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September 21, 2018

NYT: Rosenstein Wanted To Remove Trump; Update on Kavanaugh Situation; Police Officers Shot By Innocent Man In His Own Home; Marines Respond To Senior Citizen Complex Fire; Day Care Worker Stabs 3 Infants and 2 Adults in NYC; Deaf-Blind Lawyer Asks Texas To Keep Helen Keller In School Curriculum; Update on Francis Anwana’s ICE Deportation Case; Deaf Family’s South Carolina House Flooded by Florence; Deaf Animated Character on Netflix’s “The Dragon Prince”​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, September 21. Ready for news?




NYT: Rosenstein Wanted To Remove Trump; Update on Kavanaugh Situation


Here are two politics news updates.


The first — The New York Times reported that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, last year after former FBI Director James Comey was fired, wanted to remove Trump from office.


The article said he considered asking cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment (which would start a process to replace Trump with Vice President Pence). The article also says he thought of secretly recording the White House to show how chaotic it was inside, but was sarcastic when he spoke of the idea.


Rosenstein, after the article was released, said in a response that it was inaccurate, and that based on his personal dealings with Trump, there is no reason to invoke the 25th Amendment.


Now the second brief: President Trump has gotten involved with the Judge Kavanaugh’s situation with his sexual assault accusation.


Trump said the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford or her parents should have reported police when the alleged assault first happened 36 years ago.


Trump said Democrat senators purposefully held this information and released it to obstruct, resist, and delay. He accused them of sabotaging Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.  


Ford’s lawyers are still negotiating with Republican senators on the terms of her coming to Washington, D.C. to testify before Senators. She might come on Wednesday, it is unknown.




Police Officers Shot By Innocent Man In His Own Home


In Forestville, MD, last night, an innocent man shot two police officers when they burst in his home. The officers are wounded but stable, and the man who shot them will not be charged. The man’s name has not been disclosed.


What happened was, the police were looking to arrest a drug dealer, and they got the wrong information about where the dealer lived. A SWAT team went to the innocent man’s apartment with a search warrant and began to break through his door.


The man had fallen asleep in front of the TV when he woke up to the banging on the door. He instructed his daughter to run and hide, then faced the door with his shotgun.


As soon as the door opened, the man fired the shotgun at the officers, because he thought they were home invaders.  


Police say the man was upset when he realized he had fired upon police officers. They believe he was acting to protect himself and his daughter from the threat of home invasion.


The police chief apologized for the error in addresses and said they will stop using search warrants until they can improve their procedure for verifying addresses.




Marines Respond To Senior Citizen Complex Fire


In SE Washington DC yesterday, a housing complex for senior citizens caught fire. One of the first people to respond were US Marines from nearby barracks at 8th and I street, 2 miles away from Gallaudet University.


It started yesterday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. Marines heard the call on the radio about a fire. They ran towards the burning building, rushed into the building, and carried residents on their shoulders, rescuing them.


10 people were treated for minor injuries. The Washington, D.C. fire chief said if it weren’t for the Marines’ quick response, it could have been worse.


Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire.



Day Care Worker Stabs 3 Infants and 2 Adults in NYC


Two adults and three infants were stabbed at an daycare center in New York City.


Late last night, in Queens, people heard screams coming from a building. Police arrived at the scene around 3:30 a.m. and saw injured people.


The “overnight” day care was in a home and is an informal, “not licensed” care center.


Nine babies, along with some of their parents, were in the home during the attack.


A three-day-old girl and a one-month-old baby were stabbed in the abdomen, and a 20-day-old baby had cuts on the ear, chin and lip.


A father of a child was stabbed in the leg. A female staff member was stabbed repeatedly in the torso.


One of the babies is in serious condition.


A butcher knife and meat cleaver were found at the scene.


Police said the person suspected of doing the stabbings is a female who worked at the daycare. She was found unconscious in the basement of the building, with cuts to her wrist. She is 52.


Police took her to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. She is under police custody. It is not known why she did this.




Deaf-Blind Lawyer Asks Texas To Keep Helen Keller In School Curriculum


Haben Girma, a Deaf-Blind disability rights lawyer, author, and public speaker wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post to advocate for keeping Helen Keller in the Texas school curriculum.


She is speaking out against the Texas Board of Education’s vote last week to remove Helen Keller. Their final decision is in November, and many have asked the board to reconsider their decision.


Haben is the first Deaf-Blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School.


