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October 5, 2018

Police Officer Killed, Seven Officers Wounded In Florence Shootout; Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Rape; Chinese Spies Installed Malicious Microchips in Motherboards Used By Apple and Amazon; Updates on Judge Brett Kavanaugh; Missing Deaf Hanover Man Found Safe; Deaf Family Facing Deportation​

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Police Officer Killed, Seven Officers Wounded In Florence Shootout


Yesterday afternoon in Florence, South Carolina, a police officer died and six other officers were wounded during a shootout between police and a man named Frederick Hopkins (74).


What happened was, five deputies went to Hopkins’ house to serve a warrant for sexual assault to a 27-year-old man living there, who was accused of sexually assaulting a foster child.


As the deputies arrived at the house, Hopkins opened fire on them with a high-powered rifle. Immediately, three officers were wounded, and backup help was called. The wounded officers could not get away.


The shootout lasted for two hours. During the shootout, police had to use a military-grade armored vehicle to reach the injured officers and help them.


In the end, police negotiated with Hopkins and he surrendered. It’s not yet clear why Hopkins decided to open fire at the police.


Officers said that Hopkins had the advantage. He was positioned from a second floor window, so he had several hundred feet of visibility and officers did not know how much firepower he had.


Also, police knew that there were children inside the house, so they had to be careful to not hurt the minors during the shootout.


Police officer Terrence Caraway, a veteran of the US Air Force, passed away later at the hospital. He had served the Florence Police Department for 30 years.


Hopkins is in custody, but is currently at a hospital for a head injury.


The 27-year-old man who was the subject of the warrant was also shot. His condition, and the condition of all officers wounded, is unknown.




Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Rape


Cristiano Ronaldo, superstar soccer player from Portugal who plays for Italian club Juventus, has been accused of raping a woman in Las Vegas nine years ago.


Las Vegas police said the case is being reopened.


Kathryn Mayorga said she met Ronaldo at a Las Vegas club in 2009 and then he raped her in a hotel room that night. There are videos and photos showing them together at a club.


In 2010, she said Ronaldo’s lawyers negotiated a settlement with her. She signed a non-disclosure agreement and received a $375,000 payout.


But the #MeToo movement inspired her, and she decided to void her confidentiality agreement to speak out about the rape. Her lawyers are trying to overturn the 2010 settlement, saying she was unfairly pressured based on her emotional and psychological condition at the time.


Kathryn said she hopes her case will encourage others to speak out against alleged attackers, no matter how wealthy, famous or powerful they are.


Ronaldo denied this in a tweet. He said rape is an awful crime that goes everything he believes in. He said his conscience is clear and he looks forward to the results of the investigation.




Chinese Spies Installed Malicious Microchips in Motherboards Used By Apple and Amazon


Bloomberg published a report yesterday saying Chinese spies secretly installed microchips on computer server motherboards made in China, which were sold to large US companies like Apple and Amazon. Bloomberg used unnamed sources in the report.


The article said the FBI and other intelligence agencies are into a three-year top-secret investigation, trying to track down the source of the microchips. They have concluded that this hacking scheme was done by a Chinese military unit specializing in hardware attacks.


This kind of hardware attack is potentially more dangerous than a software attack. The microchips are capable of transmitting everything that the server does, capable of altering computer operations, and is less likely to be detected.  


Central to the story is the American company, Super Micro Computer, Inc, based in California. Many know the company as Supermicro. They are one of the world’s biggest suppliers of server motherboards, and the majority of those motherboards are made in China or Taiwan.


Their motherboards can be found in MRI machines, server setups at banks, web hosting services. The US Department of Defense has also been using servers from Supermicro to process drone and surveillance camera footage, and inside government buildings for secure videoconferences. Everything is transmitted through the servers.


Bloomberg said the Chinese military unit developed the microchips and provided them to factories who were making the motherboards for Supermicro. The microchips were made to look like another part, so they were not easily detected. Those microchips had networking capability, meaning they could transmit data to and from outside sources.


Those malicious motherboards were built into servers, then those servers were sold to companies like Apple and Amazon, and several US defense companies. Altogether, almost 30 US companies had contracts with Supermicro for their servers.


Both Apple and Amazon have denied any knowledge of the microchips, and said they have not found any malicious microchips on their Supermicro motherboards.


But, sources from Apple say that in 2015, Apple launched an internal investigation when they found malicious chips on their Supermicro motherboards. They started an internal investigation.  Sources said they notified US government officials about the discovery of the microchips, but did not disclose details.


Apple cut ties with Supermicro in 2016 for reasons they said was unrelated to the microchips. But they did cut ties.   


The Trump Administration has made computer and networking hardware — including motherboards— a focus of trade sanctions against China. White House officials say they think it will help companies begin shifting their supply chains to other countries.




