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September 20, 2018

Three Shootings in the US on Wednesday; All 3 Gunmen Dead; Gunwoman Kills 3 in Maryland Workplace Shooting; Plane Crew Forgets To Pressurize Plane, Causing Passengers To Bleed From Ears and Noses; California Surgeon And Girlfriend Suspected Of Multiple Drug Rapes; Over 190 News Stations To Use Auto-Captioning; Advocates Say Quality is Poor; Guest #DeafBing​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, September 20. Ready for news?



Three Shootings in the US on Wednesday; All 3 Gunmen Dead


Yesterday there were several shootings in the US; two happened in Pennsylvania.


Around 5:45 pm yesterday, in Glenmoore, PA., Bruce Rogal (59) went to his ex-wife’s house and shot at her 6 times while she was changing the oil of a car in her driveway. She was not hurt, but other houses nearby were hit by bullets.


Bruce then drove to his parents’ senior living center, then shot them dead. They were in their late 80’s. The nursing home was shut down for several hours as they looked for Bruce.


Around 1 am, state police spotted Bruce’s van and they began to pursue Bruce from both the ground and from a helicopter, for about 3 miles. A SWAT team joined the chase.


Bruce drove back to his ex-wife’s home, and crashed his van into the the home. There was gunfire. Bruce was dead at the scene, he had a gun in the van. It is not clear if he shot himself or was shot by police.


Police said that Bruce had gotten his final divorce order that morning, which gave ownership of the house to the ex-wife. They believe this is what triggered him.


Another shooting happened yesterday afternoon, in Masontown, PA.


A man walked into a court building, shot and wounded a police officer in a lobby, then shot two men and a woman. Another police officer ran into the building and shot the suspect several times. The man died at the scene.


The suspect was facing charges from a domestic violence arrest, and was supposed to have a hearing that day. The people shot and wounded were taken to hospital, and are expected to survive. The suspect’s name and motive has not been disclosed.


Here’s an update on yesterday’s news about the shooting in Middleton, Wisconsin.


An employee for a software company opened fire on his coworkers around 10:20 am. He had a semi-automatic pistol and plenty of ammunition. He opened fire on police before being shot and killed.


His name has not been disclosed yet, and police say they still don’t know what the motive was.


Three victims suffered serious injuries, and a fourth has a graze wound.


A manager for WTS Paradigm said the company is shocked and heartbroken, and will set up counseling for their employees.




Gunwoman Kills 3 in Maryland Workplace Shooting


Another shooting happened this morning in Maryland, the third major shooting to have happened within 24 hours in the U.S.


This morning a woman with a handgun shot and killed three people who were working at a Rite Aid distribution center near Baltimore.


It is possible that two other people were wounded, the numbers could change as more information comes.


The gunwoman then shot herself twice and is now in custody in a hospital, in critical condition. It appears she was an angry employee.


Police got the first call around 9:06, that shots were fired at the Rite Aid distribution center. It took 5 minutes for first responders to appear at the scene. There was no shootout between police and the woman, as she was injured after shooting herself.


UPDATE: The female shooter, 26 years old, died at the hospital




Plane Crew Forgets To Pressurize Plane, Causing Passengers To Bleed From Ears and Noses


In India, a Jet Airways passenger plane with about 150 people on it had to do an emergency landing because the crew forgot to flip a switch that caused the plane to depressurize.


About 30 people said their ears and noses were bleeding and had to breathe in oxygen masks.


The plane took off Thursday morning. One person said about two minutes after takeoff, he felt stinging in his ears, but ignored it. When the plane went higher, he had a hard time to breathe and felt his shoulders dropping, and was confused.


He said he felt like he would black out and suddenly saw oxygen masks drop. That’s when he started to bleed in his nostrils. Another passenger had serious ear pain. Others walked around, looking dizzy and some bleeding.


The situation got better after everybody put on their masks. The plane circled back and landed. People were still disoriented when they got out, and some went to the hospital, but it appears everybody will recover.


Some passengers felt the airline didn’t do enough to take care of the passengers or to apologize.


The Indian government — Ministry of Civil Aviation — said the crew has been taken off duty and there would be an investigation. They said the crew forgot to click a switch to maintain cabin pressure.




