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October 10, 2018

Taylor Swift Endorses Democrats; Kanye West To Meet Trump; Nikki Haley Resigns; Hurricane Michael Expected to Hit Florida Panhandle Wednesday Afternoon; Google+ Shutting Down After Hack Revealed; Canadian Man Finds $1.3 Million Lottery Ticket In Old Jacket Pocket; Federal Officials to Round Up 1,000 Wild Horses For Adoption Or Sale; United Nations Issues Alarming Climate Change Report; Murder-Suicide at the National Institute for the Deaf in South Africa​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, October 9. Ready for news?




Taylor Swift Endorses Democrats; Kanye West To Meet Trump; Nikki Haley Resigns


Here are three political news briefs.


The first: on Sunday night, musician Taylor Swift, who is from Tennessee, posted on Instagram an endorsement of two Tennessee Democrats who are running for U.S. Senate and House seats. said almost 65,000 Americans ages 18 to 29 nationwide registered to vote in the 24 hours after Swift’s post. In Tennessee, over 2,100 people registered to vote since Sunday, which is more than double than the entire month of August.


The second brief: musician Kanye West plans to visit the White House this Thursday to have lunch with President Trump and Jared Kushner. They plan to discuss manufacturing jobs, prison reform, gang violence, and Chicago violence.


Kanye has been a proud supporter of Trump, often wearing a red MAGA hat on his social media posts. He wore it on an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last week.


We know that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has visited Trump twice to advocate for the early release of a woman who was sentenced to life in prison.  


The third news brief: the U.S. UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, announced she would resign at the end of the year. Many people were surprised by this. President Trump said he accepted her resignation letter. The two met at the Oval Office today. Trump said Haley was welcome back anytime.


It seems like Haley wanted a break from political office. She was the governor of South Carolina for 8 years before joining the Trump administration.


Haley said she won’t run for president in 2020. She said she will support Trump.






Haley: ///




Hurricane Michael Expected to Hit Florida Panhandle Wednesday Afternoon


Hurricane Michael was upgraded to a major, Category 3 storm this afternoon with wind speeds of up to 120 mph.


The outer bands of the hurricane is forecast to start whipping the Florida Gulf Coast tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, with its eye making landfall Wednesday afternoon in areas around Panama City Beach.


Weather forecasters are warning of a life-threatening storm surge in areas between Pensacola and Tampa Bay, with the most serious areas potentially getting up to 12 feet.


Many local residents in northwest Florida have evacuated. I saw pictures of various businesses shutting down and boarding up their glass doors and windows.


Several airports in northwest Florida said they would shut down at midnight and remain closed tomorrow.


Florida Governor Rick Scott said he has activated 2,500 National Guard troops.


President Trump said he’s talked with Rick and that they are prepared, that the FEMA is ready. He approved an emergency declaration for Florida.


Alabama and Georgia are also on alert, with them declaring states of emergency.


Everybody in the path of the storm, please stay safe and keep yourself updated with local news or government announcements. Hopefully everything is accessible to you with either closed captions or interpreting.




Google+ Shutting Down After Hack Revealed


Google announced that they would shut down their social network, Google+, after admitting that there was a bug in their software that revealed about 500,000 users’ personal information to outside software engineers.


The information exposed were users’ names, email address, occupation, gender, and age. Over 400 outside apps might have access to this information.


Yesterday the Wall Street Journal broke news about this, saying Google knew about this for several months but kept quiet about it.


Google said they discovered and fixed this problem in March 2018. Then they said they would kill off Google+ over the next 10 months because it was not popular.




Canadian Man Finds $1.3 Million Lottery Ticket In Old Jacket Pocket


Last Friday, in Montreal, Canada, a man, Gregorio De Santis, saw that in his jacket pocket, there was an old lottery ticket from December 2017 that was almost expired.


When he decided to check it, he found out that it was a winning ticket worth $1.3 million. He said he almost had a heart attack.


He explained that there was a lottery drawing on December 6th with four winners for a $5.4 million prize, and he didn’t realize he won 1/4 of that prize.


De Santis thanked his sister for this, because she told him he should donate his old clothes. He agreed and as he was checking his jacket pockets, he found it. So he was grateful to his sister.


He’s doubly lucky, because the lottery ticket would have expired in the next two months.


