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September 29, 2018

Senate Committee Advances Kavanaugh; One-Week Delay Before Full Senate Vote For FBI Investigation; 50 Million Facebook Users Potentially Affected by Security Flaw; Shawn Christy, Wanted Fugitive of 3 months, Captured In Ohio; Sports Bar in El Paso Refuses To Turn On Closed Captioning For Monday Night Football; Recap of “Chicago Med” Episode With Two Deaf Actors; A&E Not Ordering More “Deaf Out Loud” Episodes; ICE To Allow Francis Anwana Stay in U.S. For A Year; Deaf Canadians Rally For Sign Language Recognition​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, September 28. Ready for news?




Senate Committee Advances Kavanaugh; One-Week Delay Before Full Senate Vote For FBI Investigation


The Senate Judiciary Committee, with its Republican majority of 11 to 10, voted to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh through committee. This means the next step is a full senate floor vote with all 100 senators where they will decide if they want to confirm Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice. He has passed the first step.


Sen. Flake (R-Ariz) said after his “yea” committee vote that he wants a one-week delay before the full Senate vote, a week’s delay, so there can be a FBI investigation in the allegations against Kavanaugh. Flake said he won’t be comfortable moving on the floor if there isn’t a FBI investigation. Another Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) agreed with him.


Flake seemed to be influenced by a woman who confronted him when he was in an elevator this morning. The woman said she was a sexual assault survivor and objected to Flake’s support of Kavanaugh. She said it meant he did not listen to female survivors, that he didn’t care about them. Flake was visibly shaken and asked for a one-week delay, it seemed like he was affected.  


Senate leaders have agreed to a one-week delay before the full vote to allow FBI to have a supplemental background investigation.


President Trump has ordered the FBI to do a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file. There will be more investigations and it will be limited in scope. It has to be concluded within a week.


Before Trump’s order, this morning he said Christine Blasey Ford, who testified yesterday morning, was credible (believable).


But yesterday Trump tweeted that this whole process has been a sham and that the Senate must vote. Now he’s okay, it’s a different tune.


Senate Republicans need at least 50 votes to confirm Kavanaugh, as they have a tiebreaker with Vice-President Mike Pence. 50 is fine. They can’t afford to lose Flake or Murkowski’s votes, they need all the Republican votes.


The one-week delay means there will be at least one more week of serious discussion in America and in Washington D.C. on Judge Kavanaugh and those who accused him of sexual assault.




50 Million Facebook Users Potentially Affected by Security Flaw


Facebook revealed today that there was a security issue with a flaw in their code, a “hole” in the code, that could allow hackers to take over up to 50 million FB accounts.


Facebook said their “View As” feature, that allows users to see what their profile would look like to outside viewers, had three bugs that allowed hackers to get “access tokens.” They are digital keys that allow you to stay logged in when you open up your computer or phone, so you don’t have to type in your username and password every time. It’s easier that way.


It seems like this flaw allows hackers to get your “digital key” and access your account, impacting up to 50 million accounts.


Now Facebook has reset their access tokens for about 90 million users. It’s all reset. If you noticed that when you logged in Facebook, if you had to re-type in your username and password, then that’s probably related to the reset. You have to log in again.


Facebook said they have fixed the issue and started an investigation.




Shawn Christy, Wanted Fugitive of 3 months, Captured In Ohio


Police have finally caught Shawn Christy (27) who has been hiding from police for the last 3 months after he made an online threat to kill President Trump.


In July I reported he was suspected to have broken into the Scranton School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children to steal food.


This whole thing started in May. He missed a court appearance so police got a warrant to look for him.


In June, he posted on Facebook a threat to put a bullet in President Trump’s head, so police got another warrant to search for him.


He also threatened to use full lethal force against any police who apprehended him.


Since then, Shawn has led police on a wild chase. He stole multiple vehicles and abandoned them in several different states. He stole guns and ammunition from his uncle’s home.


On August 19th, someone spotted Shawn sleeping in a car in Maryland. Police got close to him, but he ran away. Three days later, security cameras showed him breaking into a restaurant and eating food.


After that, he stole a utility truck and drove it 400 miles into Ohio, where he drove off the highway because the transmission went out. He hid in the woods.


There was a big search hunt for Shawn with more than 100 officers in Ohio for a week. In the end, police dogs found him. He continued to try to run away but had an injured knee. He had a knife and a gun on him.


The U.S. Secret Service tweeted a picture of him with the red words, “CAPTURED” across his mugshot.




Sports Bar in El Paso Refuses To Turn On Closed Captioning For Monday Night Football


On Monday, Charles Johnson, a Deaf man from El Paso, Texas, experienced discrimination at Ojos Locos sports bar.