California Surgeon And Girlfriend Suspected Of Multiple Drug Rapes


On September 11th, an orthopedic surgeon from California, Grant W. Robicheaux (38) and his girlfriend, Cerissa L. Riley (31) were charged for drugging, sexually assaulting and filming their sexual encounters with two women.


In 2014, Grant appeared on the Bravo reality show, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male. So he is a celebrity.


The first assault allegedly happened in April 2016.


A 32-year-old Jane Doe said she met the couple at a restaurant then several hours later, when she was intoxicated, the couple took her to Grant’s apartment.


There, they gave the victim multiple drugs, and then raped her while she was unable to resist because of the drugs and alcohol. In a forensic exam the next day, the victim tested positive for multiple controlled substances.


The second allegation occurred in October 2016. The couple had drinks with another woman at a bar. They took her back to Grant’s apartment.


Police say the woman became conscious again at the apartment, as the couple were allegedly planning to commit rape. She screamed then a neighbor called 911.


Investigators say they have found a video of one of the two women being assaulted.


They have also found more than 1,000 videos on Grant’s phone, of many different women, who were so intoxicated they seemed to be unable to consent to perform sexual acts.


Many of the videos also involved the partner Cerissa. Police now believe there may be many more victims.


Police found large amounts of illegal drugs in Grant’s home in January 2018, including GHB (date rape). They also found two illegal, unregistered rifles and four other firearms in his home.


On Tuesday, The Orange County District Attorney asked the public for more information on the couple, and six new possible victims came forward, more than 30 people called investigators with information.


The couple have denied any non-consensual sex. If convicted, Grant could face up to 40 years in prison, and Cerissa could face up to 30 years and 8 months. They are scheduled to appear in court again October 25th.




Over 190 News Stations To Use Auto-Captioning; Advocates Say Quality is Poor


There are always issues with captioning on local news, but it might get worse after IBM announced a partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group to provide automatic captioning using IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) “machine” — Watson.


Sinclair is the largest television station operator in the U.S., owning and operating 191 TV stations all over the U.S.


IBM announced the partnership two weeks ago. A press release said the Watson captioning will be rolled out to all of Sinclair’s local stations.


IBM said it would save production costs (in that news channels wouldn’t have to hire a captionist.) IBM said if there were mistakes in the captioning, the AI will learn by itself and improve over time.


The Watson captions have already rolled out and there are many complaints about the quality of the captions on a Facebook group called “Closed Captioning Quality Club (CCQC).”


One of the admins for that group is Lisa Torres, who is a captioner from San Antonio, Texas and the owner of Dallas Captioning, LLC.


She pointed to several posts that showed comparisons of human vs computer captioning. See them.


[Video Clips of Human and Auto-Captions]


So, you can clearly see a difference.


The FB group is now leading a petition to send to the FCC to advocate for human stenographic captioners and to say “NO!” to automated captioning.


It is not just Sinclair and IBM that is doing auto captions, there are reports of several other news stations using various auto captioning.


Some human captioners are concerned about the future of their jobs, and whether Sinclair will keep their contracts with them.


Lisa said Sinclair have gotten strong feedback from the community through social media and CCQC. Lisa said the public does not want a system that has never been tested before.  


The CCQC group said human captioners can do several things that auto captions cannot — such as move caption lines over graphics, add music notes, add descriptive text such as [MOMENT OF SILENCE], and is far more accurate than auto captioning.


Several people from the CCQC group plan to go to a FCC public meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 3. They are encouraging others to join as well. If you can’t attend, you can file an online complaint and email it to FCC.


IBM Press Release:




FCC Complaint:


FB Group:


List of Sinclair Stations:




Guest #DeafBing


Alex: Ready for guest Deaf Bing?


Donna: Deaf people have to feel air flowing, while hearing can just use their ears. Is that a Deaf Bing? Yes!


Felix: Deaf Bing: Okay, when I call on VP, I might wait and try to yell, but realize I shouldn’t use my voice because they are deaf. Duh!


Jason: You know, if I try to coach and use my voice, how can they hear their cues? My best friend, do you want to meet it?


Yader: Deaf Bing… I have two. The first is when I’m at a table chatting with friends. If I’m out of drinks, I’ll ask someone to order. But I might not realize the person is right behind me. As I sign, my arm hits the person. I hate it when that happens with the waiter.


The second is when I’m using big signs and my arm hits the picture frame, causing it to sway. That #DeafBing.


Alex: Thank you for sending the videos!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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