trump have submitted their 2017 federal income tax returns. In April, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Trumps filed for a six-month extension because they had complex tax returns. Monday was the deadline for that extension.


Since Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015, he refused to release his tax returns from any year, based on the reason that they were under audit. A tax audit is an accounting procedure where the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examines your individual or business financial records to make sure you filed your tax return accurately.


Less than 1% of all tax returns are audited each year. It is allowed to release your returns while being audited.


Tax returns filed by any president are automatically audited by the IRS, and every president since Richard Nixon has released his tax returns in some form.

But Trump has repeatedly refused to release his returns. Trump tweeted that no sane person would release their tax returns while under audit.

In 2016, a part of his 1995 tax return was released to the public. He reported a loss of $916 million that year. Tax experts say that he could have used that loss to avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years.


Two weeks ago, The New York Times published an investigative piece on the Trump family, focusing on their questionable tax schemes in the 1990s.

Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has made people more curious. People have been wanting to see Trump’s tax returns, it would show if he had financial ties with countries like Russia or Saudi Arabia.

His 2017 returns would show how much Trump earned as chairman and president of the Trump Organization.



Senior Advisor For Treasury Department Charged For Leaking Sensitive Documents About Russia Probe


On Tuesday in Virginia, Natalie Edwards, a former employee for the Treasury Department, was arrested and charged for leaking sensitive documents related to the investigation into Russia. Natalie was a senior advisor at the department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). She was charged for disclosing suspicious activity reports (SARs) since October of 2017.


If banks or other financial institutions suspect of a potentially illegal transactions then they will file to the SARs to alert the law enforcement. So, the information are filed confidentially. It is not public information and it is a federal crime to disclose them other people.


Natalie allegedly saved the reports on a flash drive and sent photos of the documents to a reporter. She had the flash drive with her when she was arrested, and her cellphone had proof of her communications with a reporter.

Natalie allegedly leaked information about Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and the Russian Embassy, among others. The information was used in about 12 news stories.

Natalie admitted to the FBI that she was a whistleblower (to alert others), but the reason why she gave information to the other journalists is for the purpose of record keeping.

She is facing up to 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.



Founder of Women’s Football in Mexico Killed


Marbella Ibarra, 44 years old woman, founder of Mexico’s first professional women’s football team – Xolas de Tijuana, Marbella was killed. The police said that based on the examination of her body, it seems that she was killed last Friday and her body was not found until this recent Monday at a beach resort south of the border city of Tijuana.


Marbella has been missing for a month. When her body was found last Monday, her body showed that she was tortured. Her hands and feet were tied. She has been severely beaten. A plastic sheet wrapped around her body. It is not clear what the motive is for this murder, but the police mentioned that it has nothing to do with Marbella’s involvement of the women’s football team.


Marbella fought hard for the women’s football team to be recognized. She was a key role in the creation of the women’s professional league in 2017. She dedicated her time working with young female football players. The community outpoured that they were heartbroken about Marbella’s death. The city of Tijuana has a high rate of crime and murder.



Superorganism Pando Is Shrinking


Pando, a group of trees covering 106 acres in Utah, and it is considered as one of the largest organisms (animal, plant life) on Earth. Pando is shrinking slowly. The Pando is found in Fishlake National Forest in Utah. It has about 40,000 trees.


How did it grow back then? It naturally cloned from a single tree. Pando is a Latin word for “I spread.” Pando is shrinking because of two potential reasons: one, people have failed to preserve it and two, the wildlife grazing near the Pando which causes a stump in the growth of new trees. People did try to put a fence around it to prevent wildlife, but seems it was not successful. Paul Rogers, the director of Western Aspen Alliance, mentioned that it is possible to save the organisms through something called “mega-conservation.” We will find out more as time goes on.


Slain parents and a missing girl


Jayme Closs, a 13 years old girl, has been missing for 4 days so far in Barron, Wisconsin. The police are now investigating this situation because it was really odd how this girl disappeared. The police got a 911 call, but they did not know who it was from. A cell phone was identified, but not the owner of the phone. So, they showed up at Jayme’s home around 1am last Monday, but found no one at the house. The house was dark and no cars were around. They entered the house and found Jayme’s parents James (56) and Denise (46) dead. Both of the parents had been shot. A neighbor recalls two gunshot sounds at 12:30am. Jayme was nowhere to be found. It is suspected that she might have been kidnapped. The police is 100 percent confident that Jayme is still somewhere alive. The school district administrator in Barron mentioned that Jayme was a very sweet girl and loved to dance. Jayme’s family and the community around her are hoping to find her soon. The police is asking people to keep an eye out for Jayme who is 100 pounds, has green eyes, and has strawberry blonde hair.




Texas High School Students Required To Take Traffic Interaction Class Before Graduation


A new state law in Texas requires high school students
to take a class that will teach them about the role of law enforcement and the
duties of police officers.


Senate Bill 30 is called the Community Safety Education Act, it was passed last month and will start this year.


Senator Royce West, who wrote the bill, said the goal is to fix trust issues between students and police after multiple shootings happened this year, police shooting unarmed citizens.


The class will define the behavior and expectations of both citizens and police during traffic stops. They will learn about their rights. Students will also learn how to file a complaint against a police officer, or send a compliment too. In that class, they will have to watch one 16-minute video that explains what to do during a traffic stop.


West said they are doing similar kinds of training in police academies and adult drivers education programs.,_Community_Safety_Education_Act/


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