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October 2, 2018

Trump Administration Relocates 1,600 Migrant Children To Texas Tent City; Death Toll in Indonesia Estimated to Be Over 1,000 After Earthquake And Tsunami; 13-Year-Old Boy Bitten By Shark While Diving For Lobsters; New Trade Deal Between U.S. and Canada and Mexico; Trump Administration Sues California Over Net Neutrality Rules; Several Women Accuse Kansas Deaf Political Candidate Chris Haulmark of Domestic Violence​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Hope your weekend was good. It is Monday, October 1. Ready for news?




Trump Administration Relocates 1,600 Migrant Children To Texas Tent City


In the last few weeks, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has moved 1,600 migrant children from their temporary foster homes to a tent city in Texas, near El Paso.


Many of those children were woken up in the middle of the night to be transported to the tent city. It is said there was no warning or advance notice. The reason for this is to avoid escape attempts.


Most of the kids being relocated are between 13 and 17.


At the tent city, 20 children sleep in each tent in bunk beds, separated by gender. It is said there is no school or educational program for the children, and the children have limited access to legal services.


HHS said that they’ve increased the size of the tent city to more than 4,000 beds, and they will keep the temporary camp open until the end of the year. It was originally supposed to be open for only 30 days with a capacity for 400.  


The U.S. has 13,000 migrant children in federal custody, last year there were only 2,400 detained migrant children. It’s increased to 13,000.


There are two reasons why: there has been an increase this year in the amount of children and families attempting to cross the border illegally this year.


The second reason is: the Trump administration’s new policy on vetting migrant families has slowed down the process of releasing migrant kids to foster families in the US.




Death Toll in Indonesia Estimated to Be Over 1,000 After Earthquake And Tsunami


On September 28, an island in Indonesia was struck by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. There was a tsunami alert was sent out.


Thirty minutes later, Indonesia’s weather agency canceled the warning, saying the earthquake wasn’t strong enough to generate a tsunami.


But shortly after that, a large, 20-foot wave swept into the town of Palu and destroyed many buildings. It has been reported that none of Indonesia’s tsunami detection buoys were working at the time.


At least 844 people have been reported dead, with hundreds more feared dead. The government has started burying bodies in mass graves, because leaving them in the open could spread disease.


Indonesia’s emergency response team is already spread thin because of another earthquake last month and Typhoon Manghkut a few weeks ago.


The Indonesian government said there aren’t enough heavy duty machinery to help rescuers sort through rubble to reach people trapped in buildings or landslides.


Local residents have started looting stores, apparently because they are desperate for food and water. Trucks carrying supplies were blocked on the road, and people took all the supplies. People opened up underground fuel tanks at gas stations and scooped up fuel with ladles.


The Indonesian President has asked for aid from other countries.




13-Year-Old Boy Bitten By Shark While Diving For Lobsters


On Saturday morning in southern California, a 13 year old boy was bitten by a 11-foot shark. The boy, whose name has not been released, has serious injuries to the upper torso, but is expected to make a full recovery.


The boy had been diving for lobsters at a beach north of San Diego, and was about 450 feet from the shore when the shark bit him.


People who helped save the boy said they heard the boy screaming that he was bitten, and saw a trail of blood behind him in the water. They pulled him onto their kayak and brought him back to shore.


One of the rescuers said the boy was conscious and able to talk, but that his injuries were serious. They could see, at his collarbone, his ball and socket joint because the skin was ripped open.


Two weeks ago, a 26-year-old man was killed by a Great White shark in Cape Cod, MA. It was the first deadly shark attack to happen in Massachusetts since 1936.


Shark experts say that many shark attacks are really a case of mistaken identity, as humans can be around the same size as seals and other marine mammals that sharks typically hunt.




New Trade Deal Between U.S. and Canada and Mexico; Trump Administration Sues California Over Net Neutrality Rules


Here are two political news briefs.


