The Daily Moth 10-15-2018

October 15, 2018

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Pregnant; Nine Climbers Die in Nepal; Sears Bankrupt; Sen. Warren Releases DNA Test On Native Ancestry; Updates On Saudi Arabian Journalist; Neanderthal Child Eaten by Giant Bird; Italy Vampire Burial; Stephen Hawking Warns Superhumans and Artificial Intelligence Could Wipe Out Humanity; Guest #DeafBing: Billiards Block; Slow Stoplight; Burnt Food​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, October 15. Ready for news?




Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Pregnant; Nine Climbers Die in Nepal; Sears Bankrupt


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle announced they are pregnant with their first child, the baby is expected spring 2019.


Queen Elizabeth II will be the great-grandmother of the baby, who will be the seventh in line to the British throne. The baby can be a dual citizen, both British and American, because Meghan is American.


The second news brief: In Nepal, nine people, mountain climbers and guides, died trying to climb the Gurja Himal mountain after a strong storm hit the area. Five of them were South Korean climbers and the other four were Nepalese guides.


A helicopter crew and first responders found their bodies with broken limbs and smashed skulls. They believe very strong winds caused them to be swept away, with chunks of ice falling on them.


The third news brief: Sears has filed for bankruptcy protection today. Sears will close 46 stores next month and 150 more near the end of the year.


Sears wants to continue operations through the holidays while they look for a buyer. Sears has been losing money since 2010 and couldn’t pay a $134 million payment due today.










Sen. Warren Releases DNA Test On Native Ancestry; Updates On Saudi Arabian Journalist


Here are two political news briefs:


The first: Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that shows she possibly had a Native American person in her family tree 6 to 10 generations ago.


This was in response to President Trump’s insults to her, calling her “Pocahontas” because Warren has often said that her great-great-great-grandmother was part Native American based on her family’s stories.


The DNA test said the vast majority of Warren’s ancestry is European, and said that she could be from 1/32 up to 1/1024th Native American, depending on if the person was from the 6th or 10th generation.  


Warren is considering a run for president in 2020 and has called on Trump to donate $1 million to a charity for Indigenous women, pointing to Trump’s offer three months to make the donation if she did a DNA test.


When reporters asked Trump about this this morning, Trump said, “Who cares?” Trump also said he hopes she runs for president because he thinks she would be easy to beat.


The second news brief: President Trump said he has talked with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman about the missing and possibly murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared after going into a Saudi consulate in Turkey two weeks ago.


Trump said the King denies any knowledge of whatever might have happened to him. Trump said he is sending our Sec. of State Pompeo to meet with the King.


Turkish officials have maintained their claim that Jamal was murdered and his body dismembered and removed, and said they have evidence of it. Some reports said Jamal used his Apple Watch to record it.  Turkish police investigators went into the consulate today.


CNN recently said that Saudi Arabia is preparing a report that will say that Jamal’s death was because an interrogation went wrong, that the killers did it without permission, and that they will be held responsible.


Prior to today, over the weekend, Saudi Arabia denied any involvement, and said they would retaliate to any negative actions against the country.


Since then, Saudi stocks has shown volatility as investors show fear of impacts on the price of oil and various Saudi business relationships.








Neanderthal Child Eaten by Giant Bird; Italy Vampire Burial


Here are two unique stories of archaeological digs about children who died a long, long time ago.  


The first: researchers working in a cave in Poland say they’ve identified two finger bones that belonged to a Neanderthal child who was 5 to 7 years old from 115,000 years ago.


They say it is likely the child was eaten by a large bird from the Ice Age, based on many holes in the bones, which indicate there was digestive process.  


They think the bird either attacked and ate the child, or ate it after it died. The bones were found in an area where there were other Neanderthal stone tools.


The second unique story: researchers working in an Italian cemetery for babies found a 10-year old person’s skeleton in a tomb with a rock lodged in its mouth, and think it is a “vampire burial.” They think it was a burial ritual where the stone was forced in the child’s mouth, after it died, to make sure it didn’t rise from the dead and spread malaria.


The date of the burial is about 1,500 years ago. There was another skeleton of a 3-year old girl who had her hands and feet pushed down with stones, which was another example of a vampire burial to prevent her from rising again.  


The researchers said it’s eerie and weird, and believe it is because the spread of disease at the time scared people, who tried to figure out what was happening and came up with different rituals to stop it.


Child Eaten by Bird:


Vampire Burial:




Stephen Hawking Warns Superhumans and Artificial Intelligence Could Wipe Out Humanity


Stephen Hawking, the world-famous scientist who passed away in March, wrote in his final book that will be released tomorrow a prediction that there will be genetically-enhanced superhumans and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that could kill off all humans in the future.


The book is titled, “Brief Answers to the Big Questions.” Hawking said he fears the consequences when AI surpasses humans because of our limitations with slow biological evolution.


Hawking recommended leaders to put in restrictions to control how fast AI can grow, especially in the military, warning against advanced weapons systems where robots can choose and eliminate their own targets.


About the “superhumans” concept — Hawking predicted that gene-editing technology will be used to  prevent and get rid of diseases, but that people would use it to make people stronger or smarter.


He said once there are superhumans, “normal” humans won’t be able to compete and will either become unimportant or die out. He said superhumans would then race against each other to quickly improve themselves.




Guest #DeafBing: Billiards Block; Slow Stoplight; Burnt Food


[Alex] Ready for three guest Deaf Bing?


The first is from Curtis.


[Curtis] Deaf Bing when you’re playing pool - you have to constantly move people away from the table while you’re trying to play.


[Alex] That’s true. You may have to install a little fence around that pool table.


The next Deaf Bing is from Fatymer.


[Fatymer] Deaf Bing at red lights: we will stop and start chatting. When the light turns green, people behind us will honk - but we can’t hear them. Eventually we notice it, “ah $@&%!”


That’s Deaf Bing, right? Yup.


[Alex] Oops, sorry about the people behind us. We need more peripheral vision to catch the light and the person talking, or do a better job of having an owl neck.


The next and third Deaf Bing video is from Enrique.


[Enrique] Deaf bing in the kitchen: I just started cooking on the stove when a friend came up and we started chatting for a bit. Then I saw my food was burnt. 🤦


[Alex] Burnt food, again! Maybe we need a third arm, so we can chat and cook at the same time.


Thank you all three for the videos.




That is all for today.


I want to let you know that tomorrow I will leave on a trip and I will not do news Tuesday to Friday. The Daily Moth sub anchor, Renca Dunn, will cover news. I’ll see you all next week. Have a wonderful week and stay with the light!


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