De Santis said he would use the money for his retirement and take his nephew to hockey games.


CLARIFICATION: De Santis won $1.75 million CDN, which is equivalent to about $1.3 million USD.




Federal Officials to Round Up 1,000 Wild Horses For Adoption Or Sale


This Wednesday, federal officials will start to collect 1,000 wild horses from federal land in Northern California and put them up for adoption or sell them.


The horses live on Devil’s Garden Plateau, a protected territory near the Oregon border.


Last month, federal officials said the number of horses has exceeded their limit, the territory is supposed to have 200 to 400 animals, but there are almost 4,000 horses.


They say there is not enough vegetation and water to support all the horses, plus all the other animals living in the area.


Officials said that reducing the population will also help the remaining horses by reducing competition for food, water and habitat.


So, those 1,000 horses will be collected and sold to ranchers, horse trainers and other buyers — including those who might send them to slaughterhouses in Canada or Mexico, where the meat can be imported around the world to be eaten.


There have been no slaughterhouses for horses in the U.S. for over 10 years and it is taboo to eat horse meat here, but some European and Asian countries eat horse meat.


In Northern California, pregnant and younger horses will be rounded up and sent to a government facility. It is said they have a high chance of adoption.


But older horses over the age of 10 will be sent to a temporary corral. First they will be listed for adoption at $125 each, but after one month, they will be available for sale. Buyers can purchase up to 36 horses for as cheap as $1 each.


Animal rights groups are concerned for the older horses and are calling for more legal oversight as they are sold off.




United Nations Issues Alarming Climate Change Report


Yesterday, the United Nations published a report that warned about the effects of climate change, saying there could be severe consequences by 2040 if the world continues with current carbon emissions.


The U.N. asked the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to do the report. Ninety-one scientists from more than forty countries analyzed more than 6,000 scientific studies to produce the report.


The IPCC warned that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the current rate, the atmosphere could warm up by as much as 2.7 degrees (F) by 2040, which would cause severe social and economic change.


They warned that ice melting and flooding would affect millions of people living on coastlines around the world. Droughts (no rainfall) and poverty would worsen. Storms would become stronger. Some environmental changes would be permanent and irreversible.


The report shows that the world has already passed the halfway point to the 2.7 degree (F) mark. Human activities have caused warming of about 1.8 degrees (F) since the 1850s, which was the beginning of industrial coal burning.


The IPCC scientists say that to avoid the most serious damage, the world would need to quickly switch to renewable energy like solar and electricity, and that we must act in the next 12 years to stop the temperature increases.


The IPCC says that it is possible but it might be politically difficult to achieve. If one wanted to switch from coal to renewable energy, it can be expensive and would affect jobs and industries.


The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said they are thankful for the scientists’ hard work but they did not formally endorse the specific findings by the authors.


In 2015, 195 countries joined together in the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. The Obama administration joined in, but last summer President Trump said he wanted to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.


The U.S. is the second highest producer of carbon emissions in the the world. The first is China.




Murder-Suicide at the National Institute for the Deaf in South Africa


The National Institute for the Deaf (NID), a K-12 and college program for Deaf students in South Africa, said that there was a murder-suicide that involved two students this early morning. They posted a press release and did a vlog about this.


NID said a 23-year old man, Mndeni Mzimela, who was a student that was recently suspended and removed from the campus because of disciplinary reasons, broke a window in a ladies’ dorm building.


The man then went to a 21-year old female student, Ntombifikile Sithole’s room and stabbed her multiple times, killing her. The man then killed himself. There were five other women in the room.


The NID said the motive for the murder is unknown, but that it appears to be about the their relationship that recently ended.


NID they are shocked by the incident and said both of their families have been notified.


NID said trauma counseling would be provided for staff and students on campus.


NID told The Daily Moth that there is a security patrol on the campus during the night and camera surveillance at their gates and various areas. They are not sure how the man managed to enter the campus.


They said the ladies’ dorm building was locked. The windows of their rooms had burglar bars, but the man broke a window of their relaxation room, which appears to be a common room, to get in.  


A local news article in Afrikaans language showed a picture of two police vehicles and an ambulance on campus.


Terrible to see this happen to a young female Deaf student, and it is a tragic loss for the Deaf community to have two Deaf students gone.






That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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