Charles said he and a friend went to the bar and restaurant to watch football, they went early to grab a table and make sure captions would be on the TV.  Charles said he asked for captions four times. When the restaurant still refused to turn on captioning, he and his friend left, upset.


Right after he left the restaurant, he posted a video on a local Deaf community Facebook group, here it is:


CJ: I left. They won’t turn on the CC on the TVs. I won’t come here. Don’t come here. I don’t recommend this place.


Alex: The next day, he posted a longer video explaining what happened.


Charles first asked the hostess for captions, with his phone, but said she might have forgotten. A waitress came to take their drink orders, with pen and paper, so he again asked for captions.


While waiting, Charles and his friend couldn’t understand the pre-game discussions without captioning.


The waitress came back with a note saying they would not turn on captions. Charles asked why. The waitress came back with another note. “The manager says no.”


Charles asked the manager to come and talk to them. The waitress came back with another note saying the manager was busy.


Fed up, Charles and his friend decided they did not want to spend their money there and left the restaurant.


After Charles posted the video about it on Facebook, several deaf people called the restaurant. Here was the restaurant’s response. Charles will explain.

CJ: They actually called Ojos Locos. They asked why there was no CC. Do you know what their response was? I’m disgusted. They don’t know how to turn on the CC. Hmm. I asked four times and they said nothing about not knowing how to turn on the CC. They didn’t say anything and only said, “No. No. I’m busy.” That’s not deaf-friendly.


Alex: Recently, the owner of the restaurant said it was a misunderstanding and misinterpretation, but they have terminated the manager because of how he handled the misunderstanding.


All the staff will go through training. Charles said this was the right process, but he is not satisfied. He wants to do more, push forward with accessibility.




Recap of “Chicago Med” Episode With Two Deaf Actors


On Wednesday night, NBC show “Chicago Med” premiered their fourth season with the first episode featuring two deaf actors, Joe Caverly as Peter and Raquel McPeek as Bonnie.


Peter was taken to the hospital in pain and feeling sick. He was with his fiancee, Bonnie. Both are deaf.


At the hospital, there was an interpreter, who is a nurse. The medical team said she is a certified interpreter, but deaf viewers can easily tell she doesn’t sign like a real-world certified interpreter, more of like a beginner ASL student. That’s television.

Peter has a cochlear implant. He said his surgery was a month ago, but it has not been activated. Peter said he became deaf because of mumps.  


Later on, the hospital said they can turn on Peter’s CI. Peter said he wanted that. But Bonnie was opposed to it, and they argued.


Eventually the audiologist comes in and tries to turn on the CI, but Peter changes his mind and said he doesn’t want it because if it’s on, Bonnie will think he doesn’t love her. He said he loves her more than his hearing.


The audiologist leaves the room and tells nurses that cochlear implants is a controversial topic in the Deaf community.


Later, the doctors find from test results that Peter has Usher Syndrome. When they tell Peter this and explain that he will become blind, he became very emotional, crying, and said Bonnie didn’t deserve to marry a blind person. When Bonnie eventually finds out he has Usher Syndrome, she hugs Peter and shows him support.


At the end, the audiologist is able to turn on Peter’s CI. He looks happy, says he can hear, and the doctors are happy. Bonnie said, “I will be your eyes and you will be my ears. They hug, and that’s the end.


So, it’s a show with both Deaf and DeafBlind topics, you can see that the writers put several things together into one show. I’m not sure if this is an authentic Deaf story, but the deaf actors did good in their roles with all the dramatic acting. They did good.  


Marlee Matlin’s interpreter, Jack Jason, tweeted a criticism of the show. See his tweet.


@655Jack: “Hey @NBCChicagoMed bravo for hiring deaf talent but I’m sorry to say that’s not a certified sign language interpreter and that’s not how you turn on a cochlear implant.”


So, have you seen the show? Feel free to share your thoughts.




A&E Not Ordering More “Deaf Out Loud” Episodes


Yesterday Marlee Matlin tweeted that the A&E channel will not order more episodes of “Deaf Out Loud.” This means that A&E will not turn this special show into a series regular.


Marlee thanked A&E for the opportunity and said she wanted to find a new home for the show.


Sheena and Manny from the Mansfield family did a vlog saying the same thing. They asked for connections with people who worked for Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, or Facebook.


The three asked the Deaf community to continue using the hashtag #DeafOutLoud. So we’ll see if someone picks up the show.




ICE To Allow Francis Anwana Stay in U.S. For A Year


Here is an update on Francis Anwana, the deaf/disabled man facing ICE deportation.