Updates on Judge Brett Kavanaugh


Here are updates on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


The FBI handed over the report of their supplemental investigation to the White House at 2:29 a.m.


Today Senators read through the report in a secure room in the U.S. Capitol. There were a lot of police officers escorting the senators, blocking them from the media and protesters.


Republicans said the report showed that the FBI did not find any evidence that confirmed the accusations against Kavanaugh, that there was no corroboration. They said they were satisfied with the report and wants his final vote to be on Saturday.


Democrats said the investigation is incomplete and was limited by the White House.


Two key swing Republican Senators, Flake and Collins, both said the FBI did their job. They did not explicitly say if they would support Kavanaugh or not.


There were protesters in Washington D.C. opposed to Kavanaugh. Some were arrested.


The White House said they were confident that Kavanaugh will become a Supreme Court justice.




Missing Deaf Hanover Man Found Safe


The missing Deaf man from Hanover County, Virginia, Kenneth Bernstein (66) has been found safe after being missing for several weeks. He is safe.


Hanover County Sheriff’s office posted a brief message on Facebook saying they appreciate the media for their efforts in communicating this information to the public, and all the citizens who shared this information on social media.


There was no explanation on where he was found and what happened to him. I reached out to the sheriff’s office by calling them, but got an answering machine. If I get more information, I’ll provide an update. I’m glad to see that he was found safe.




Deaf Family Facing Deportation


A Deaf family of three from Virginia is facing potential deportation back to their home country of Mexico. They are fighting against this in U.S. immigration court.


The mother’s name is Maria Beatriz Arias, her husband is Luis G. Castro, and their son is Esteban G. Castro, 22 years old.


I reached out to Maria for an interview. She showed me three letters from immigration authorities that confirmed her ongoing case. I will summarize what she said and show some clips.  


The family moved to the U.S. in 2000. Maria said they wanted a better life because there were some terrible things that happened in Mexico. They also wanted a better education for their son.


They went to New York because Maria has a Deaf sister who lived there. The family enrolled their son in a Deaf school. They later moved to a few different states.


Maria said she wanted to get a visa to be able to legally stay in the U.S., and found a immigration lawyer in California. She filed for asylum and was able to get a work permit and had various jobs in the U.S., and is still working.


Maria said she would get letters from immigration authorities about required check-ins or interviews, but her lawyer said they would take care of it, to not worry about them. That went on for years.


In September, she got a “serious” letter that warned she and her husband could be deported. She contacted her California lawyer, who said that she would have to find someone local, that they couldn’t help her.


Maria found another lawyer who helped her appear before a judge and they were granted an extension in their case.


The new lawyer said the California lawyer never filed updates on her case, which made the U.S. government look at her and her husband as if they were trying to be here illegally, purposefully avoiding immigration authorities. But Maria said they never did the paperwork.


Maria: My lawyer, who is here, was stunned that my California lawyer never filed out forms. They thought I lied or tried to evade, but I have proof with a visa, a passport, everything. My lawyer said the other lawyer was wrong. I wish I could sue, but I have to focus on my current legal case. I’ve shown that I have a social security number, passport, and a visa. My other lawyer never filed those information, it was all superficial and there were a lot of information missing.


Alex: That lawyer then notified Maria there would be a $15,000 fee to take the case and represent her in future proceedings. She went forward with it.


I’ll show a clip of Maria describing her experience of going to immigration court with the new lawyer.


Maria: When I went to court, I was nervous. There were so many people. I was worried about the interpreter showing up. The interpreter arrived late and finally the judge proceeded. I was relieved. The judge looked at my paperwork. My lawyer said that she’s found that I didn’t try to evade, that I have a visa. The judge asked to see it, and was shocked. Across from me was a DHS representative who looked solemn. He didn’t have it on his records, while I had evidence. My other lawyer messed up. The judge called for a hold and a postponement, I was relieved. It’ll be on March 28. That will be the final meeting, I will have to prove everything, why I came here. I said, “Okay, I have everything, all the paperwork.”  


Alex: Maria said she feels like she was deceived by the California lawyer, and hopes to be able to stay in the U.S.. She has started a GoFundMe to raise money, the link is in the transcript.


Maria: I want, my goal is to stay in America. There are good schools for my son who is successful. I have a good job. If I have to go to Mexico, it’ll be terrible. It’s horrible. I don’t want to go there again. I’ve been traumatized. I want to stay here for life. I’m pleading if you all would be willing to help raise money for the lawyer to protect us. Please. The money will go to legal fees, it won’t go to us. Only for legal help.


Alex: It appears that the parents are at the most danger of deportation, while the son was not named in immigration court paperwork. Maria said the son plans to attend future court dates to support the family and answer any questions.


Maria said the family are doing great now, and feels positive, but they do feel nervous about the future.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light.


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