The first — The U.S. and Canada has a trade deal, along with Mexico, on a new, modified NAFTA deal.


The new deal is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the USMCA.


President Trump said this is a great deal for all three countries and will bring the three in competition with the rest of the world.


The deal will help more cars and truck parts be made in the three countries, requires higher wages for employees, gives the U.S. more access to Canada’s diary market, keeps a special trade dispute process called Chapter 19, get a guarantee that there will be no auto tariffs from Trump, but keeps the U.S. steel tariffs, and other agreements.  


The new deal will require approval from Congress and the legislatures in Canada and Mexico, so the key parts will not go in effect until 2020. News of the deal sent stocks rising.


The second — The Trump administration is suing California to challenge their net neutrality bill.


California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill last night, a strict law, to bar internet companies from throttling speeds, blocking websites, or charge apps/companies fees for faster access.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said California has once again enacted an extreme and illegal state law that attempts to frustrate federal policy.




Several Women Accuse Kansas Deaf Political Candidate Chris Haulmark of Domestic Violence


In the past few days, several women in the Deaf community posted vlogs on Facebook accusing Kansas Deaf political candidate, Chris Haulmark, of domestic violence, of being emotionally and financially abusive to them.


Two well-known Deaf political activists, Melt Patterson and Amy Cohen Efron, who previously endorsed him, have announced they are withdrawing their endorsements.


One of the accusers, Deaf woman Jennifer Carlino, posted two vlogs on her Facebook page that total about an hour long, provided a transcript, and screenshots and various pictures.


She filmed herself in a kitchen that was the same one that Chris filmed himself in some of his previous vlogs. She said Chris rented from her from April 2017 to January of this year, that he is a former roommate of hers.


She said Chris took advantage of her generosity by reducing rent payments and that he still owes her $1,700. She said he was emotionally abusive and made her feel dejected. She said he did not ask for permission to bring his three guns when he moved in, that she found out later. She said he once grabbed her phone away in anger. She said he gaslit her by telling her she had certain personality disorders.


Another accuser is Tonia Jimmerson, who said she was in a relationship with him from 2013 to 2015. She also made a vlog of about 30 minutes long with a transcript and pictures.


She said on a camping trip with her five children and his two children, Chris was angry at her after an argument, got a bottle of water, and went to a tent where her children were sleeping in and poured water on them. She said he took her SUV and tried to get away and abandon them. She said Chris threatened to burn down a tent where her youngest daughter was sleeping in, that he was holding a burning stick when he threatened this.


She said Chris once splashed water on her face and said it was better than physically hurting her. She said he threatened her with a gun.


Those are the two accusations. At least three other women have also come forward with their own stories about Chris Haulmark.


Since then, Chris posted a vlog on his personal page saying it was unfortunate that we had to find out about this about him. He applauded the women and said he felt honored that they came out with the stories. He said has learned more from them and that it’s not a great thing, that it’s horrible.


He said his childhood was not great and as an adult was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and now has CPTSD - Complex PTSD. He said he has paid back money to the first accuser, Jennifer. He said that she and her parents worked with his political opponent to try and hurt his name because he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her, and that she got other people to stir things up.


On Chris’s official political page, where he is running for Kansas State Representative for District 15, he made a posting saying his opponent, John Toplikar, worked with one of her accusers and others for them to share their negative stories about him. Chris admitted he was not always the best person, but has gone to therapy to become a better person. He said his mistakes makes him a better representative to his district.


I looked at his opponent John Toplikar’s Facebook page. There is a posting on September 19, three days after the first accusation, where Toplikar said he is a big supporter of the Olathe deaf community and KSD.


The five accusers wrote in a unified statement in response to Chris, saying they are not falling for it anymore and that they don’t believe his words. They said he should withdraw.


Haulmark for Kansas Page:


Haulmark Personal Response:


Jennifer Carlino’s Accustation:


Tonia Jimmerson:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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