In her article, she pointed out that students need to learn more about disabilities, not less. She said more than 57 million Americans have a disability and that anybody could develop a disability in their life, or they could witness a family member or friend become disabled.


Haben said that successful people with disabilities, like Keller, change people’s perspectives on disabilities.


She said too often, Keller’s story is the only disability story, and deleting Keller could mean deleting disability and diversity from the curriculum.


Haben said Helen Keller’s story would introduce students to Braille and ASL and expose students to Keller’s advocacy for women’s rights, racial equality, and workers’ advancement.


Haben said that having a disability is often not the biggest barrier, it is the social and physical environments that create the biggest barriers for disabled people.




Update on Francis Anwana’s ICE Deportation Case


Here is an update on Francis Anwana, the deaf/disabled man from Michigan who is facing potential deportation from ICE.


I had a brief video call with him and his advocate, Sarah Shaw after they met with ICE this morning. See this.


Sarah: Both of us went to the ICE/immigration meeting today with our lawyer and an interpreter was provided.


We met with the officer who would be reviewing the case. Our lawyer did prepare paperwork and handed it over. The meeting only lasted 10 minutes and they said they would schedule another meeting to review his case.  


He asked how do you feel?


Francis: No problem. No worries. It’s okay, I am satisfied. Okay.


I still need your support. Keep on calling Senate/Congress. They say the best way is the old-fashioned way which is to write a letter, instead of calling them or tweeting about it. Write a letter and send it. We need your support. Thank you.


[End Video]


In that meeting this morning, Sarah and other advocates submitted a request to ICE to allow Francis to stay, they are waiting an answer from them and hope to hear back within a month.


Last week U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Mich) introduced a bill to give Francis a green card (permanent resident status).


Advocates encourage people to write letters directed to ICE and send them to Rep. Kildee’s office in Flint. It appears he will hand them over to ICE to show our support for him.


Francis’ case has got national media attention.


Dan Kildee’s Contact Info:


More info on Francis’ case:




Deaf Family’s South Carolina House Flooded by Florence


A Deaf woman, Ashley Small, and her hard of hearing husband Robert’s log cabin house is flooded from rainfall caused by Hurricane Florence.


Their home in Mullins is right by the Little Pee Dee river.


The area was flooded in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew, and now the couple, who have a 4-year old CODA girl, is going through the same thing again. They had rebuilt their home and was ready to move in a few months.


When the hurricane came, Ashley and the daughter evacuated, while Robert stayed behind.


Ashley: When I was evacuated with my family, I didn’t hear anything and thought it was okay. But the floods came. My husband called me and sent me pictures. I cried, then said okay, it’s happened again, I have to accept it. When I arrived here and saw it, it really seems like this year is worse than before. The water is higher.




Other houses are also flooded, also a restaurant and a gas station, as well as a Dollar General store. It’s the same area that was damaged from the 2016. It’s flooded again. There are many homes that are blocked by the flooding. Soldiers are blocking the road over there.  


Alex: The family is currently staying in temporary housing. She said their future with the home is uncertain. They might try to lift it, move the house to another location, or move to a different home.


She said the river overflowed because dams upstream were opened.


The family had FEMA assistance from 2016, and they will try to get extended support with the current flooding.




Deaf Animated Character on Netflix’s “The Dragon Prince”


There is a deaf animated character on Netflix’s “The Dragon Prince,” a fantasy animated TV series that premiered on September 14.


The character’s name is General Amaya and she is the aunt of the the main characters, Ezran and Callum. She first appears on Episode 4 in the 11th minute.


Amaya has her own interpreter, who is named Commander Gren.


She signs in ASL and Gren voices for her. When others speak, she looks directly at them, lipreading them.


Her ASL is pretty good, although a bit choppy and robotic. She wears black gloves, so it can be hard to follow her. There are captions, so you can follow easily. But there are some areas where she signs by herself “in silence” without any translation.


Here are some clips.




Nice, is she a part of #DeafTalent?


An article in Polygon explained more about the character, they interviewed the two senior writers, Devon Giehl and Iain Hendry.


They said they reached out to deaf and hard of hearing organizations, but the article didn’t specify which ones. The two said they went to deaf-related Facebook groups and talked with people in their research.


The two said they worked with two ASL interpreters, Lucy Farley and Darcie Kerr, to make sure the ASL was authentic.


The writers said they do foresee more stories on Amaya if they get another season.




That is all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!


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