He will be able to stay in the U.S. for another year. An ICE spokesperson told AP News that they will halt the deportation.


The specific action is “stay of removal.” This stops/delays the deportation. ICE said they can make this decision on a case-by-case basis, and they decided to hold back on the deportation.


I reached out to advocates for Francis. They look at this as good news because it gives them more time to continue with the private bill written by Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Mich), to grant him a green card (permanent resident status).


This is a big turnaround for Francis, as he was threatened with deportation on September 11th, but now he has time.




Deaf Canadians Rally For Sign Language Recognition


On Saturday, about 3,000 people in the Deaf community across Canada went to rallies to advocate for their federal government to officially recognize the country’s two major sign languages — ASL, LSQ (Quebec Sign Language) in Canada’s pending “Accessible Canada Act,” which is their version of the U.S.’s ADA act.  


Advocates also rallied to include Indigenous Sign Languages in a separate act that recognizes spoken Indigenous languages.


The biggest rally was in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. About two thousand people went to Parliament Hill, home of Canada’s federal legislature.


Here are interviews with two of the leaders of the movement — Lisa Anderson, who is on the board of the Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD-ASC). She will discuss ASL/LSQ. Then Nicole Sellars will discuss ISL.


[Interview begins]


Hi, I’m Lisa Anderson-Kellett and I’m from Vancouver, B.C.


The reason why we’re doing this is because on June 20th the government introduced bill C-81 Accessible  Canada Act, which is just like America’s ADA. When the law was introduced it did not recognize ASL/LSQ. The WFD informed us that 43 countries across the world have recognized sign languages, but Canada hasn’t yet. We want it placed in an amendment. When they open the discussion we will raise awareness across Canada so our representatives and advocate for recognizing ASL/LSQ in the next amendment. This will increase our access to federal level services.


The rally had many different representatives and presenters from different deaf organizations, and most importantly we asked different MP’s to come and show their support. Some areas were able to get their local MP’s to give speeches and show their support of ASL/LSQ recognition.


The reason why I accepted this role to coordinate this is because I was involved 6 years ago with the effort to bring VRS to Canada. I had that experience from being part of that team, so I already had the experience and tools ready, and I used many of the same resources again, including team members.


We have two purposes behind the rally:


  • To have Indigenous Sign Language recognized in the Indigenous Language Act

  • To have ASL/LSQ recognized in the ACA (Accessible Canada Act)


So those are our goals for the rally and to spread awareness. We want to show that sign language is equal to spoken language. It’s an exciting time and I look forward to seeing the results of our efforts. The important and key part is to collaborate. Work together to achieve our mission.


[Interview begins]


[Alex] Thank you for your time, Lisa. Let’s go to ISL, Indigenous Sign Languages. Here’s some background — there is an Indigenous Language Act that might be introduced in the House of Commons. This has not yet included Indigenous Sign Languages.  There are at least three recognized ISLs, which are Inuit Sign Language, Plains Sign Language, and Oneida Sign Language.


Here is an interview with Nicole Sellars, who is the Deaf Chief of the BC Hummingbird Society for the Deaf.


[Interview begins]


Hi, my name is Nikki Sellars. My First People Nation is the Secwepemc at North Williams Lake, B.C. but now I live here in Victoria Island. I became the chairperson for getting ISL, Indigenous Sign Language, recognized in the Indigenous Language Act. Since spoken indigenous languages will be recognized, and we have Indigenous sign languages, we also want that in the Act. ISL is our first language. It comes first before we enter mainstream or deaf schools and learn ASL/LSQ. We used ISL first before anything else.


I’ve met several indigenous deaf people and have seen their different sign languages, none of which have been recognized yet. I want those different groups to get recognized. This would help improve education for young children. It will also help educate interpreters to have respect and awareness of their cultures, languages, and traditions. We, indigenous Deaf people have pride in our sign languages. I want to see the barriers facing indigenous deaf people taken down and awareness spread.


When Justin Trudeau started the Indigenous Languages Act in December 2016 because for many years Indigenous people, hearing and deaf, have been ignored by mainstream society.


We’ve been fighting for many years, asking where are our rights. Where is our language, our culture, our land? Now with the Act, we’re starting fresh.


I don’t want to see ISL disappear. I want it to persist. The same goes for our spoken and written languages, I want them all to persist. We must cherish our language.


[Interview ends]


Thank you both for your time. The ACA bill is currently in the House of Commons, and the process for it to go out of the House and into the Senate is expected to continue into 2019. Advocates hope the bill will pass before the federal election in June 2019.




That is all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!


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